The Villain's Story Chapter [559] The disciple of a supreme.

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Chapter 559 [559] The disciple of a supreme.

?Contrary to my expectations, Lanesha had readily agreed to help me get out of this sickening place. But just because she agreed didn't mean she didn't ask any questions.

There was concern in her voice, one that showed that she was worried about me.

Well, It's not like I don't understand the consequences or weight of what I had asked.

It's like proclaiming my existence, as a disciple of a supreme... That would put a lot of pressure on me, and although no threat to my life, but I would be busy.

But you see... I have an easy solution to it. We just make the elf stay quiet!

Lanesha can easily send him a message using her authority over the system, and he should run to my side, or rather the human's side after that, and finally let me leave this suffocating place.


[Supreme Dragon Of Lanesha asks you if you are ready for the consequences.]

'Consequences? Can you tell me what they are?'

I asked her. I shouldn't have to deal with many since she is a supreme...just watch my actions to protect her reputation.

[Supreme Dragon of Lanesha sighs, and says she will take care of it.]

'Huh? I don't want to trouble you a lot. I can take care of whatever it is that you want me to do...'

Even though I did want to leave this room and try to create a spatial storage different from my own, I didn't want to burden her with anything just for my own selfish gain...

Ah s.h.i.+t, I'm starting to regret my decision to ask her for help.

'Hey, let's stop. I can just stay here for a while.'

Lanesha, don't do it. I don't want to deal with another mana storm during my mana breathing sessions...

But it was too late, I had to reap what I sowed.

[You have received the t.i.tle: Disciple of the Frost Supreme.]

Before I could tell her to stop again, I saw the Elf elder, Goldenwoods eye, open wide.


[Elf Elder, Golden Wood, s.h.i.+eld Conference, Earth.]

As I enjoyed the cheesecake with fervor, I had completely forgotten that I was in a conference room, and that the fate of a species was being discussed. With the said species being in the conference as well.

Well, the cheesecake deserves more attention. I should get a few human chefs and bring them back with me if this species does go extinct... Their food is truly great. Our cuisine cannot match theirs.

'The balance of sweetness, The's perfect!'

I relished the feeling of it going down my aged throat, and although I was able to keep up a cold expression outside, Inside... I was happy!

But, a second later, my happiness had disappeared in an instant, and the cold demeanor I had maintained vanished in seconds as my mend went into turmoil.

I released my mana for a second, startling everyone present in the room. However, I stayed silent, shocked by the message that appeared in front of me.

[Supreme Dragon of frost, Lanesha asks of you to take the side of the humans. Grant them full authority over the portal.]

My mind went blank...honestly.

It was not after a few seconds had pa.s.sed that I realized, and I almost went on my knees to offer respect but...

[Supreme Dragon Of Frost, Lanesha asks you to keep her involvement secret.]

My mind went into a state of mad stupor, as I began to breathe heavily and ask a mult.i.tude of questions in my heart.

'The queen of ice, Daughter of Ariel, Lanesha?'

Ironically, I stood there, frozen as the eyes of everyone lay upon me.

'The queen of frost... Queen Lanesha herself... Why is she getting involved.'

My goodness! I have forgotten my manners. Such thinking of mine is simply blasphemous.

I can't believe I allowed myself to even think of it... Supreme Queen Lanesha must have a reason for doing this. Whatever it is, I don't qualify to know!

Using the moment where everyone's attention was towards me due to my sudden release of mana, I looked at them all, and cleared my throat, making them all even more wary of me.

"Elder Grimbald."

I said the name of the dwarf...perhaps Lady Lanesha was offended that they tried to take advantage of a new race, of course, this is only a conclusion. Besides, although I was only absent-minded now, I still had kept a track of the conversation. The dwarves pushed on aggressively, and even the orcs started to do the same...

Some punishments are in order...

"And Elder Karack too, I cannot believe you two have stooped down to this level. Whether your species has a need for that planet as well, I believe the humans, as a new race in the Alliance have a need for it as well, much more than you all do. The dwarves and Orcs have a few planets they haven't fully conquered with them, Why not leave this one to the humans?

They are a new member, and thus this can be seen as a gift..."

No, that would be too lax. I need to do something more so Lady Lanesha would look at me with goodwill...

"Why not give them some 'actual aid'. Weaponry from the dwarves and orc soldiers should do. I shall send gifts myself as well."

Include myself so they are pressured to do the same, and thus give the humans a true advantage over the demons.

What else can I do? The dwarves and orcs, even humans, are looking at me with shock in their eyes... Well I cannot blame them, I was taking a neutral stance and showed no interest in this at all...

'Wait... They can link this...'

s.h.i.+t, I must have thought of this through more. My sudden entrance would give away the existence of Lady Lanesha... The dwarves and orcs will link the sudden favor to a higher being ordering me to do it... Although it would not directly lead them to Lady Lanesha... An investigation will be done...


I used a curse word humans used and sighed... Wondering how I can make them all believe it is me...

At that moment, my eyes caught sight of the half-eaten cheesecake, and without further ado, I said.

"Their cuisine is simply too great... You all should try it too!"

I said as I pushed the cheesecake towards them, acting a little unsightly. With this, I should have made the impression that I am just an old elf infatuated with their food...

That will put the blame on me, Since I have full authority over this it shouldn't matter much...but my reputation has definitely been destroyed.

[Supreme Dragon of Frost, Lanesha is satisfied with your performance.]

I gained something even better.

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