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Chapter 1314 - 1314 Amba.s.sador of the Core Council

1314 Amba.s.sador of the Core Council

After breaking through to tier nine of the Divine Abilities Stage, there was still a hurdle, which was the peak of the Divine Abilities Stage. Only those who could stimulate the potential of their entire body were qualified to break through to the Core Stage.

At that time, with Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strength, he could basically break through the limit of the half-step Core Stage and enter the Core Stage directly. He wouldn’t need to go through the half-step Core Stage.

The half-step Core Stage was not a stage that one would definitely pa.s.s through. Some people had comprehended some Core Stage techniques, but they had not yet entered the Core Stage. However, not everyone had to go through this stage.

At that time, Chu Yunfan’s strength would undergo an earth-shattering change and reach a new level in one fell swoop. At that time, he would be able to go anywhere in the world.

As soon as Chu Yunfan came out of seclusion, a servant boy who was waiting at the side came forward to inform him that there was a special guest waiting for him.


At this moment, in the residence, Chu Yaowei, who had been very pleased with himself recently, was entertaining a young man in a luxurious robe.

This young man in luxurious robes had a handsome face and a somewhat impatient expression.

Chu Yaowei had a fawning expression on his face.

“Marquis, why hasn’t Chu Yunfan come out yet? Do you want me to continue waiting here?” the young man in the luxurious robe said.

Chu Yaowei revealed a bitter smile and said, “We don’t know. Yunfan went into seclusion, and we don’t know when he will come out.”

“If you delay things, can you afford to be punished?!” the young man in the luxurious robe shouted.

Chu Yaowei, who had been trying to curry favor with the youth, finally showed some anger on his face. He said, “Amba.s.sador Lin, if you want to find him, then go ahead.”

Chu Yaowei finally couldn’t hold back his impatience anymore. If it wasn’t for the fact that the young man in the luxurious robe had an extraordinary ident.i.ty, he would have turned hostile long ago. He was a marquis of the empire. During this period of time, because of Chu Yunfan’s powerful rise, many people fought to curry favor with him.

Now, he was actually being scolded by a guy who was far younger than him. Even when Chu Yunfan was talking to him, Chu Yunfan was very friendly. However, this young man’s strength was far inferior to Chu Yunfan’s, but he used his status to act arrogantly in front of him.

He had been holding it in until now, and he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Chu Yaowei, what are you saying? Are you trying to defy the will of the council?”

The young man in the luxurious robe was used to being high and mighty. With his status, he would be treated courteously wherever he went. Even the princes of Great Wei did not dare to offend him. But now that he was here, he couldn’t see Chu Yunfan, and even Chu Yaowei, who he didn’t care about, dared to throw a tantrum at him.

How could the arrogant him accept this?

“If you want to convey the will of the council to Chu Yunfan, then go ahead. Why are you looking for me? They’re not looking for me,” Chu Yaowei said coldly.

There was a limit to his patience. Although he didn’t want to offend Great Wei’s imperial court, he wasn’t afraid of them either. He just didn’t want to cause trouble.

“Why you…” The young man in the luxurious robe was furious. “Chu Yaowei, think carefully. Do you want to be enemies with the Core Council?”

“I don’t want to be enemies with the Core Council, but you can’t represent the Core Council, can you?” Chu Yaowei glanced at the young man and said casually.

That’s right, this young man in luxurious robes, Amba.s.sador Lin, was the representative sent by the Core Council.

Most people didn’t know about the existence of such a council, but Chu Yaowei, who was Marquis Zhongxin, had heard of the existence of the Core Council.

However, to him, it was also a legendary existence. It was a powerful organization that only accepted Cores as members. Even half-step Cores could only be peripheral members.

However, his cultivation base was still far from the half-step Core Stage. Therefore, the matters of the Core Council were just some random records from the marquis.

From those records, he knew about this organization and how terrifying it was. He didn’t even need to find any concrete examples. It was already very shocking that they only recruited Cores as members.

Other than Great Wei’s imperial court, where else could one find a behemoth that could resist this organization?

That was why he didn’t want to offend Amba.s.sador Lin, who was a representative of the Core Council. However, Amba.s.sador Lin’s overbearing att.i.tude finally infuriated him.

“Very well. Chu Yaowei, you’re just a small marquis. How dare you make an enemy out of the Core Council!”

Amba.s.sador Lin was furious.

“Can I a.s.sume that this is Chu Yunfan’s intention?”

“So what if it’s my intention?”

Just as Amba.s.sador Lin finished speaking, a cold voice sounded. Following this figure, a young man in a black robe slowly walked in.

“Marquis,” the black-robed young man greeted upon entering.

Chu Yaowei’s face immediately revealed a surprised expression. He quickly said, “Yunfan, you’re finally here!”

Only then did Amba.s.sador Lin realize that this black-robed youth was the rumored Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan looked young. He was at most 20 years old. Some people would even believe that he was a teenager as he looked even younger than the rumors claimed.

Amba.s.sador Lin immediately restrained the fury on his face, but there was a hint of jealousy in his eyes. This person was the rumored Chu Yunfan. He was clearly much younger than him, but he could actually alarm the Core Council.

He was slightly older than Chu Yunfan, but he could only be an amba.s.sador of the Core Council. This made the fire of jealousy in his heart burn.

Amba.s.sador Lin had always thought of himself as the number one talent in the world. He could not accept that there was someone who was about the same age as him, but whose strength and status were far above him.

Chu Yunfan nodded and sat on a chair. He looked at Amba.s.sador Lin with a faint smile.

The jealousy in Amba.s.sador Lin’s eyes could not be hidden from his eyes. However, he did not say anything. He was just wondering why the Core Council had sent Amba.s.sador Lin here.

The servant Chu Yaowei sent to inform Chu Yunfan was also a confidant. He had told him everything that needed to be explained, so on the way here, Chu Yunfan learned a lot of things—including about the Core Council.

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