People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon Chapter 648: He Yun (2)

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Chapter 648: He Yun (2)


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Li Hu and his companion arrived at the South Gate hall. Instead of spreading their story as before, they gathered the members of their Tiger Howl Gang, asked some questions, exchanged a few words, and then hastily left.

It seemed that if they didn’t care about the Tiger Howl Gang’s situation, the two of them wouldn’t have come back. Staying here any longer would waste their time hunting and becoming stronger.

Their footsteps were fast, and soon, under the envious and admiring gazes of others, they disappeared around the corner.

Once they turned the corner, their pace suddenly slowed, and their previously imposing aura dissipated.

“Second Brother, is what we’re doing really meaningful?!” Li Hu said confused. Since the last time they were chased back, he had been afraid.

Death had never felt so close to him before. Even half a year ago, when he had just arrived, he hadn’t experienced that feeling.

“It is. Only this way can we trap others…”

Li Xiang smiled, “As long as we manage to trap the core members of the other groups, maybe we can absorb their people…”

“By then, having cannon fodder pave the way ahead would be better than it is now, wouldn’t it?!”

After listening to Li Hu’s experience, Li Xiang didn’t lose his fighting spirit. On the contrary, he wanted to experience the wilderness himself.

So, the two of them had teamed up and gone out before, and the result was naturally evident. After paying the price of flesh and blood, they returned in a sorry state.

The difference was that this time, Li Hu had voluntarily cut off his own arm, playing a trick to survive.

It was this expedition that once again damaged Li Hu’s confidence.

“Alright, let’s continue the act…” Li Hu sighed deeply.

When had he, Li Hu, ever had to resort to acting to deceive people?

One day later.

The South Gate hall became lively once again.

“Congratulations to Boss He for advancing one rank…”

“Congratulations to Boss w.a.n.g for advancing one rank…”

The inner circle’s overlords had finally advanced to the first tier, drawing cheers from many.

He Yun was full of vigor, waving to the crowd, “Brothers, the first tier is just a small threshold on the road ahead. I’ll be waiting for you up ahead…”

After saying that, he hurriedly left and headed towards the North Gate.

The other three did the same, without any extra words.

Although they had been fighting on the front lines these past few days, they were well aware of what was happening in the South Gate hall.

For example, Li Hu and Li Xiang had returned multiple times, continuously increasing their strength.

At the moment, they just wanted to enter the wilderness to hunt as soon as possible, afraid of falling behind Li Hu and Li Xiang.

“Should the three of us team up?”

Halfway there, He Yun couldn’t help but ask.

The three looked at each other and nodded involuntarily.

■’Ll Hu and Li Xiang have entered ahead of us, and their strength has increased.

If the four of us work together, our efficiency might be higher…”

“It should be like this!”

The four of them were very tacit, spontaneously choosing to cooperate.

After all, in their view, letting Li Hu and Li Xiang get ahead was already very unfavorable. If they didn’t team up, the gap would widen, and it would be difficult to catch up in the future.

So, the four of them formed a team and hurried to the North Gate hall.

“There’s a sign here…”

The four found no one at the North Gate hall, just a lonely sign, and curiously went forward to check it.

“Wilderness Monsters Coexist?!”

He Yun looked around. The information on the sign was minimal, only mentioning that monsters of different levels and cla.s.s coexisted in the wilderness. After going out, they might encounter high-level monsters or low-level ones, so they should be cautious.

After hesitating for a moment, the four decided to go out hunting anyway.

“Maybe this sign was left by Li Hu…”

“Yeah, regardless, we have to go out and see!”

And so, the four hurriedly left the camp.

After they left, two figures slowly appeared in the corridor on one side of the hall.

“They really teamed up!”

Li Hu rubbed his chin, quietly approached the door, glanced outside, and found no trace of the four, indicating they had already gone far.

He turned to look at Li Xiang and asked, “Second Brother, what’s next?!”

Li Xiang’s lips curled up, saying, “We will wait!”

“Anyway, we’ve already sent people to inform Third Brother and the others. Let them wait at 208 after they advance…”

“Counting the time, third brother should be able to advance to first tier within this day…”

“Big brother, you stay here and watch them. I’ll go to 208 and wait. How about that?”


Just like that, the two of them separated. One of them went upstairs, while the other returned to the corridor where they could see the entrance of the camp. About an hour later, a figure ran back.

The moment he stepped through the door, he fell to the ground.

“How is this possible?!”

He Yun screamed in shock. His body was covered in wounds. He turned around and looked at the spider that was gradually walking away from the door. His eyes were filled with fear and confusion.

After seeing the warning on the sign at the door about high-level and low-level monsters coexisting, although they were acting very cautious, they didn’t take it seriously.

The four of them thought, even if they encountered danger, they could run back to the camp, right?!

Little did they know, they encountered a group of terrifying giant spiders Each small one was half a meter tall, and the larger ones reached heights of two to three meters, with extremely fast speed.

When they encountered the spider monsters, one of the four immediately took action, seemingly trying to take the lead, but was instantly killed with just one blow.

The other three were terrified and fled for their lives.

Along the way, they encountered several more spiders, and the other two were not spared, dying outside. Only He Yun managed to escape back.

“Thank goodness the martial arts I learned before were Lightfoot skills…” He Yun shuddered after the ordeal.

This was also why he was able to escape before the other two.

Compared to the yellow-level martial arts, the mystery-level martial arts has significant advancement.

With his yellow-level martial arts had already reached Minor Achievement Stage, while his mystery-level martial arts were just at the beginner.

The combination in his speed in using mystery-level Lightfoot skills along his yellow-level Lightfoot martial artist was much faster than other overlords.

And it was precisely this slight advantage that allowed him to escape.

They didn’t know that these spiders had originally hunted alone. It was only recently that they had joined forces to hunt purely because Pan Yi Ting had repeatedly escaped in the past few days.

Pan Yi Ting, with Zhao Yu’s vision, naturally avoided the danger early on. As a result, it was He Yun and the others who first tasted the consequences of the spiders’ joint hunting.

“How did those two manage to survive with those monsters outside?!”

“Why can they hunt so easily?!”

He Yun didn’t believe that Li Hu and Li Xiang’s strength after advancing would be stronger than their group of four.

From this perspective, during this time when Li Hu and Li Xiang were hunting, did they find an area where low-level monsters were living?!

“Darn it, I should have find someone to ask in details…”

He Yun couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

The information he had previously received was that Li Hu and Li Xiang had made gains every time they went out. It was expected that even if there were dangers in the wilderness, with their strength as ultimate fighter, they should be able to handle it.

Now it seemed, they were too arrogant!

After recovering some strength, He Yun got up and hurriedly went to the South

Gate hall to find someone to inquire about.

After he left, Li Hu emerged from the corridor.

“Three dead?!”

There was a hint of joy on his face. This was indeed an unexpected joy.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, these three people would have been very difficult to kill. It was only now without the protection of subordinates, that they died.

“Too bad, that old fellow He Yun didn’t die…”

Li Hu said regretfully.

However, he was already quite satisfied with the current situation. This meant that at least the manpower of three factions could be tried to be recruited.

South Gate hall.

With He Yun’s appearance, the crowd cheered again.

“Boss He is back!”

Immediately, everyone noticed that he seemed quite battered, much worse than Li Hu, and his spirit wasn’t as good as Li Hu’s.

Could it be that this time he didn’t make any gains on his first exploration and was instead frustrated?!

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