The Villain's Story Chapter [558] You see, I have a trump card!

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Chapter 558 [558] You see, I have a trump card!

The elf, finis.h.i.+ng his tenth cup of coffee, looked up at Harrison with a nonchalant gaze, however, traces of scorn could be seen there. The scorn was there because he was disturbed whilst he was enjoying a delicacy of the human world, known as coffee.

He looked at Harrison first, then s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards Oliver, treating him with much higher respect. He eyed the dwarves and orcs as well.

He wasn't stupid, he knew what their goal was, to take advantage of the new race that had entered the alliance and further strengthen their own standings. Unlike the Elves, the dwarves and Orcs didn't have many planets at their disposal.

The ones they did have were the ones they either came across by chance, or purchased coordinates of by rogue spatial elves. They were not the best planets, but they weren't the worst as well.

But, a planet like the one Humans had found? It was simply amazing, it was not a barren land, but a land full of life, of forests, mountains, deserts and seas. It was perfect for life. It was a pretty big planet as well.


He sighed inwardly, he was an old elf, despite his looks, but he was not that talented. Among his generation, he was simply...average. He had long since stagnated and could only watch his colleagues surpa.s.s him in almost every way possible. His seven-hundred years of age had given him wisdom, but not enough strength.

He looked at the three once more, and spared a glance at the young human who was the creator of the portal.


He thought, his eyes glowing with a light of interest. The human did deserve to be called a genius. Not only was the mana inside him immense and extremely controlled, his physique was also strong.

'They are a unique species...'

The elf thought, unlike the Elves, who had weak physical bodies and strong magical capabilities, or the orcs or dwarves who paled in magical capabilities and had strong physiques instead... Humans had a mix of both.

'What was their blood power called? Domain Expansion? I need to study it...'

A scholarly side of him, one that persevered through time was being lit ablaze, but he stopped it, albeit barely, and spoke.

"My apologies, But as a neutral party, I have no say in this matter."

Harrison clicked his tongue, and the elf continued to look at his cup of coffee with a somber expression.

In truth, he was given full authority on this case, and he could 'choose' to take sides or not. But he decided against it. He judged this as an obstacle they needed to overcome or else they would be useless. If they couldn't do this, ward off foreign threats over a precious resource, then they would face a fate many species had faced.

Extinction. He had seen a few races die out, their history was not as complicated and...intriguing as the Humans, so he thought that they would have the capability of doing it...but he did have to admit the dwarves and orcs being 'stingy'.

They not only wanted the coordinates of the planet, but also wanted to force the humans out of it. They would then divide their territories among one another and leave the humans out. They promised to send them 'aid', but he knew better what aid that would be... The humans didn't have any reason to accept it but would be pressured to do so. They didn't want a war with the orcs and dwarves.

'How they use their positions...'

Considering the difference of their military forces, it was easy to do so. Besides, humanity could not put their entire focus there due to their war with the demons. They needed to fully conquer their own planet first, then worry about another.


He sighed once again, and left the discussion take place. Words were thrown at one another, with hidden threats and implications from the dwarves and orcs, whilst the humans took more of a pa.s.sive side.

If a war truly did break out... The Elves would do nothing, not unless if the Dragons wanted them to interfere. The dwarves and orcs were more important to the alliance, after all.

'Such a chaos the universe is in.'

In the upper, greatest echelons, there was war between the two supreme races. The G.o.d beasts and the Dragons, although they had reached a truce for quite a while, why they did so he wasn't qualified to know. He had simply heard the supreme of both had agreed to this... How and why those supreme beings did it was something he didn't dare imagine.

But tension between both sides were still there. Small skirmishes between their forces would still occur...only the supreme beings would stay still.

And it was great, entire cl.u.s.ters would turn to ash if two supremes dueled with their fullest capabilities.

In the middle echelons, were the war between the High lords of the Celestial realm, and The true forces of the abyss, The 72 demon lords.

And in the bottom, was the war between the Alliance, the rogue forces of the Abyss, and also the wars of multiple races for land and resources. The elves were qualified to move into the middle echelons...but they were a peace loving race, and thus stood to the side.

Besides, they served the dragons, That alone gave them protection that no one else could at all!

He was tired of being here, and thus took the time to taste many of earth's delicacies... He had to admit, their food was top-notch! He was also happy that the young elves were enjoying their time here as well. It was like a school-trip for them.

'How long will this take.'

He wondered, as he politely asked a servant to bring more coffee and even the 'infamous' cheesecake here.


[s.h.i.+eld Conference Room, Alan Peccator POV.]

I am so f.u.c.king bored.

I really am, I can't believe this would be so boring! I thought at least I would be given some inspiration by gauging the level of the insults, but...they are so f.u.c.king plain!

There aren't any insults at all, Just some hidden threats...and it's f.u.c.king cowardly!


I let out a yawn, which attracted the attention of the people in the room. The dwarf 'hissed' at me like a snake, and I sighed once more.

I don't really get it.... I really don't. Sabrina is much more suited to this than I am, talking and talking for hours and hours on end...

I have an idea! Why don't we simply...fight it out?!




No, wait, that's bad. Humans can't win against dwarves or orcs... Perhaps let the youngest ones fight it out? That wouldn't be too bad...

No, entrusting an entire planet in the hands of a few young individuals would be too much for them to bear, and if they lost...well that could cripple them for all their lives.

I just want to leave this G.o.dd.a.m.ned room. Even though I am uninvolved, I can see that we are being pushed into a corner. Human's may lose the right to the planet, or may have to share territory with two forces far above their capabilities. They would slowly be driven back into a corner until eventually they would have to retreat to Earth.

The thing that I hate is that they can't really put up a fight against the orcs and the dwarves... Well, I can't do anything about it...

Or can I?

Hmm... If we are talking in bigger terms, I have a status far, far above any person in this room, and could use my position to my advantage and end this boring discussion...

I am the chosen of Two supreme dragons, that alone would be enough for the orcs and dwarves to s.h.i.+t their pants and the elves to support me with zeal.

But, I'm perplexed on whether I should do it or not... Because Ragnar is staying quiet. I can sense that his bloodline has evolved into a fire dragon, the elf who is here won't notice us until we deliberately want to reveal it...

And that is what disturbs me. I know Agri and Elijah are behind his evolution to a complete fire dragon. Out of everyone here, He is the closest one to reaching the rank of the elf...

So why has he not revealed himself. By coming out as a fire dragon, he can save us from all this ha.s.sle... So why does he not support us?

I don't know, and that is what is infuriating me...other than just being in this room.

'Maybe I misjudged it...'

There is also the possibility of that. He may have become a fire dragon, but he is weak compared to most adult fire dragons. Furthermore, Dwarves have many fire dragons on their side...wait.

Is that why he is silent?


I threw the absurd though out of my mind, and finally, I was fed up with all of this. I want to go home and research how to make a s.p.a.ce inside my items, I need to explore the city in the desert, I want to talk to Sabrina and I want to eat something!

I have many things to do, many!

I have already spent hours here, in this suffocating atmosphere. Talking is not right for me... I much prefer a fight to the death.


It's time to use my position.

'Oh greatest, most beautiful and most elegant dragon residing in the home of frost itself, Your beauty knows no bounds and your hair is like frozen silk... Will you help me?'

[Supreme Dragon of Frost Lanesha is speechless at your shamelessness.]


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