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Published at 8th of July 2019 04:51:12 PM Chapter 142.1

“Ryoumkun!” [Maelyn]

 When I dropped by the guild, the receptionist suddenly called me .

“Good timing . ” [Maelyn]

“Good day, Maelyn-san . Did something happen?” [Ryouma]

“We got word from the guild branch in a town near Ratoin Lake . It’s related to the Mud Salamander . ” [Maelyn]

 Mud Salamander! That’s one of the monster beasts I want to fight .

“Every year before going into hibernation, the mud salamanders of Ratoin Lake would appear to eat their fill . This causes all sorts of problems for those related to the fis.h.i.+ng industry of the lake . In some cases, such as in smaller fis.h.i.+ng villages, it can be a problem concerning life and death . ” [Maelyn]

 Ratoin Lake… That should be the place where those people that gave me the b.l.o.o.d.y Slime came from .

“Is the village called also affected?” [Ryouma]

“The mud salamanders will appear all over the Ratoin Lake, so probably won’t be exempted . Anyway, there’s a lot of places that have to be protected, so they need people to deal with the mud salamanders . As such, they’re currently hiring adventurers that will aid them in defending the villages and subjugating the mud salamanders . They also want adventurers to help out a little after subjugating the mud salamanders . So, interested?” [Maelyn]

 I definitely want to go . But when does this job start?

“The mud salamanders seem to hit the hardest 2 months later, so you can go then . Are you busy?” [Maelyn]

“2 months later is fine . I’m busy next month, but I should be free in the next . I’ll go . ” [Ryouma]

“That’s good to hear . Alright, what work will you be doing today?” [Maelyn]

 Right .

“I heard from the guild master of the merchant guild . Apparently, there’s a possibility that a group of remnant bandits might be migrating to Gimuru . Do you have information or jobs pertaining to bandits?” [Ryouma]

“I see, so you’ve already received permission . Please wait for a moment . ” [Maelyn]

 She took out a bundle of parchment from under the counter .

“We have two pieces of information regarding recent bandit movements . One is about the bandit remnants that you heard about . The other is a group of bandit that might have a connection with that . But these bandits have already been dealt with near the town of Gaunago, so there’s no job pertaining to them anymore . As for the suspicious people, we don’t know for sure just yet if they’re really bandits since we don’t know exactly where they are . ” [Maelyn]

 So they’re just being cautious . In that case, maybe I’ll just go and make medicine again today…

“Umm~…” [Paena]

 Hmm? Just when I was wondering who it was, it turns out to be the capable newcomer, Paensan . As timid as ever, this one .

“Sorry, Ryoumkun . Please wait for a moment . ” [Maelyn]

“I’m so sorry! Even though you’re in the middle of talking!” [Paena]

“It’s fine . Go ahead . ” [Ryouma]

“Even Ryoumkun is okay with it, so say it already . What’s the matter?” [Maelyn]

“There’s a client who wants a job posted and…” [Paena]

 As the two guild employees quietened their voices, I averted my eyes from them and looked around at the rather empty guild .

 …Is everyone on break?

 Apparently, at this time of the day, most adventurers are either absentmindedly looking at the bulletin board or talking idly with a nearby adventurer… Hmm?

 A man with a bearded face was walking from the end of the counter . From his height, he must be a dwarf .

“Sorry, boy . But can you move for a sec? Ojouchan!” [Male Dwarf]

 The man went to the counter where I was and called out to Paensan, who was inside .

“Yes? Ah! You can’t! I’ll deal with it properly, so please go back and wait . ” [Paena]

“Sorry . But it will be faster if I just talk to her directly . I need Pedro found as soon as possible . ” [Male Dwarf]

 Huh . Looks like someone is missing…

 As the man suddenly bowed his head, Maelyn stepped forward with a complicated expression on her face .

“Guts-sama, yes? I’m sorry, but the money you gave is not enough—” [Maelyn]

“I know I’m being unreasonable . But that’s all the money I have at hand right now . Still, if Pedro can be found, he should have cargo with him . If I sold those, I can pay more . But even without those, as long as I’m given time, I can prepare more money . The problem is time . ” [Guts]

 The situation is looking like it’s at a deadlock… Even the few eyes inside the guild have started to gather .

“It’s not that far . Isn’t there any adventurer willing to look?” [Guts]


“Paensan . ” [Ryouma]

“? Yes, what is it?” [Paena]

“Can you tell me about the job he’s talking about?” [Ryouma]

 I started to get curious myself, so I called out to Paensan, who was being ignored like me .

 When I did, she became thoughtful, then looked at me and the two people talking .

“Umm… We haven’t decided to accept his request just yet, so talking about a person’s circ.u.mstances is a bit… But if it’s you, you might be a good fit for the job, actually…” [Paena]

 I felt sorry for causing her trouble . Anyway, since she wasn’t willing to talk, all I could do was to p.r.i.c.k up my ears and listen .

“I’m sorry but can we start over from the beginning?” [Maelyn]

“Sure . I’m Guts . I run a small smithy at the western district . Just a few days ago, I sent a weapon I made to Kereban, but this morning, a letter came from the customer that he hasn’t received anything… I want to look for the guy called Pedro who was supposed to deliver my weapon . ” [Guts]

“Exactly how long is ‘a few days ago’?” [Maelyn]

“Three days ago . If things went as scheduled, he should have already arrived at Kereban and be on his way back already . ” [Guts]

“But you said the goods haven’t been delivered?” [Maelyn]

“Right . The customer contacted me in a hurry . That’s how I know . ” [Guts]

 Maelyn-san continued to ask him questions .

“What are the odds that the delivery has merely been delayed?” [Maelyn]

“I’ve asked him to do the same job many times already . He knows the way well . And the weather hasn’t been bad lately . Unless something really unexpected happens, there’s no reason for him to be delayed . ” [Guts]

“That’s true…” [Maeyln]

 I wonder if he has an idea of what’s causing the delay .

 As soon as I thought that…

“Takebayas.h.i.+-san, please come here…” [Paena]

 Paensan seems to have made up her mind .

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