I Have A City In An Alternate World Chapter 3422: Waiting for the opportunity to strike (1)

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Chapter 3422: Waiting for the opportunity to strike (1)


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The top cultivators of both sides finally joined the battle.

Before the battle, both sides were hiding and unwilling to reveal their true trump cards.

However, as the battle began, both sides used all their trump cards, and in the blink of an eye, the battle was intense.

Both sides knew very well that only the battle between the top cultivators would determine the outcome of this war.

Of course, the battlefield between peak-stage immortal generals and ultimate powerhouses wouldn’t be limited to the hunting camp. Instead, it was tacitly moved to a place far away.

Although the result of the war had yet to be seen, both sides regarded the hunting camp as something in their pocket and tried their best to avoid any damage.

Because of the attacks of the top cultivators, the momentum of the cultivators on both sides was affected, and the intensity of the battle escalated again.

The final battle officially began. Tang Zhen, who had been waiting for a long time, finally saw the big fish he had been waiting for.

There were a total of five peak divine generals who had come to support him. One of them had partic.i.p.ated in the hunting plan against Tang Zhen.

The other four peak divine generals shouldn’t be related to this matter. Tang Zhen naturally didn’t have any reason to target them.

This meticulous plan had caught two big fish in a row. Tang Zhen would definitely profit and not lose.

As for divine general youwen and the other enemies, Tang Zhen could take his time to search for them.

Moreover, the current Tang Zhen already had some clues. It was just that he had yet to take action.

Tang Zhen smiled and patted the Fatty’s shoulder as he looked at him.

“Your Excellency, do you have any orders?”

Fatty quickly asked. Being on this chaotic battlefield made him feel nervous.

“Let’s go find a quiet place. The environment here is too chaotic. It’s not suitable for you and me to watch the battle.”

As Tang Zhen spoke, he beckoned fatty to walk towards the lighthouse. There were no cultivators to stop them along the way.

It was as though Tang Zhen and the other person did not exist in their eyes.

Tang Zhen beckoned fatty to stand by his side when they arrived below the lighthouse. After which, he sat cross-legged and floated in the air.

protect me. If anything happens, remember to wake me up in time!

Tang Zhen instructed. After which, there was no longer any movement.

At this moment, Tang Zhen’s eyes were slightly narrowed. A divine light would occasionally flash as he stared at a certain direction deep within the island.

In that area, two figures were fighting non-stop.

The power of rules collided with each other, and each collision caused the sky to fall and the earth to crack, but they disappeared in an instant.

The irresistible power of rules was at work all the time, and it would instantly restore the destroyed area to its original state.

In such a special s.p.a.ce, even if the cultivators fought and turned the world upside down, it would not cause much impact on the island.

The most powerful man of the Alliance cultivated the law of force, which was also one of the laws that the cultivators of the origin realm had comprehended the most.

Most of the cultivators in the origin realm cultivated their physical bodies, so the rules of power and speed were a perfect match.

The boundless power was enough to destroy everything, and everything in the world was affected.

Anything related to power was under the control of the rules at this moment and turned into fatal damage.

The strength of a cultivator was enough to destroy everything.

Enemies who were affected by the rules would be troubled and unable to control any power or anything related to power.

Only by using rule power could they resist it. If they were weaker than the other party or if they mutually reinforced and countered each other, it would lead to different results.

The battle between the cultivators of the origin realm seemed complicated, but it was also simple. It was a compet.i.tion of one’s comprehension of the rules and the strength of the rules ‘attributes.

If they all cultivated the Laws of Power, they would only need to compete in terms of their realms and comprehension. If their attributes countered each other, the outcome of the battle would be even more difficult to predict.

The Supreme divine general who fought against the most powerful figure in the Alliance had comprehended the rules of light, which was a rather obscure and tricky rule.

Wherever the light was, it would be the attack range of peak immortal generals and their derived marvelous abilities.

When the two laws came into contact with each other, the violent power of the omnipotent expert was suppressed to a great extent.

Furthermore, the cultivators in loucheng were all-rounded and had all kinds of powerful means.

It was no exaggeration to say that among the 1000 cultivators in a city, there would never be any cultivators with the same cultivation skills.

On the battlefield of life and death, these strange and sharp methods were the true nightmare of the enemy.

The omnipotent expert of the Alliance was in a disadvantageous situation and was obviously being played by a peak divine general.

Although he had the upper hand, it was not easy for a peak-stage immortal general to kill his opponent.

At this moment, a peak immortal general was like teasing a Mad Ox as his long sword had long been giving out cold light.

It was possible that at some point, the longsword would pierce through the heart of this mad bull and end this battle that was already in the bag.

The omnipotent expert of the Alliance also sensed the abnormality and was in a desperate state.

During this period, they tried to ask for help, but in the end, they realized that no one was responding. This made the omnipotent experts anxious.

“I advise you to give up on finding your companions for support, because none of them will appear!”

The peak-stage immortal general only wanted to shake his opponent’s mind so that he could seize the opportunity to kill him.

Even though this was the most inferior method on the battlefield, it could sometimes achieve unexpected results.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to tear you into pieces!”

Being mercilessly toyed with by a peak divine general and being unable to restrain him with his own rules, one could imagine how depressed the strongest person in the Alliance was.

He knew that he was in a dangerous situation. He had to either kill the cultivators in loucheng or try to escape from the battlefield.

It would be wishful thinking if he wanted to win.

The most powerful people in the Alliance realized this and started to use all their strength to get rid of the control of the peak divine general.

But the peak divine general didn’t fall for it. He had seen through the enemy’s mind and didn’t give him a chance to escape.

As he closed in, the peak divine general used his killer move and instantly injured the Alliance experts.

Fortunately, his defense was amazing, and he managed to save his life.

d.a.m.n it! How are these cultivators so strong? ”

the Alliance expert was terrified. With his injuries, he was no match for a peak divine general.

Now, it was already an extravagant hope for him to escape as the light was in the control domain of peak immortal generals.

A feeling of despair rose in his heart. At that moment, the Alliance experts really wanted to die together with him.

However, he knew very well that even if he made such a choice, he would be the one to die in the end.

As the controller of the battlefield, the peak-stage divine general knew this better, so he took the opportunity to launch a fatal attack.

“I’m going to die!”

the Alliance expert sighed. Even if he wanted to die together, he didn’t have the ability to.

Just as he thought he was going to die, he felt the flames around him rise, and at the same time, an angry roar came.

A figure suddenly appeared on the battlefield and attacked the peak divine general with a fatal move.

such a fierce attack shocked the Alliance expert. If he was the one who suffered such an attack, he would have lost his life in an instant.

The peak-level immortal general who was attacked was also severely injured.

Compared to the severe injury, the peak immortal general was more terrified because he felt a wisp of familiar Qi from the attack.

“You’re a cultivator from the city of Xuanji?”

The roar was devoured by the overwhelming attacks, and then there was no more sound.

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