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Chapter 2068  Big Plans

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 17:33

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Air s.p.a.ce

The Field Marshal's stern eyes warned her son to keep quiet and not cause trouble. Meeting his mother's stern gaze Ransom had no choice but to stop trying to break her invisible restraints on him and behave. Being silenced and subdued by his mother, Luna's father was ignored by Wyatt and the Royal Instructor.

Instead, the Royal Instructor locked eyes with Wyatt. Right now, apart from what he said already he was holding back a lot. Yes, he had a lot more to say about Wyatt's c.o.c.kamamie program but fortunately for him, the Field Marshal's timely mental reminder helped him control himself before he could say something that he could not take back. After all, he could bring himself to say those harsh words to Wyatt considering that the young man in front of him was the only one who could help him create a celestial rule domain. Had it been someone else pitching this program to him, the Royal Instructor would have used all his authority and influence in the Southern region to destroy their life and watch the poor sap's life crumble from the front row while enjoying a b.u.t.tered popcorn. Yes, Royal Instructor was that petty. The Southern royal descendants taught by him would vouch for his pettiness. Wyatt understood the Royal Instructor's anger. He thought his anger was justified and also believed that the Royal Instructor had every right to be angry at him. Because if someone were to say that they should give the viltronian b.a.s.t.a.r.d that almost enslaved Earth a second chance then he would react far more strongly than the Royal Instructor. Therefore, he did not take offense to the Royal Instructor's anger and words. Right now the only thing he cared about was using the Royal Instructor to get his Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program started. The reason Wyatt was so keen about getting Royal Instructor and Elite families to back his Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program was not just because with their support the program would be smoothly sailing but also because he needed their support to get his hands on the truly hardcore criminals with extremely dangerous origin cards, physique, traits, skills, and expertise that could prove to be disastrous. Even if Wyatt forces the Southern Royal family to green-light his Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program they will only give him low-level criminals at best. The Southern Royal Court even when not in their right mind would not let out criminal masterminds with the power to destroy cities believing they could change their ways instead of hearting people they would help humanity. For, Wyatt to get his hands on these kinds of criminals his influence alone wasn't enough. After all, these criminals by themselves were weapons of ma.s.s destruction that even the Southern Royal family did not dare to use. Wyatt was sure he wasn't the first to think about using criminals to do the dirty and dangerous work. But seeing how the Southern Royal Family did not have such a squad among its hidden forces it can be seen their attempt had failed. Though the Southern Royal family failed in their attempt they would not just gift wrap and give these criminals to Wyatt. Even if the Southern Royal family wanted to the Southern Royal court would not allow them to and pet.i.tion against it. Therefore, Wyatt needed the Royal Instructor and the Southern Capital's Elite families to back him on this. If it's the combined authority and influence of these powerful people then Wyatt might get access to these criminals. If Wyatt had these people on his side then more than half of the Southern Royal court would be on his side. Then, using his love/hate relations.h.i.+p with the Southern Royal family it would not be difficult for him to gain access to these criminals.

Not to mention Wyatt's ambition did not end with just recruiting the criminals of the Southern Royal family he wanted to get his hands on the most dangerous across all the five regions. Considering how challenging it was for Wyatt to convince his home the Southern Region to support his program, one can only imagine how much resistance the other regions will put up toward Wyatt's program. However, a good review from the elites of the Southern Region would help him a long way. Right now the Southern Region might be a bit behind the other regions but the same was not true for its elites after all they have acc.u.mulated enormous wealth and authority over several generations. These guys were well-connected. They all knew each other, their friends.h.i.+p had grown since their ancestor's period. There might be some disagreement and grievances among them but when it came to securing their wealth and authority with changing times their bond would become stronger than the card world's celestial force. This was how these elite families continue to stay relevant even in the modern world. Without gaining their approval it would be hard for anyone to make a splash in the market. "Royal Instructor, I don't think you mean that. I am sure your martyr friends sacrificed theirs for a better society. A society better than the one they grew up in. So, I also know that they would not want it to just stop there, they would like the society they fought to create to develop further so it can withstand the test of time and evolve into something that everyone can feel a part of. With the Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program I am only planning to help our Society to evolve into a better version of itself.

I don't believe locking up the problem in some dark dungeon is the solution. Just because it is out of your sight doesn't mean the problem is gone. If you continue on the current path someday you will run out of places to lock up your problems. I believe understanding the problem and resolving it at its roots is a better solution." 

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