Following a Hundred Years of Cultivation, I'm dying Before I Got Cheats Chapter 680: Full-Scale Assault, Attacking the Central Plain

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Chapter 680: Full-Scale a.s.sault, Attacking the Central Plain


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“Is this his ultimate fate after falling into demonic madness?”

Jiang Chengxuan couldn’t help but frown.

Looking at Shang Heyun, whose demonic eyes were fixed on him and Shen Ruyan, both of them felt a sense of gravity. It wasn’t that the demonized Shang Heyun posed any threat to them, but rather the changes in this world had exceeded their expectations.

It seemed that they could not wait any longer after this matter.

They had to wipe out all the enemies as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, without even needing the intervention of that ent.i.ty from the outer world, the Nine Essences Cultivation World might collapse internally.

With this in mind, Jiang Chengxuan didn’t hold back any longer.

He raised his hand and waved.

There was a clang.

The Level 6 Pure Yang True Treasure, the Demoncleaver Spirit Sword, suddenly transformed into a brilliant sword light.

In a flash, it pierced through Shang Heyun’s forehead.

Instantly, the demonic flames surrounding him extinguished, and his body shattered under the sword light of the Demoncleaver Spirit Sword.

Just before his annihilation, Shang Heyun seemed to regain a sense of his own consciousness, his eyes revealing a deep regret.

“We were wrong, all our choices were wrong!”


With his last words, Shang Heyun’s entire body was completely engulfed by the sword light of the Demoncleaver Spirit Sword.

After some time,

Inside the Rising Sun Hall.

Jiang Chengxuan looked at Blue Moon and Kong Ming, saying solemnly,

“Both of you, you must be very clear about the current situation in our Nine Essences Cultivation World.

For us, there’s not much time left.

If possible, we need to put all our efforts into cleansing the Eastern End as quickly as possible.

Especially the four major Soul Formation forces and those forces that are loyal to them.

They must all be dealt with.

Do you understand what I mean?”

Blue Moon and Kong Ming exchanged a glance and then nodded in unison.

“Fellow Daoist Jiang, we understand what you mean.

Don’t worry, within a month, we will definitely eliminate all traces of the four Soul Formation forces in the Eastern End.

Especially those hidden demonic cultivators, we won’t let any of them off.”


Jiang Chengxuan nodded in satisfaction.

After that, Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan gave them a few more instructions. They didn’t stay in the Eastern End anymore and soon headed for the Central Plain.

At this moment, Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan realized that if they didn’t quickly resolve all the unstable elements within the Nine Essences Cultivation World, their entire Nine Essences Cultivation World would probably face an apocalypse in advance.

At that time.

Not only them, but all beings in the Nine Essences Cultivation World would be marching towards a common end.


This time, Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan had made up their minds to completely annihilate all forces in the Central Plain that were connected to the ent.i.ty from the outer world, including the demon race.



When Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan appeared at the border of the Central Plain, numerous wars.h.i.+ps flew towards them from not far away.

On those wars.h.i.+ps.

Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean, Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain, Heavenly Lord Xuan Yang, Dongfang Tianxing, Murong Xian, and the other five Soul Formation Heavenly Lords were also present.

In the recent past.

The couple had brought out the entire foundations of the Northern Border and Western Desert.

At this time, it was clear to everyone present that the time for a desperate battle had arrived.

If they could not annihilate the forces in the Central Plain and the demon race in the shortest time, staying in their strongholds would be meaningless.

Rather than waiting to be destroyed, it’s better to strike proactively.

Their aim was to catch the enemy off guard.

n fact, Jiang Chengxuan’s move achieved a certain effect.

When Jiang Chengxuan’s army of cultivators appeared in the sight of the major sects and families of the Central Plain, everyone’s face showed disbelief.

n.o.body expected Jiang Chengxuan to make such a decisive move.

They were really going to fight them to the death.

For a moment, chaos erupted in the Central Plain.

Especially those cultivators, families, and sects aware of the power of Jiang Chengxuan and his wife were unable to hide their fear.

Inside the Great Ling Imperial Palace.

The current Emperor of Great Ling had a livid expression.

He looked at the ministers below and asked with a chilling voice,

“Can anyone tell me what exactly is happening?

How could such a major event occur without us receiving any prior information?”

Silence fell below.

Clearly, everyone understood that during this process, there must have been a master of calculations who prevented them from foreseeing the heavenly secrets.

In fact, up until now, they still did not know what had happened in the Eastern End.

“Your Majesty, the most important thing now is to think of a way to deal with this battle.”

At this moment, cultivators from Heaven’s Gate Sect suddenly stepped out.

He continued, “In my opinion, we need to contact the demon race immediately and get them to head to the Northern Border and the Western Desert to attack their rear.

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