My Husband and I Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies to Farm Chapter 882 Lantern Festival (1)

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Chapter 882: Chapter 882 Lantern Festival (1)


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The two of them chatted for a while. In the end, Zhou Ying finally knew why Gu Wanning was sighing.

In two days, which was the 17th, King Ning would return to the Western Continent with their surrender conditions.

Next was the upcoming concubine selection. However, the Northern and Western Continents sent doc.u.ments stating that they would send beautiful women over during the selection.

Originally, the Emperor had wanted to choose one or two to deal with one of the officials, but now, perhaps four or five.

Most importantly, the women sent over couldn’t be dealt with lightly or heavily. It was difficult for her as the Empress.

Zhou Ying really sympathized with her. With four or five women coming in at once when she was about to give birth, who knew what would happen then?

“I think the Emperor knows what to do about this. If you can’t make up your mind, you can discuss it with the Emperor.

“However, if they go overboard, don’t hold back. Just remember that they are a defeated country.

“No matter how much the Rmperor dotes on them, he won’t let them pa.s.s you.”

Even more so, the Emperor would not let them have children, but she did not say this openly.

“But they represent the Western and Northern Continents.”

“You should indeed be wary if it was just one of them, but it would be easier for you to deal since there are two.”

“Just sit and watch them fight.”

“Anyways. Your urgent task is to guard the Emperor’s three children. Don’t think about anything else.

“Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble.”

Zhou Ying took out two red packets and handed them to her. “These are the two children’s New Year’s money. Before they enter the palace, you must build the Phoenix Palace into an iron bucket as soon as possible.

“Don’t stir trouble, but when trouble comes knocking on your door, you must have the ability to counterattack.

“The Emperor has a lot of things to consider, and he can’t protect everything.”

Gu Wanning understood what she meant after listening to her. She smiled and took the red packets. “Chatting with Sister-in-law is so relaxing.”

“You’re just always steering yourself into a dead end. In the future, you have to be calm and a.n.a.lyze the pros and cons.”


After that, the two of them chatted for a while more. Zhou Ying saw that Gu Wanning had completely let go, so she gave her a few words of advice before leaving the palace with Guoguo.

After lunch, Qiuxiang, Niu Lirong, Chunxiang, and Dongxiang ran in from the kitchen. “Mistress, we want to take half a day off. We’ll go out and look at the lanterns tonight.”

“Sure, but be wary of the demons and ghosts at night. You must travel together and don’t get separated.”

“Yes.” The four of them looked at each other and nodded.

“Go. Be sure to come back before 10:00.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” The four of them responded and retreated.

After a while, Gu Chengrui rushed back and said, “The streets are really lively with many kinds of lanterns. Let’s take Guoguo out for a walk tonight.”

“Definitely. I heard that it hasn’t been held for seven years. People have been working hard to prepare this year.” Zhou Ying hesitated for a moment. “Let’s ask the manor to prepare dinner early. We’ll leave early and return early after we’re done eating.”

“Alright, bringing Guoguo along for dinner outside is inconvenient.” Gu Chengrui nodded in agreement.

Otherwise, if something happened, he would regret it to death.

They did not expect that just as they put down their rice bowls, the Emperor walked in with Gu Wanning.

The couple immediately stood up and bowed together with Gu Chenglin.

“Your Majesty, Wanning, don’t tell me you want to join in the fun too.” Gu Chengrui asked after he got up..

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