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Chapter 883: Widow Marriage


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When Lin Zhi saw Gu Zhiyan’s guilty expression, he knew what was going on.

The moment he thought about the things between him and Gu Zhiyan that could not be told to outsiders, Ji Yuanyuan might know about it, his eyes gradually became dark and unclear.

Seeing this, Gu Zhiyan subconsciously wanted to escape, but before she could take two steps, Lin Zhi grabbed her waist.

She was forced to lean into Lin Zhi’s arms, her expression still awkward. “I know what to say. I told her what I could say, and I won’t say what I shouldn’t.” “Heh, do you think I’ll believe you?” Lin Zhi sneered.

Gu Zhiyan blinked her eyes. Her expression was very sincere.

Lin Zhi’s expression was still cold. “If you don’t believe me, you have to compensate me.”

When Gu Zhiyan thought of Lin Zhi’s so-called compensation, she subconsciously touched her waist.

A few hours later, Ji Yuanyuan found out from Gu Zhiyan that Qi Huanhuan had gone to look for Ji Zi’ang.

She only had one sentence for him. “Men can be cheap sometimes. They don’t cherish you when they’re by your side. It’s too late to redeem yourself when you hurt them.”

Qin Mucheng naturally objected to Ji Yuanyuan’s words.

“You can’t make the same mistake. I’m different from those men who don’t know how to cherish you.”

Ji Yuanyuan smiled and reached out to touch Qin Mucheng’s face. “Of course. How can Ji Zi’ang compare to you?”

Qin Mucheng pursed his lips and could not hide the smile on his face.

Ji Yuanyuan also laughed. This fellow was really too easy to coax.

The love brain was referring to him, right?

A few nice words could make him happy for an entire day.

Because of this matter, not only she but even Qin Mucheng had to stay out of the limelight.

Some reporters had already gone to look for Shenghe.

For the next few days, Qin Mucheng had to stay at home like her.

Qin Mucheng was not unhappy at all. On the contrary, he seemed to be enjoying this kind of life.

Ji Yuanyuan was about to say something when her phone rang.

It was Lin Nan.

Because of Ji Zi’ang’s matter, Ji Yuanyuan’s phone had not stopped ringing for the past few days.

It was always her friends who came to care about her condition and took the initiative to ask if she needed help.

Although they couldn’t help much, she was already very heartwarming that they had the heart to call and care for her.

After talking to Lin Nan for a while, a video call from the family group arrived.

It was Ji Zi’ang who had initiated it. He probably had something to discuss with them.

“Then I won’t talk to you for the time being. My second brother called me.” Ji Yuanyuan quickly said to Lin Nan.

“Go ahead and do your work. Call me anytime if you need anything,” Lin Nan immediately said.

After saying that, she immediately hung up the phone.

Ji Yuanyuan picked up the call.

His elder brother, sister-in-law, and parents were also in the video.

Ji Zi’ang briefly told his family about Zhou Hang’s invitation to partic.i.p.ate in the show. Then, he asked awkwardly, “I’m not sure if I should go on the show.”

Li Xu was the first to speak. “Go, of course, we have to go. We had to let everyone know the truth and Ji Jianguo’s true colors. We didn’t do anything wrong. We can’t suffer such grievances for no reason.”

Ji Zixuan thought about it and agreed. “I support you too. Although the process of opening the wound is painful, it’s better than letting the wound bleed again and again.”

“No matter how bad the situation is, it can’t be worse than now.” Zhang Kun whispered.

When it came to matters involving Ji Jianguo, Zhang Kun rarely expressed his views.

After all, his ident.i.ty was a little awkward. He was only the stepfather, and Ji Jianguo was the biological father of the two children.

Blood was thicker than water. There was always a reason.

But this time, Ji Jianguo had gone too far.

How could he not know that what he did might ruin the children’s work and lives?

But he didn’t care about all this. He wanted to use the media and the public to force Li Xu, the children, and him to give him money.

In his eyes, money was the most important thing.

He had turned black into white, proving that he had no remorse for what had happened back then.

“I’m sorry,” Ji Zi’ang said guiltily.

“This matter is not your fault. “Ji Yuanyuan said very seriously, “He’s just using your fame to make trouble. It could be you, me, or big brother.”

Ji Zi’ang nodded.

Since everyone was in support, there was nothing for him to be conflicted about.

He quickly made a decision. He agreed to the invitation to the show.

The production team was very supportive. Taking advantage of the current popularity of this matter, they arranged for Ji Zi’ang to record the show on the third day.

After the recording was done, he set aside two days for editing and post-production.

Then, at eight o’clock in the evening on the weekend, the program went online.

Ji Yuanyuan was not interested in these programs, so she never watched them.

Occasionally, she would see it on the news, but it was just a flash.

As soon as the show started, Zhou Hang and Ji Zi’ang appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

As a former host of Central TV, Zhou Hang had a square-shaped face that looked like a peaceful country. One look at him gave people a sense of security.

Ji Zi’ang’s temperament was the complete opposite of his. One look and one could tell that he was a fellow who often caused trouble and was a ruffian.

Tangtang widened her eyes and jumped into Ji Yuanyuan’s arms excitedly. “Mom, help me take a photo. When I get back to school, I want to show it to Zhou Xiaoran. She said that her mother is a celebrity and will often appear on TV. My second uncle is also a celebrity. He’s definitely better looking than her mother.”

Ji Yuanyuan stared at the television and took out her phone to take a picture for Tangtang perfunctorily.

“Mommy, print out the photos.” Tangtang pulled Ji Yuanyuan’s hand.

Seeing this, Qin Mucheng could only step forward to help Ji Yuanyuan. “Daddy will take you to print the photos.”

Tangtang stood up and followed Qin Mucheng to the study.

After the photo was printed, Tangtang ran upstairs and carefully put it into her bag.

When they were done, Qin Mucheng brought her downstairs. On the television, Ji Zi’ang was already speaking with confidence. “Indeed, my mother is a woman with very advanced thinking. In the 1990s, it seems that people rarely get divorced, especially in the countryside.”

Zhou Hang listened attentively with a smile on his face.

“Yes,” he said gently, “1990 is indeed rare. Auntie must have her own difficulties. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made such a decision.”

His pure broadcasting accent made people feel comfortable listening to him.

“Now, there’s a term that I don’t know if you’ve heard of before.”

“Oh? Which word is it?”

“My sister told me that this is called widowed marriage.”

Zhou Hang was obviously stunned for a moment before he smiled bitterly. “I’ve never heard of it before, but this term is very easy to understand. I roughly understand what it means.”

“A widowed marriage is when one of the husband and wife does not bear any family responsibilities at all, and the other party is like a widow. My mother has been in this state for a long time..”

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