People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon Chapter 649: The Complete Collection of Monsters in the Wilderness

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Chapter 649: The Complete Collection of Monsters in the Wilderness


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After watching He Yun took his leave, Li Hu quietly went up to the second floor to notice Li Xiang.

Not long after he left, another figure suddenly walked out from another corridor.

“Three died?!”

“It’s alright…”

Yu Tie Jun said with a look of relief.

Ever since Li Hu boasted, he had been paying attention to the hunting situation of these latecomers.

After He Yun and the others left, he had been waiting nearby. Naturally, he had seen Li Hu hiding in the dark.

“That fellow called He Yun should have gone to find someone to inquire about the situation outside as well as Li Hu’s progress…”

Yu Tie Jun thought for a moment and had an idea. He disappeared once again into the pa.s.sage.

“Didn’t I tell you before? The monsters outside are all mixed together…” Huang Zhe said helplessly.

He Yun opened his mouth but didn’t know how to start.

At that time, he had only heard about it and did not pay much attention to it. Who knew that the monsters that lived together were actually so powerful?

“Are there any places where only Tier 1 low level normal monsters appear?!”

“Nope! No such good thing!”

He Yun refused to give up.” Big Brother, there were four of us together just now. The other three are all dead. I’m the only one who came back by luck. Please help me…”

“I really don’t know!”

“I’ve been here for almost half a year. I’ve never heard of a only low-level normal monster area outside…” Huang Zhe shook his head.

“What? How is that possible!” He Yun asked in disbelief.” Then how the current first tier hunt in the past?!”

“You will have to ask Commander Yu about this. Ever since I entered the camp, I have never left. Commander Yu once joined the hunting team…” Huang Zhe said casually.

He Yun finally understood that this person in front of him probably had no future in the camp since he had never even left the camp.

“Do you know where Commander Yu is?”

“I don’t know!” Huang Zhe said unhappily and waved his hand.” Alright, don’t interupt my work here. Go somewhere else. Stay cool!”

He was a little impatient with He Yun compared to Li Hu. Li Hu addressed him as Brother Huang and gave him money with humble att.i.tude.

However, this person in front of him now had a high and mighty appearance, which made him really unhappy.

He Yun wanted to flare up, but he remembered that this was the first tier camp. In the end, he didn’t say anything to avoid trouble and turned to leave.

Just as He Yun was at a loss, a figure appeared like a savior. In his surprise, he hurriedly rushed forward.

“Commander Yu…”

Yu Tie Jun turned his head expressionlessly and glanced at He Yun, who was in a sorry state.

“Yes? How may I help you?”

He Yun originally intended to question why the area outside the camp was so chaotic and terrifying, but considering Huang Zhe’s att.i.tude towards him earlier, he carefully weighed his words and recounted his own experiences outside.

“I’m actually very puzzled. Why is it that Li Hu and Li Xiang can continuously hunt outside, while the four of us almost couldn’t make it back? I wonder if Li Hu and the others stumbled upon some lower-level normal monster inhabitent area?!”

He was not troubled by scarcity but by inequality. If everyone were the same, he wouldn’t be so panicked, but Li Hu and his brother kept harvesting outside, constantly growing stronger, which he couldn’t accept.

“Li Hu?!”

Yu Tie Jun sneered as if he had heard something amusing.

“Are you talking about that guy who almost died outside, and kept bragging and acting even after he got luckily to survive back?!”

“What?!” He Yun was stunned and confused.

“I heard that you’re still the leader of one of the five major faction in the Tier 0. Is your brain really that useless?!”

He Yun’s face turned embarra.s.sed, but he considered Yu Tie Jun’s words and started pondering.

After a while, his expression alternated between pale and clear.

“Commander Yu, are you saying that Li Hu never actually went hunting outside? All those times when they highly announced about their progress, it was just acting?!”

“He did hunt for once just like you guys, even after faced certain danger. It’s just that they were luckier than you, no casualties…” Yu Tie Jun chuckled.

He Yun suddenly realized.

The four of them rushed in hastily, after promoted to a higher level and left the camp to hunt outside without better gears or strategy plan was basically a suicide mission.

They kept receiving news that Li Hu and Li Xiang were rapidly increasing in strength, and each hunt was fruitful.

The false information led them to mistakenly believe that the monsters outside, even if cohabiting, should be easy to deal with, ignored Huang Zhe and the sign’s warning.

“So, Li Hu did it intentionally, wanting to deceive us…”

He Yun now understood. This was Li Hu’s trap.

Although he was the first to come in, after finding out that he couldn’t improve his strength outside alone, he started setting traps for them.

Ridiculous. The four of them were actually deceived by this uncouth Li Hu.

“Commander Yu, do you happen to know where Li Hu is now?!”

Commander Yu rubbed his chin, “I don’t know why the high-ups opened the camp. Earning these zero coins, we have nowhere to spend them…” “Commander Yu, how about I give you a thousand coins?!” He Yun asked tentatively.

“I have no use for this thing…” Commander Yu waved his hand, “But I have a crush, who quite likes these s.h.i.+ny things…”

Yu Tie Jun casually added, “In half an hour, I’ll be patrolling the No. 6 Martial Arts Hall…”

“Understood, understood!” He Yun quickly responded. He would have someone send the coins to the No. 6 Martial Arts Hall shortly.

Now that the camp was open, those who hadn’t advanced to the next level could also enter the camp and enjoy some services with zero coins..

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