Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My Talents Chapter 667: Ultimate evolution of a perfect genetic body!_1

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Chapter 667: Ultimate evolution of a perfect genetic body!_1


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At this moment, the person standing in front of Li Yueming was the founder of the Li family, Li Wujiang.

More than a thousand years ago, Li Jiang was already a Heavenly Tribulation Qi Refiner. Now that more than a thousand years had pa.s.sed, Li Wujiang could still appear in front of the world alive and kicking. There was obviously only one possibility, and that was that Li Wujiang had also touched the Nirvana Realm above the Heavenly Tribulation.

In addition, Shu Tian, who had chosen to pretend to be crazy after waking up, and the two spiritual beasts following behind the little fox.

Currently, there were five Nirvana Realm experts standing behind Li Yueming.

This number was beyond Li Yueming’s expectations, but it was reasonable after thinking about it carefully.

The Hundred Thousand Mountains was so vast that it was impossible for there to be no Nirvana Realm Beast Emperors among them. However, Li Yueming was a little surprised that they followed behind the little fox.

The outside world naturally didn’t need to be said.

Although old monsters like Ji Fengyue were still paying attention to the changes in the outside world, the six empires were also following the will of the old monsters to consciously prevent the emergence of powerful Qi Refiners.

However, even if G.o.ds would occasionally take a nap, whether it was the old monsters or the dynasties, they still could not see the world. Over time, there would always be some smart people who would notice the truth and hide it.

In fact, Li Yueming had been trying to find it for a long time.

It was just that he had not been able to find any traces.

Looking at the figures that suddenly appeared in front of them, the expressions of the ancestors of the various countries could not help but change.

Of course, in terms of combat strength, they still had the absolute advantage. After all, there was only one Li Yueming. It was impossible for the others to have the terrifying combat power of one against ten like Li Yueming.

Especially since Li Wujiang and Shu Tian were only at the initial stage of Nirvana Realm.

It could not change the balance of the battle at all.

The reason why his expression was not good was because he did not like accidents that were beyond his control.



With a few more reinforcements, Ji Fengyue and the others still had the absolute advantage on the battlefield.

Li Wujiang and Shu Tian were only in the early stage of Nirvana realm. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they could barely deal with a peak Nirvana realm ancestor. Now, they were gritting their teeth and fighting one ancestor each. It was already very difficult.

Fortunately, the two spiritual beasts from the Hundred Thousand Mountains behind the little fox were quite powerful.

One of the spirit wolves was a super spirit beast that had broken through to the peak of the Nirvana realm. Its sharp teeth and claws could even threaten Ji Fengyue to a certain extent!

It was also the most ferocious and brutal.

It was fine if he didn’t make a move, but the moment he made a move, he directly rushed towards Ji Fengyue, who was the strongest person present.

The two sides exchanged a few blows in midair, but the Spirit Wolf actually did not show any obvious signs of defeat!

One had to know that although Ji Fengyue’s arm was torn off by Li Yueming, with the help of G.o.d’s Descent, Ji Fengyue’s combat strength did not decline too much. It could be said that he was still at his peak.

Even Li Yueming had to treat Ji Fengyue with caution in this state. Now, he was stopped by this spiritual beast in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. It was enough to show how terrifying his strength was.

The other giant snow bear was not weak either. With its innately powerful body and almost innate killing instinct, it was enough to fight against two elders at the peak of the Nirvana realm.

After the two humans and two beasts entered the battlefield.

Li Yueming’s awkward situation was greatly alleviated. Li Yueming also took this opportunity to recover from his injuries and quickly pull up his combat strength as soon as possible.

However, Li Yueming’s presence was too conspicuous.

The only variable in this battle was him.

As for the rest, be it the spirit wolf or the giant bear, they did not have the overwhelming strength of Li Yueming.

Therefore, the remaining ancestors obviously wouldn’t give Li Yueming a chance to recover.

To be on the safe side, they surrounded the Spirit Wolf and released Ji Fengyue, who was the most powerful among them. Together with the other two Great Qin’s Great Destruction Peak Stage Ancestors and Great Ming Peak Stage Ancestor, they rushed over to kill Li Yueming.

Looking at Ji Fengyue and Great Qin’s Old Ancestor getting closer and closer, Li Yueming took a deep breath. Even though he had not fully recovered from his injuries, he still had the strength to fight.

Just as he was about to rush out to see if he could find any fighter aircraft.

A snow-white figure suddenly appeared in front of Li Yueming.

The little fox glanced at Li Yueming and did not say anything. She turned her head to look at Ji Fengyue and the others and said,”Don’t you think too little of me?”

Looking at the little fox standing in front of Li Yue, Ji Fengyue and Great Qin’s ancestor paused.

Logically speaking, at such a critical juncture, there was no reason for the ancestors to be distracted and hesitate because of a single sentence. However, they had really stopped now.

There was a hint of fear in his eyes as he looked at the little fox.

However, after a moment of silence, Ji Fengyue still stood up and replied coldly,”There hasn’t been any news about that existence for tens of thousands of years. The Snow Fox King should have been powerless to turn the tide long ago, right?”

“We have no intention of becoming enemies with you, nor do we intend to disturb the rest of the King of the Snow Mountain. However, this brat in front of us is the person ‘he’ personally named to kill after he woke up for a short period of time. He’s also our mortal enemy…”

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