After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! Chapter 693: Misty

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Chapter 693: Misty


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With Sophie already gaining a lot of support, the palace was in an uproar. Henry and John’s argument was on the table.

Every day, the two of them would argue whenever they saw each other, but they always had to sit together, as if they could win the battle for the throne. It was a headache to watch.

William and Mary also realized that this was not good. They wanted to persuade their fathers not to worry about such a small matter, but the two of them did not listen at all.

When Jiang An heard this, she smiled. “When people get older, they will fall into a situation where they think that they are always right and won’t listen to others at all.”

Obviously, Henry and John were like this, and the two of them did not notice the change in themselves at all.

Annie had no time to care about these two people. She was busy going out and socializing every day. She thought that as long as she pulled more people to her side, she could s.n.a.t.c.h the throne.

There were even foreigners among these people. They were here on behalf of their country. Annie had promised a lot of unrealistic things.

Sophie did not take it to heart. As long as she succeeded in becoming queen, her mother’s promises would become empty.

The three main figures fighting for the throne were busy, so the others could not stay idle.

Allen and Jason did everything they could to become Jiang An’s lovers as soon as possible so that they could win support for their father.

However, Jiang An’s att.i.tude suddenly turned cold, as if she was not interested in anyone. This made the two of them a little confused.

Sophie, on the other hand, went in and out of the hotel every day openly.

“William, do you think Jiang An has decided to support Annie?” Henry asked uneasily.

“That’s possible,” William a.n.a.lyzed. “But she didn’t show her support for Princess Annie. She’s just meeting with Princess Sophie. It doesn’t seem like she really made a choice.”

Henry grew anxious. “Then what exactly do you think she means?”

William could not see clearly either. Every step Jiang An had taken was beyond his expectations. It seemed like nothing had been done, but the royal family was already in chaos because of her.

William suddenly realized something very terrible. “Could she be lying to us about Annie?”

Thinking about what she had done since she came to Country F, every single thing had worsened the relations.h.i.+p between Henry and John. Even now, in this state of intense argument, Annie had become the biggest beneficiary.

“You shouldn’t be arguing with Uncle John now, Papa,” William said. “We have to deal with Annie together.”

The next day, Henry and John became harmonious and loving again, as if the previous argument had been an illusion. Annie could not help but ask Sophie, “What’s wrong with them? Could it be that men have menopause too?”

Sophie looked at Annie. “They’re not menopausing, Mom. They’ve decided to take you out first.”

Annie looked surprised. In her opinion, she had not grown to this point. After all, other than meeting some people, she had not done much.

However, human thoughts could not be explained by logic. If the two people opposite suddenly wanted to deal with her, she could only take the attack.

The three of them were filled with hostility, as if they were going to take out rocks and smash each other to death in the next second.

William and Mary also turned on Sophie, trying to make things difficult for her, only to be rebuffed.

After all, Sophie had been trained by the Jiang family and had seen all kinds of methods during her years outside.

Although the two of them were good at scheming, they had only lived in the palace and had not experienced much. They were really not Sophie’s match.

Moreover, with Jiang An’s support behind Sophie, the Zou family’s secret guards would take care of her. Even if these two people came up with any bad ideas, they would be seen through.

In the end, William and Anne began to doubt themselves. How did Sophie manage to dodge these?

Sophie told Jiang An everything. She was puzzled. “These two people actually know so much. They can even drug someone. I really don’t know where they learned it from.”

Sophie didn’t understand either. “The two of them were educated by the royal family, but they only have such tricks in their minds. How shameless.”

“They must have used this method to win before, so they think that this method is very useful,” Zou Bai a.n.a.lyzed. “Then, they were so immersed in it that they couldn’t extricate themselves. They didn’t reflect at all. How despicable it is to do this.”

After all, Sophie was not a mortal enemy. If they wanted the throne, they had to rely on their own abilities to s.n.a.t.c.h it. If they used such shady methods, would they do the same when solving national affairs?

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