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Chapter 1282  Suppressed in the Magus Repository


At this moment, the indignation, anger, confusion, helplessness, and other negative emotions in Ji Dongzi's heart couldn't be suppressed and churned in his mind.

He couldn't understand. The iron chains that bound the Immemorial Heavenly Dao under his huge sacrifice should have had earth-shattering might.

He wasn't the first member of the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race to use the iron chains. In reality, borrowing the power of the iron chains through sacrifice was originally a talent unique to the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race.

However, because the price of using it was too great and there had to be enough sacrifices, few people chose to use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Moreover, the iron chain attracted by this technique wasn't real and was only a projection.

Although that was the case, every time this great divine ability that belonged to the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race was displayed in the world, it would always show extremely lethality.

Very few people could block this move.

However, today, not only did this chain projection he had exchanged for through sacrifice not kill Xu Qing, but the latter seemingly gained a huge benefit.

This made Ji Dongzi feel aggrieved.

This was especially so when he saw Xu Qing's current appearance. He sensed that Xu Qing's aura had clearly surpa.s.sed earlier.

The strangeness of this matter wasn't within his understanding, so while he felt that it was unbelievable, he also felt a sense of loss.

He didn't understand why this was the case.

The feeling of risking everything, sacrificing the Heavenly Daos, life force, and cultivation base to benefit the other party caused Ji Dongzi's chest to feel intense pain and he spat out another large mouthful of blood.

Xu Qing's words caused Ji Dongzi's eyes to turn red. At this moment, his killing intent had already surpa.s.sed the desire to survive.

He was aware that he would definitely be unable to escape calamity this time around. Unless a G.o.d personally came, the possibility of him surviving this battle was extremely slim.

As a great heaven's chosen of the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race, he naturally understood G.o.ds very well. He also understood that this was almost impossible.

The Grand Hunt was the same as nurturing Gu, so how could there be a rescue?

G.o.ds were high and mighty and had no emotions.

Hence, in this hunt, whether he lived or died, he had to rely on himself to fight for it.

"Since that's the case…"

Ji Dongzi laughed bitterly and decided not to flee anymore. Instead, he stared fixedly at Xu Qing. The madness in his expression suddenly erupted as he gritted his teeth fiercely.

As the rumbling echoed, a dangerous aura rose from Ji Dongzi's body.

Accompanied by terrifying fluctuations, it spread in all directions with him as the center.

The source of all these changes came from his sea of consciousness!

The 96 divine tablets in his sea of consciousness shook in unison. The faces of the dead G.o.ds appeared on them and let out furious roars from the underworld.

When it landed in the human world, it formed a huge vortex that rumbled as it spun around Ji Dongzi.

The sound grew louder.

The pulling force also became increasingly violent.

In an instant, the sky turned from red to dark and the ground became blurry, as though it had become a dark sea.

The entire world seemed to have fallen into darkness. Waves of ancient murmurs echoed from the darkness.

As for Ji Dongzi, who was in the center of this vortex, the dangerous aura on his body grew stronger and stronger. In the blink of an eye, cracking sounds rang out from his body.

It began to collapse.

The soul of Ji Dongzi hidden in the 96 divine tablets suddenly flickered. Under Ji Dongzi's shout, the true soul collapsed on its own and transformed into a violent force that affected all the divine tablets.

His true soul was the core of his sea of consciousness. The destruction of his soul could affect everything.

It was as though his body wouldn't be able to withstand this eruption.

However, he didn't care.

After sacrificing the Heavenly Dao, life force, and cultivation, he still had his soul left.

The soul of Ji Dongzi hidden in the 96 divine tablets suddenly flickered. Under Ji Dongzi's shout, the true soul collapsed on its own and transformed into a violent force that affected all the divine tablets.

His true soul was the core of his sea of consciousness. The destruction of his soul could affect everything.

Hence, under its stimulation, the divine tablets that were already shaking trembled even more intensely.

At the next instant, they each emitted a sacred golden light that pierced through Ji Dongzi's broken body.

One after another, they were reflected in the sky.

From afar, in the dim world, a total of 95 golden lights shot into the sky, transforming into 95 huge divine tablets.

They floated in all directions, emanating the power of annihilation, then coalesced together to form a gigantic closed-eyed visage.

The visage was grotesque, lacking distinct humanoid features and resembling more like insects, sending s.h.i.+vers down one's spine.

At the same time, Ji Dongzi's body was at the end of its rope. Before it turned to ashes, he cast a final glance at Xu Qing with a smirk on his face.

"I'll be waiting for you in the underworld."

With that, everything about him dissipated.

Only the immense face remained, looming in the sky.

Its eyes moved slightly before they suddenly opened.

The void stirred up an ancient wind, blowing decay and death into the world.

It landed on Xu Qing.

The world lost its color and mutations immediately appeared on Xu Qing's body.

However, Xu Qing was no longer the same as back then. He had faced G.o.ds many times, causing him to already possess a certain level of resistance. At the same time, his fourth G.o.d form was also a divine existence.

When it came to resisting the influence of the mutations, one way was to remove the mutated parts. At the next moment, as Xu Qing's body swayed, all the mutated parts on his body actually burned on their own and finally disintegrated into soul threads.

Then, he looked up at the vast face in the sky, with a glint in his eyes.

