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Chapter 668

The pressure released by a Level 9 Dimension G.o.d was extremely brutal. Even a G.o.d of Destruction couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat when faced with such pressure. Moro’s strength was not even at the Half-G.o.d Level. When he was caught off guard against Muyang, he suddenly felt as if the entire sky had collapsed.





All sorts of unbelievable emotions welled up in his heart. The brilliant might of the heavens made one tremble in fear. Moro wondered if he was dreaming.

Moro bent his body and struggled to resist the G.o.d Power that came from the world. At this moment, Moro was no longer facing Muyang alone. Instead, he was facing the pressure of the entire Universe 7 and even the entire universe. In front of such heavenly might, his weak strength was as insignificant as an ant. It was almost negligible.

Moro’s face was pale, and his voice was extremely weak. “No, how could your strength be so strong!”

“Even Supreme Kai… shouldn’t be so powerful.”

In the original story, with his own ability to absorb energy, Moro could deal with the Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta easily, but now he couldn’t.

“Ignorant!” The voice was cold and full of majesty.

Muyang walked towards Moro. With every step he took, the pressure on his body increased. The atmosphere rolled and golden light flashed. The earth trembled and cracked. When Muyang walked in front of Moro, Moro was already trapped in a huge pit. He didn’t even have the strength to stand.

Supreme Kai’s strength represented Universe 7’s rules. It was a restraint on Moro’s strength. If not for the fact that the Fatty Supreme Kai from 10,000,000 years ago was not as strong as Moro, a mere Moro would have no chance of surviving.

If Moro in the original story faced the real “Super Saiyan G.o.d” like Muqiu instead of Son Goku and Vegeta, then the root would not be able to absorb the energy from the other party.


Moro spat out a mouthful of blood. His expression was terrified, and his spirit became dispirited. He no longer had the arrogance he had before. He was like a stray dog that was in a sorry state. His eyes were filled with deep fear as he looked at Muyang.

“There is actually such a powerful G.o.d in the world!”

He knew that he was going to be defeated.

“No matter how strong you are, evil will be defeated by justice. Because you are facing the sacred and lofty Grand Lord Supreme Kai!”

Zamasu’s face was filled with wors.h.i.+p. It was as if the boat that had lost its way in the dark ocean had suddenly found the lighthouse that it pointed at. Zamasu became excited.

Due to the fact that Muyang’s power was directed at Moro alone, besides feeling a sense of holiness, Zamasui and Birgil were not as terrified as Moro. On the contrary, because of the power that Muyang had displayed, their hearts were filled with confidence.

“Zamasu…” After leisurely looking at Zamasu and seeing the fanaticism on his face, Muyang raised his eyebrows.

“Ten million years! I can’t accept this!” Moro’s eyes suddenly shrank into a black dot as he roared.

Ten million years. It wasn’t easy for him to escape from the Prison Planet. He hadn’t even recovered his energy yet, yet he had encountered such a powerful G.o.d. Moro was furious, but at this time, it was useless. He could only swallow his teeth and his heart couldn’t stop bleeding.

Muyang said, “You can only blame your bad luck for b.u.mping into my hands. No more nonsense, just quietly disappear.”

The palm came down from the top, and a power that could purge everything swept out. As this power appeared, Universe 7’s rules seemed to be suppressed, and they retreated to the sides. This time, even Zamasu felt the terror in it, and his expression could not help but tremble.

“The power of Grand Supreme Kai actually made the entire universe tremble”

With a look of disbelief, Zamasu could not help but shout in his heart.

Zamasu had seen many powerful G.o.ds. His teacher, Gowasu, and Supreme Kai from other universes were all great G.o.ds. However, in Zamasu’s impression, only the G.o.d of Destruction could cause the entire universe to tremble so easily!

No, even the legendary G.o.d of Destruction was not as powerful as Lord Grand Supreme Kai.

Zamasu looked at it with excitement. His eyes were fixed on it. He saw the tall Goat Moro struggling painfully in the power released by Muyang. He screamed miserably, and then his whole body seemed to be broken. From the bottom to the crystal powder, he disappeared completely in the blink of an eye.

This is true death, even the soul will not be left…

Sadly, Moro had not even stepped onto the stage when he had completely disappeared.

“The power of Grand Supreme Kai is far above that of the G.o.d of Destruction.” With this understanding in his heart, Zamasu became even more respectful.

“Zamasu.” Muyang suddenly shouted.

“Lord High G.o.d.” Zamasu waited respectfully for Muyang’s instructions.

“You have changed a lot during you stay in New Planet Namek, especially when New Planet Namek is in danger. As a G.o.d, you have basically met my requirements. Your teacher, Gowasu, will be very pleased to know about it. So today, I will restore your strength. I hope that you can become a qualified Supreme Kai in the future.”

Zamasu listened excitedly, his att.i.tude very sincere.

Muyang continued, “No matter what ideas you have in your heart, remember to maintain a calm heart.”

“As a Supreme Kai, everything must be equal and fair. The world are not benevolent, treating all things like dogs. All things need fairness. You should understand this principle. Do not do things that go against fairness because of inner joy and evil.”

“Yes.” Zamasu respectfully replied.

Muyang nodded. With a wave of his hand, he removed the shackles on Zamasu. A familiar power returned to him. Zamasu bowed deeply to Muyang.

Zamasu was just an insignificant n.o.body to Muyang. Instead of looking at Zamasu, Muyang turned to Birgil. “Because this Goat Moro, Namekian suffered a great disaster. Quickly use the dragon pearl to revive the dead.”

Namekian Elder said worriedly, “The explosion just now destroyed everything within a 100,000 meter radius. I’m worried that one of the Dragon Ball might have been destroyed during the explosion.”

Muyang was stunned for a moment. He spread out his thoughts and quickly captured the situation in the distance. “Don’t worry, that Dragon Ball is fine. The alien just now have already found the Dragon Ball.”

Birgil lsaid, “I’ll go and capture him.”

Muyang said, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

His eyes stared into the void, and a beam of light shot out. The s.p.a.ce in front of him cracked open like gla.s.s. Muyang reached his hand into the deep black hole, and with a grab, the alien who was originally a subordinate of King Cold was pulled out. At the same time, a football-sized Dragon Ball rolled down the ground.

“My lord, please spare my life. Everything was forced by Moro. I don’t want to come to Planet Namek.” The alien prostrated on the ground and wailed.

Birgil frowned and sent out a wave of energy to burn the other party to ashes.

“Elder, inform the other villages to send the Dragon Ball over.”

“Understood.” The chubby elder nodded.

After giving orders to the village elders, Birgil greeted Muyang with a smile. Muyang smiled and followed Birgil to his secluded place. When Zamazu saw Muyang leaving with Birgil, he hesitated for a moment and followed him.

“By the way, how is Piccolo now?”

In the residence where Birgil was living in seclusion, Birgil took out tea to entertain him.

Muyang said, “He has a great improvement in G.o.d Mu Central Star training. You are no longer his match.”

After fusing with the Old Kami, Piccolo had recovered his super innate talent as a combat type Namekian. In the past ten years, his strength had become much deeper, and he was worthy of being called the Super Namekian.

Birgil nodded in satisfaction when he heard this. The truly powerful warriors of the Namekian were only him, Piccolo, and Nail. Even Trea, who had a.s.similated dozens of clansmen, could not be called a combat type Namekian.

Piccolo’s strength made Birgil feel gratified.

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