I Play the Role of (Villain/Heroine) in a Japanese-style Otome Game Chapter 23.1

I Play the Role of (Villain/Heroine) in a Japanese-style Otome Game -

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Published at 16th of September 2019 04:37:17 PM Chapter 23.1

After talking to Tomotaksenpai for a bit in the Student Council room, I return to Tomoyuki-san’s house again .

When I press the intercom, Tomoyuki-san comes out to greet me and we talk for a bit at the entranceway .

“Sorry for the various trouble . ”
“I don’t mind… How was Tomotaka?”
“It’s still uncertain… but, I think it’ll be fine . ”

 Un . Should be fine .
I want to believe so .

 I give a slow nod . Tomoyuki-san laughs kindly and pets my head .

“Thank you… I’m sorry, for leaving everything to you . ”
“… It’s what I chose myself . ”
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When I say that, Tomoyuki-san mutters, “I see” and smiles kindly .
The hand petting my head is so comfortable . After relis.h.i.+ng in that for a while, I raise my head sharply .

“There’s a long way to go, I’ll work hard . ”
“… You’ve been hard at work . ”

 The tone that kindly acknowledges my efforts .
Tomoyuki-san is always so kind, that I want to be spoiled forever .
However, I still have things to do .
I take off my shoes at the entranceway, as though to shake off the hand petting my head .

“There’s work to do, I’ll be in the study . ”
“Ah, that’s right . Sorry for the noise . ”
“I don’t mind… It’s nice having someone’s voice in the house . ”
“In that case, we won’t hold back on the intrusion . ”
“Aa . ”

 Tomoyuki-san returns my chuckle with a smile .
He enters the study while I head to the living room .
In the living room, Chako, Kousuke-kun and Yuusei-kun are still playing games on the sofa .
Seeing my return, they pause and Chako calls out “We’ve been waiting!”

“Hey hey Yui-chan, why did the Student Council president come?”

 Chako looks at me with widened, deep blue eyes .
The Student Council president refers to Tomotaksenpai .
She was playing the game as though his existence was forgotten so I thought she wasn’t concerned at all, but it seems that wasn’t the case .
Sitting on the sofa too, I answer Chako’s question with a giggle .

“Because he likes phantoms . ”
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 … Though, I dragged and brought him here .


 Even though I looked at Chako firmly and spoke seriously, it seems she doesn’t believe my words at all .
Chako goes “Huh…” tilting her head at my words, while Kousuke-kun and Yuusei-kun look at me with exasperated expressions .

“Nah, Kamo-senpai’s an onmyouji, right? There’s no way he likes phantoms . ”
“It’s not strange for an onmyouji to like phantoms . After all, Yuusei-kun likes phantoms, right?”
“No, I’m just interested in them . ”
“Okay okay, whatever you say . ”
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I think『being interested』and『liking』isn’t that different .
When I give half-hearted responses to Yuusei-kun, he makes a slightly complicated face before sighing .
Looking at such a Yuusei-kun, Kousuke-kun nods with a “I see” .

“Well, you’re right . I guess it’s prejudice that onmyoujis hate phantoms . ”
“Yup yup . Tomotaksenpai has his issues, so I think he won’t show it on the surface though . ”
“I see… I thought he came to put a check on us…”
“He didn’t . I forcibly dragged him here . ”

 Hearing Kousuke-kun speak with wrinkles between his brows, I indirectly cover for Tomotaksenpai .
Previously, after the pool in the 2nd round, Tomotaksenpai went to see Chako and Kousuke-kun . Although Kousuke-kun said he was putting a check on us that time too, I didn’t think it was just that .
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
I think Tomotaksenpai wanted to see Chako .
I think he wanted to know what kind of life Chako, whom he could only watch from afar, led .

“I see, Yui-chan dragged the president here . ”
“Un . Sorry . For always being forceful . ”
“Wellll . ”

 Chako laughs awkwardly .
It’s not surprisingly . She probably doesn’t want to be positively connected to Tomotaksenpai in school .
Because being a familiar is something Chako wants to keep secret .

 Unable to say a thing to that expression of Chako’s, I bite my lip hard .
Then, Kousuke-kun, who’d appeared deep in thought, looks firmly at me .

“Naba, do you know that there are Phantom and Onmyouji Factions?”
“… Un . I know . ”
“I see…”
“Also, I know that there are Abe and Kamo Camps . ”
“… I see . ”

 That I am an ill omen, the Priestess of Ominous Clouds .
That there are phantom and onmyouji factions scrambling for me .
Furthermore, that there are the moderate Abe Camp and radical Kamo Camp .

 I know these exist around me .
I know but… even then .

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“A variety . There’s Kousuke-kun and Sensei . Tomotaksenpai and Yuusei-kun . Of course, Tomoyuki-san too . ”

 ――And, Chako .

“However, I decided to leave those as they are . Because, I, want to get along well with everyone . I want to do lots of fun things . ”

 Getting along well with everyone, huh .
Everyone being friends, such a pipe dream may be nothing but trouble to them .

 However, I want to work hard .
I want to do everything that I want to .
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
“Inner conflicts, surface standpoints and duties . Isn’t it fine for everyone to have their own thinking about those? We’re all strong, and powerful . That’s why I think, we’ll solve it somehow even if we’re confused for a while . ”

 There is a lot going on, but it’ll be fine with everyone here .
It’s an irresponsible trust with no basis whatsoever, but I chuckle .
Seeing the face of such a me, Chako watches me as though I’m dazzling, and Kousuke-kun laughs with his brows knitted .
While Yuusei-kun snorts and looks at me .

“I guess . I’m strong after all . ”

 Un . I know .