His scrutiny seemed to commit a sacrilege, drawing the wrath of the G.o.ds. Consequently, the face opened its mouth and suddenly sucked towards Xu Qing.

The world collapsed and the void exploded. A huge suction force erupted from everywhere, enveloping Xu Qing.

Xu Qing couldn't control his body. Under this suction force, he rapidly got closer to the vast face, as though he was going to be devoured.

This was Ji Dongzi's final trump card.

Sacrificing his soul in exchange for the revival of all the divine tablets to a certain extent, in order to perish together with Xu Qing!

This was the only method he could think of now.

It was impossible for the G.o.ds to come and save him.

If he died, so be it.

However, if he displayed his value and determination at the moment of death, it wasn't impossible for the G.o.ds to be satisfied and revive him in the future.

Whether the G.o.ds were satisfied or not, no one knew. However, Xu Qing's gaze was colorful and he was fully satisfied.

All of this was what he wanted to see.

In the battle with Ji Dongzi a few months ago, he knew how strange the other party's sea of consciousness was. The over 90 divine tablets with the carvings of the dead G.o.ds reflected in the Fis.h.i.+ng the Moon From the Well were still vivid in his mind.

At that time, he didn't know why.

However, after understanding the content of the Jiuli's memory fragments and seeing the history back then, he was clear about the origins of those divine tablets.

Those were the G.o.ds who had died during the battle with the magi.

Even if They were died and didn't possess the might They had when alive, since They could appear in Ji Dongzi's sea of consciousness and transform into his powerful foundation, Xu Qing felt that They should be able to be placed in his magus repository and become nutrients.

The prerequisite was that these divine tablets were activated.

For example, now.

"The divine tablets made from the dead G.o.ds are only tablets. In the end… They have all died!"

If They were really 95 G.o.ds, Xu Qing might have died with just one glance at Them.

However, Xu Qing felt he could try to suppress these divine tablets made from dead G.o.ds.

The instant he got close to the vast face, the Purple Moon behind him emitted a monstrous purple light. Countless murmurs echoed as it resisted the face.

The soul threads that formed the fourth G.o.d form suddenly squirmed and spread out along Xu Qing's raised right hand.

A sea of soul threads that surpa.s.sed the size of the face formed between Xu Qing and the vast face.

The suction force paused and a dark glint flashed in Xu Qing's eyes. He lifted his right hand and pinched the soul sea that was blocking the face.

Immediately, the sea formed by millions of soul threads rumbled. Waves surged endlessly and rushed toward the vast face with the momentum of enveloping it.

The soul threads coiled around the face and rapidly contracted, wanting to suppress it.

The vast face seemed to be without life and dead silent. However, when it opened its mouth, it no longer inhaled but spat out golden fog toward the sea of soul threads.

This fog instantly came into contact with the sea of soul threads. It was extremely corrosive and Xu Qing immediately sensed that the soul threads were disappearing one by one.

At the same time, the features of the face turned blurry and overlapping shadows appeared, as though it wanted to take the opportunity to leave the shackles of the sea of soul threads.

It also emitted 95 golden beams of light that were like 95 golden spears that headed in all directions. Wherever they pa.s.sed, they would destroy everything, and even the soul threads couldn't stop them.

However, how could Xu Qing let this vast face have its way? At that moment, he lifted his hand and grabbed. Immediately, the blood sphere that had stopped in the air because of the appearance of the Immemorial Heavenly Dao also arrived. It spread out, forming a sea of blood that enveloped the outer perimeter of the sea of soul threads.

It coordinated with the soul threads to form a double encirclement and shrink together to suppress the vast face.

At the same time, he took a deep breath and leaped into the air, sitting cross-legged. He placed his hands in front of his knees and lowered his forehead slightly. The ring-shaped magus mark on his forehead flickered slightly.

He silently called out.

"Ancestral Magus!"

Immediately, the Jiuli Magus Armor on his body shook. Endless gray fog spread out crazily from within, instantly enveloping Xu Qing and spreading in all directions, covering a vast area.

As for Xu Qing's body, although it was drowned in the gray fog, as the fog churned, a majestic figure that was like a mountain could be faintly seen in the fog!

Back then, this figure guarded the race for ten thousand years outside the G.o.d Killing Array. Later on, it became the dust of history and few remembered it.

But now, it had appeared again.

It was the true ancestral magus form of the Mystic Heaven Great Magus.

Accompanying it was a supreme aura that shocked the world.

It shook the Mountains and Seas Region, causing the world of this region to rumble. Countless ferocious beasts wailed and the bloodlines of countless cultivators were also affected, raising the intention to wors.h.i.+p.

However, it was a pity that this majestic figure was still blurry, giving off the feeling that it was only half formed.

But its might was still peerless. After it appeared, it ruthlessly pressed down on the vast face that was trapped by Xu Qing.

With a boom, the vast face dissipated and transformed into 95 divine tablets again. They were about to rea.s.semble but it was too late.

The million soul threads, the 50,000-kilometer-long sea of blood, and the half-ancestral magus form combined to form an absolute pressure.

Amidst the rumbling sounds, the gray fog also enveloped the figure. From afar, it looked like it had become one with the figure.

A while later, the fog dissipated and Xu Qing's cross-legged figure appeared in the air.

The vast face was gone.

It appeared in Xu Qing's sea of consciousness and was suppressed under the land of the magus repository.

It became a huge nourishment for the activation of the ancestral magus form!

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