I Maximize My Item-dropping Rate Chapter 803: Divine Anger (1)

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Chapter 803: Divine Anger (1)


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These G.o.ds were G.o.ds outside of the Tianwu Continent. Although their intention in appearing on the Tianwu Continent was to help martial artists with potential and apt.i.tude in the Tianwu Continent advance to Martial G.o.d, this was only the surface that they revealed.

No one knew what they’re actually plotting.

After Xiao s.h.i.+ understood the situation of these High G.o.ds, he instinctively wanted to stay away. He did not want to have anything to do with these G.o.ds. He did not want to become a divine envoy either.

Yan Huagu sighed. He understood Xiao s.h.i.+’s concerns. Back then, he had been forced to a dead end, which was why he had chosen to become a divine envoy. Including the Martial Emperor, he only became a divine envoy when he had no other choice.

They all knew that there were certain hidden dangers and risks. But they had to take this risk. Especially now that they were enemies. Once one of them chose to become a divine envoy, if the other party did not have the help of a G.o.d, they would definitely be extremely pa.s.sive. Moreover, the Martial Emperor was a powerful enemy that they couldn’t deal with.

“Although there might be some future trouble after becoming a divine envoy, without the power of a High G.o.d, even if the three of you join forces, you definitely won’t be able to resist the Martial Emperor.” Yan Huagu said earnestly.

Xiao s.h.i.+ naturally understood this logic. In the Tianwu Continent, High G.o.ds were already an important existence that could not be ignored. This could be seen from the fact that a demiG.o.d with the power of a High G.o.d could suppress and seal an era and kill experts who were also demiG.o.ds.

However, Xiao s.h.i.+ was worried of becoming the puppet and tool of those G.o.ds once he became one. He could not help but ask the other party. “Senior, can you tell me what will happen after I become a divine envoy? Also, I need to know more information about the High G.o.d.” He had to understand the High G.o.d sufficiently before deciding if he wanted to become a divine envoy.

Yan Huagu nodded. He told Xiao s.h.i.+ everything he knew about the High G.o.d. “As far as I know, currently, there are two High G.o.ds on the Tianwu Continent. These two G.o.ds represent the two worlds outside the Tianwu Continent. The relations.h.i.+p between these two G.o.ds is not a rapprochement. They are compet.i.tive and hostile to each other.

“For example, after I become the divine envoy of Evernight, High G.o.d Blood Sacrifice will no longer choose me and will treat me as an enemy. He will do everything he can to stop me from becoming the Martial G.o.d.

“Be it Evernight or Blood Sacrifice, their goal on the Tianwu Continent is to support and nurture a Martial G.o.d. What I heard from High G.o.d Evernight is that these two High G.o.ds urgently need an ally. Only by becoming Martial G.o.ds can they be qualified to be their ally.

“But from my personal speculation, the so-called allies are only one-sided. They’re more like subordinates than allies. But I’m sure that firstly, these High G.o.ds can’t enter the Tianwu Continent, so we can eliminate their intentions of invading the Tianwu Continent.

“Secondly, although these High G.o.ds are high and mighty and have unfathomable and terrifying strength, because they are separated by a world, the power they can unleash in our Tianwu Continent is very limited. They are extremely restricted. In addition, what they have in our Tianwu Continent is only a wisp of their divine sense. Therefore, these High G.o.ds can only lend us their strength and can’t directly attack us. They can’t even kill the Martial Entry-Level cultivators in our Tianwu Continent! They are not a threat to us.

“If we have to talk about hidden dangers, I personally think that some unknown hidden danger might only appear after becoming a Martial G.o.d. Before one becomes Martial G.o.ds, they wouldn’t expose their intentions even if they have one. After all, these High G.o.ds are plotting against the Martial G.o.d.”

Xiao s.h.i.+ nodded. He agreed with Yan Huagu’s opinion. Which meant, after becoming a divine envoy, as long as he did not advance to the Martial G.o.d Realm, there would be no danger.

However, Xiao s.h.i.+ was cautious and reliable. Regardless of whether he could advance to the Martial G.o.d Realm in the future, he would be on guard.

Yan Huagu said, “I don’t know much about Blood Sacrifice. But I contact Evernight through a mask. This coffin of mine is also a supreme treasure provided by Evernight.”

A black special mask that seemed to be decorated with the night sky appeared in his hand. After he took out the mask, information about this mask actually appeared in his vision.

[Name: Mask to Meet the G.o.d]

[Type: Mask]

[Grade: Unknown]

[Introduction: Made by High G.o.d Evernight. After wearing it, your consciousness will enter the Evernight Divine Realm and meet Evernight’s special mask.]

[Remark 1: This is an important medium for Evernight to come into contact with the martial artists of the Tianwu Continent.]

[Remark 2: Only those designated by Evernight can enter the Evernight Divine Domain. Even if others obtain the mask, they can’t enter the Evernight Divine Domain.]

Xiao s.h.i.+ narrowed his eyes. He focused on the information on Remark 1.

“Important medium.”

He recalled what Yan Huagu had mentioned earlier. As a G.o.d of another world, Evernight was extremely restricted in this world of the Tianwu Continent.

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