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Chapter 884: Our Generation’s Model


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“She has to serve her difficult mother-in-law and take care of her three children. The only source of income for her family is the few acres of land. My biological father was an official worker at the railway bureau at that time. He earned 600 yuan a month. Logically speaking, the three of us should be living a good life.”

“Six hundred yuan? That was a big number in the 90s.” Zhou Hang was a little surprised.

Ji Zi’ang smiled faintly. “Yes, 600 yuan was a lot in those days. It was my tuition for a year. However, not a single cent of that money went to my mother, and it was rarely spent on the three of us. I will always remember that one autumn before school reopened, my mother took me to borrow money for my tuition. She carefully smiled. The money accidentally fell to the ground, and she carefully picked it up. At that time, I swore that when I grew up, I would be filial to my mother and not let her live those days of being at the mercy of others.”

In front of the television, Li Xu’s eyes were red.

Zhang Kun reached out and put his arm around her shoulder, comforting her silently.

Ji Zixuan and Huang Weiwei were also watching.

Huang Weiwei was emotional, and her eyes were red. She looked up and blinked quickly to stop her tears from flowing.

When she met Ji Zixuan, her parents-in-law already had their own careers, and the family did not lack money.

After they got together, he would tell her about his childhood.

However, most of them talked about happy and meaningful things.

He had never told anyone about such a sad thing before.

Ji Zixuan’s expression softened as he stared at Ji Zi’ang on the television.

It was as if they were looking at their childhood through him.

“It’s not easy to make this decision. Auntie is worthy of our admiration. What happened after that?”

“Later, two months after my mother’s divorce, she received a wedding invitation from my biological father. My mother brought us three siblings to attend the wedding. At that time, the bride was already at least three months pregnant.”

Zhou Hang widened his eyes.

“My mother was originally a very introverted person. In order to make money, she braced herself and started a business. She sold vegetables in the market and woke up at six o’clock every morning…”

Ji Zi’ang’s words were very detailed, describing the days when the four of them supported each other in a very touching manner.

Even Zhou Hang, who was on TV, had tears in his eyes.

“The three of us are very lucky that my mother was able to meet my adoptive father. My Big Brother had a child last September. The child took my adoptive father’s surname. Moreover…”

Ji Zi’ang paused for a moment and lifted his clothes.

“There’s a scar here,” he pointed at himself. “It’s from when I donated my liver to my adoptive father.”

He put down his clothes and stared at the camera. “But I don’t want to give a single cent to people who treat me badly. I’m not afraid of others scolding me, and I don’t have any old feelings to remember.”

After the show ended, Cheng Shuqin turned off the TV.

In the living room, everyone was silent.

Tangtang did not know about Ji Jianguo, so she only knew a little about what Ji Zi’ang said on television.

She only understood that her mother had lived a very poor life when she was young.

She turned around and hugged Ji Yuanyuan’s neck.

She patted Ji Yuanyuan’s back gently like a little adult. “Mom, I’m going to earn a lot of money in the future. I’ll buy you anything you want to eat.”

Ji Yuanyuan could not help but laugh. She returned the favor to her daughter and said gently, “Mommy doesn’t want Tangtang to earn a lot of money. Mommy only wants Tangtang to be happy every day.”

“But…” Tangtang still wanted to say something.

Qin Mucheng continued, “Daddy has a lot of money now. Daddy will buy whatever Mommy wants to eat. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Tangtang looked at Qin Mucheng angrily. “Hmph!”

Cheng Shuqin laughed. “Why are you arguing with Tangtang? Do you think you’re still young? You’re already thirty-one years old.”

Tangtang heard this and imitated Cheng Shuqin’s tone. “Sigh, Daddy is so old!”

As she spoke, she burrowed into Ji Yuanyuan’s embrace.

Ji Yuanyuan lowered her head and looked at her phone.

Cheng Shuqin called out to Tangtang. “Come to Grandma. Sleep with Grandma tonight, okay?”

Tangtang ran to Cheng Shuqin’s side and thought for a while before nodding.

Cheng Shuqin quickly took Tangtang away.

Only Ji Yuanyuan and Qin Mucheng were left in the living room.

Qin Mucheng moved closer to Ji Yuanyuan. “What are you looking at?”

Ji Yuanyuan opened the trending search list of a certain app. “Could it be that you’re involved in this?”

Less than 20 minutes after the show ended, the topics ‘Ji Zi’ang donated liver’; ‘divorced for two months, child for three months’; and ‘what can 600 yuan buy in the 1990s’ quickly dominated the trending searches.

Ji Yuanyuan did not believe that there was no one who had added fuel to the fire.

Qin Mucheng immediately raised his hand and swore. “No, I definitely didn’t do anything.”

He put down his hand. “But, aren’t you underestimating Lin Zhi too much?” “Hmm?” Ji Yuanyuan raised her head.

“It’s just buying a few trending searches. Do you still need me to do anything? Lin Zhi isn’t that poor. This bit of money is just a drop in the ocean to him.” “Then who is richer, you or Lin Zhi?” Ji Yuanyuan blinked and asked.

Qin Mucheng’s lips twitched. “That’s still Lin Zhi.”

“Really?” Ji Yuanyuan was a little surprised.

“It’s true.” Qin Mucheng nodded seriously. “Isn’t our family’s money with you? I don’t have money.”

“Crying about being poor?” Ji Yuanyuan laughed. “Do you want me to return the financial power to you?”

Qin Mucheng quickly shook his head.” I’ve asked a master to calculate. As long as I listen to my wife, I’ll be prosperous for the rest of my life.”

Ji Yuanyuan burst out laughing at Qin Mucheng’s teasing.

After laughing, she remembered to look at the trending searches.

She clicked on one of the topics and scrolled down. The comments were two levels different from a few days ago.

“When he was young, he spent all his money on his mistress. Now that he’s old, he’s looking for his ex-wife’s son to retire. Such a man is really disgusting.”

“It seems like that Ji guy’s uremia is karma. I apologize for scolding Ji Zi’ang a few days ago.”

“If it were me, I would be like Ji Zi’ang.”

“Sisters, didn’t anyone notice his abs? He must be very powerful, right?”

“His mother is really good. She raised him to be tall and handsome.”

“I’m Ji Zi’ang’s primary school cla.s.smate. I can testify that what he said is true. The incident with his father back then caused a ruckus in our village. Even now, people are still chatting about it. Not long after his father and his mistress got married, he resigned and went to the South, saying that he wanted to make a lot of money. In the end, the mistress took all the money and owed the bank a lot of money. She hid outside for a long time.”

“Ji Zi’ang’s mother is really a role model for us. Do you know the name of the supermarket that she owns? I want to support her business.”

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