“That’s why I’ll bring Tomotaksenpai here at times . You can’t tell him to explode or the like, okay . ”
“… Yeah . ”

 Having gotten a promise, I chuckle, and Yuusei-kun averts his eyes .
Seeing such a Yuusei-kun and I, Kousuke-kun laughs a little and slowly speaks .
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
“It was you who brought us here, Naba . I think it’s your freedom to bring whoever you want . ”

 The amber eyes narrow gently .

“You made a move, and so we’re here… That’s why you can move as you like, Naba . ”
“… Un . Thank you . ”

 … I’m really no match for Kousuke-kun at times like this .
Softly, and casually, he’d say words that lighten my load .
When I laugh with my brows knitted, Chako shouts “Ah, unfair!”

“You see, Kousuke-kun always take the good parts like that . ” [Chako]
“You’re right . I was the one who endorsed Naba first but Kousuke’s got it before I realised . ” [Yuusei]
“I think this is similar to a swindle . ” [Chako]
“Right? It’s a swindle . ” [Yuusei]
“Un . Kousuke-kun is a swindler . ” [Chako]
“A swindler . ” [Yuusei]
“… Both of you, shut up for a bit . ” [Kousuke]

 Kousuke-kun sighs deeply at the fired up Chako and Yuusei-kun .
Finding such a trio amusing, I laugh “Ahaha” .

“Also, I’m rather happy that Kamo-senpai will be coming here . ”
“Eh, why?”

 ”He’s a Kamo onmyouji, you know? Aren’t you scared?” Chako looks at Kousuke-kun uncomfortably .
To that, Kousuke shakes his head and replies .
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
“I respect Kamo-senpai . ”

“Don’t you think he’s amazing? He’s been the Student Council President since the autumn of his 1st year, and will be the following president too . Although he definitely holds a station as a Kamo, he’s also the Student Council President . Juggling both, isn’t it incredible?”
“Oh . ”
“… I can tell that Kamo-senpai is working hard . ”
“I guess . ”

 Kousuke-kun spoke pa.s.sionately about Tomotaksenpai .
Somewhat surprised, I look at Kousuke-kun with widened eyes .

 Kousuke-kun respects Tomotaksenpai .
It’s kinda unexpected… However, those words strangely fit because they do seem to have their similar points…
I don’t quite understand, but my chest feels full .

 My heart has been slightly touched, but Chako’s eyes have already left Kousuke-kun .
Giving only half-hearted responses to Kousuke-kun’s words, she’s already trying to start the game .
Kousuke-kun probably noticed Chako’s behaviour .
He looks at Chako with wrinkles between his brows .
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
“Are you listening, Chako?”
“Nn . I’m not listening . ”

 Chako unabashedly looks at Kousuke-kun with a “Hihihi” .
Seeing the face of such a Chako, Kousuke-kun gives a small sigh .

“… Well, something like my feelings don’t matter . ”
“Now now, Kousuke-chan . Leave those topics aside, let’s continue the game!”
“… Yeah . ”

 ”Good grief”, Kousuke-kun shrugs and holds the game controller .
Yuusei-kun peeks at Kousuke-kun from Chako’s side .

“Hey Kousuke, if you’re gonna respect someone, respect me . ”
“… I respect you too, Yuusei . ”
“I see . I’m strong after all . ”
“… Yeah . ”
“The strong Yuusei-kun should continue then!” [Chako]

 Chako takes the controller from Kousuke-kun, “Here you go” and it to Yuusei-kun .
Then, the paused zombie game resumes .
It seems that the party game they played when Tomotaksenpai was here had ended, and they changed to a 2-player game .

“Hey, do phantoms and onmyoujis have fun playing games?” [Yui]
“Yes, it’s fun . ”
“Though if zombies really appear, I think Chako will be stronger unarmed than with a gun…” [Yui]
“Un . Probably . ” [Chako]
“If it was Yuusei-kun, everything will end if he just purifies the whole facility?” [Yui]
“Yeah, that’s right . ” [Yuusei]
“Don’t you get annoyed killing so slowly with mere guns?” [Yui]
“… Yui-chan . You can’t think of games like in reality . ” [Chako]
“If, it was reality, Naba would be hunted down everywhere by zombies . ” [Yuusei]
“In that case, I’ll raise a barrier, attract a lot of them and catch the whole herd with one throw . ” [Yui]
“Oh my, Yui-chan, so cool!” [Chako]
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 The eyes of Chako and Yuusei-kun don’t leave the screen as they defeat the appearing zombies with guns and proceed .
After proceeding for a bit, some kind of sound effect plays and a cut screen streams out .

“Ah, boss?”
“Nah, probably a mid-boss . ”
“Yuck, I’m bad with this one . Take over, Kousuke-chan!”

 ”Here you go”, Chako the controller she was using to Kousuke-kun .
Then, she slips out from the s.p.a.ce she’d been sitting between them, and sits next  to me .
On the screen, Kousuke-kun changes to a larger gun and Yuusei-kun is throwing a Molotov c.o.c.ktail at the mid-boss .
Watching that, Chako randomly sends encouragement like “Go!” or “Get it!”

 Glancing furtively at the side profile of the Chako smiling happily, I softly speak in a voice only she can hear .

“Did you not like Tomotaksenpai being brought here?”
“Hm . Doesn’t really matter . ”

 Chako tilts her head a little and looks at me .
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“I’m fine as long as Yui-chan is happy . ”

 Then, she laughs “Ehehe” .
Whispering a thanks to that laugh in my heart, I give a small nod .

 Surely, she should have many worries .
I’m aware I’m dragging and throwing everyone into confusion .

 Even then, I want to believe that this… connects to the future .

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