Card Apprentice Daily Log Chapter 2067 Traitors Of Humanity

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Chapter 2067  Traitors Of Humanity

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 17:31

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Air s.p.a.ce

Wyatt eyed the Royal Instructor who pretended to show interest in his Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program to start a conversation with him in doubt, wondering if he was here on behalf of Anna's mother shouldn't he be asking about the kids from Southern Capital instead of trying to strick up a conversation with him. Thanks to the VR universe Wyatt had gained wealth and fame however he did not let it get to his head knowing he lacked authority and power, therefore he was taken aback to see the infamous Royal Instructor of the Southern Royal Palace was not only being polite to him but actively trying to get on his good side. Having decided to go against Anna's mother, Wyatt was fully aware of the Royal Instructor. After all, he was a major figure in the Southern Region politics considering he was one of its oldest demiG.o.ds alive. When it comes to the Southern Region's history n.o.body would claim to know it better than him, as such was also the Historian of the Southern Region. In terms of strength, even the Field Marshal would not dare to make the mistake of underestimating him. Besides compared to Luna's father who made a clone of himself, the Royal instructor made a better impression on Wyatt. "Wyatt, the Royal Instructor might understand your Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program better with your explanation," The Field Marshal said appearing to help the Royal Instructor's case but she simultaneously used the grimoire text to inform him that the Royal Instructor was interested in his Celestial Rule Domain and might be willing to help him with him Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program in return for its secrets. Wyatt nodded at the Royal Instructor saying, "First off, let me thank you, for showing interest in my Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program. I think with proper motivation people will change." Wyatt paused not knowing what to say about something he, himself, did not believe in. However, the Royal Instructor spoke up, "So, you believe you can give the proper motivation to the criminals to change their ways." It seems even though he wanted to get on Wyatt's good side, the Royal Instructor was p.i.s.sed that a genius like Wyatt would spout such nonsense, his teacher's sense was tingling asking him to flog Wyatt into the right direction however, seeing the overprotective mama bear Field Marshal Heatsend protecting Wyatt with her intent sense, he could only use his words to point Wyatt to the correct direction. "Yes, I do," Wyatt said confidently believing his Calamity Daughter Gems were indeed a good motivation for the criminals to change ways and reintegrate with the world. The Royal Instructor's eyes widened, he did not expect Wyatt to agree with such confidence. He no longer felt that the Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program was Wyatt's whim. He now believed that it was something Wyatt seriously believed in. This caused him to gain interest in what Wyatt had to say about this program because Wyatt wasn't just some random kid but someone who had changed the world with his silver milk powder and VR universe. If someone like him felt so strongly about this program then, the Royal Instructor did not see any harm in hearing him out. While the Royal Instructor began to show some interest in Wyatt's program seeing his confidence, Wyatt was struggling to think of words to convince the Royal Instructor to help him with his Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program. It was not easy to sell something that you do not believe, special when the customer was someone like the Royal Instructor. Wyatt wondered if he should use the same naive 'Everyone deserves a second chance' bulls.h.i.+t approach he used on Diana, Cindy, Cortney, and the Field Marshal. Wyatt did not think someone with the Royal Instructor's experience would even fall for such a narrative when the others did not fall for it but ended up agreeing to his proposal trusting him. 'That is it,' Wyatt was suddenly enlightened on how to sell the Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program to the Royal Instructor. "When I proposed this program to others, everyone said that those criminals do not deserve a second chance. I am not going to debate about that because that will not take us anywhere. However, I believe that I can guide them to salutation. When with proper motivation and guidance a monster can be tamed, I believe it would not be that hard to help the criminals find their way and reintegrate with society. If it's me I can make it a possibility. All, I ask is an opportunity. I want the people to give the Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program a fair shot. As I think with its success the society as a whole will be taking a step forward towards humanity," Wyatt spoke selling his program along with him. He planned to sell the Royal Instructor on him. Just like he had managed to with Diana, Cortney, Cindy, and the Field Marshal. "Hahaha, young people are sheltered these days. Back in my times, when me and my friends risked our lives to protect our world from demons and their minions would never have thought about giving the demon wors.h.i.+pers a second chance talking about humanity and whatnot. Those traitors of humanity do not deserve my humanity," the Royal Instructor laughed trying not to snap at Wyatt while still he could not bring to say anything good about Wyatt's idea, yet ended up making negative remarks about it. The Royal Instructor's anger was understandable considering how Wyatt planned to give the very people the Royal Instructor and his friends fought to put behind bars a second chance. Especially considering that Royal Instrcutor's dead friends would not get a second chance at life because of these traitors of humanity. "I couldn't agree more with you Royal—Ahhh!" Luna's father agreed with the Royal Instructor and wanted to add his thoughts but his mother stopped him in time. After all, mothers loved their youngest the most. 

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