Card Apprentice Daily Log Chapter 1246 Detonating Sword Intent

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Chapter 1246 Detonating Sword Intent

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 11:32

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Sky Blossom City, Guild a.s.sociation Mall, Warehouse No.234


Seeing Corey dodge its other sword by jumping six feet into the air and staying there using the blade of its sword caught between her palms as support the sword spirit was enraged, it felt that Corey was using it as a prop to perform her stunts. Therefore it let go of its sword caught between Corey's palms and retreated before detonating the sword.

As the Sword spirit, let go of the sword, both the sword and Corey were falling to the floor but the sword that was conjured by the Sword spirit using its sword intent exploded taking Corey by surprise. The sword intent exploded on her face and she crashed into the floor. However, Corey appeared to be unharmed apart from small cuts and bruises on her skin, which instantly recovered under the effect of her demon physique.

As the swallow wounds on Corey's skin healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, the Sword Spirit concluded that Corey's physical body was as st.u.r.dy and durable as itself and its swords. Hence the Sword Spirit no longer took offense to Corey using her body to defend against its swords, rather it start to take Corey's body arts seriously.

As for Corey, she immediately stood on her feet after cras.h.i.+ng on the floor showing that the explosion of the sword barely did any damage to her but then she glanced at the palm of both of her hands only to mind visible cut marks on them, this was after her physique had held her palms.

Corey got these cut marks by catching the sword of Sword Spirit between her palms, a quarter of the force she applied on the blade seemed to have gotten reflected at her causing the cuts on her palms. With this Corey learned that she not only had to watch out for the sharpness of the sword spirits swords and sword intent but also watch out for its rebound type skill which could return a quarter of her attack to her as damage. Learning the troublesome nature of the Sword Spirit's sword intent Corey frowned her brows. However, she still chose to continue to fight against the Sword Spirit solely using her body arts.

Having witnessed the durability of Corey's body arts, the Sword Spirit conjured about two dozen swords using its sword intent which hovered behind it. Then it launched these swords aiming at Corey. Having experienced this earlier Corey did not choose to evade the swords but rather faced them head-on using her fists and kicks. When her fist came in contact with the flying sword she felt like she was punching a boundless mountain, the same was true for her kicks. It was because the swords were making use of the weight manipulation ability of the gravity sword such that while flying the swords were feather light to increase their speed and while at the point of contact, they were heavier than a mountain to increase the damage. Having blocked Corey's attack the swords reflect a quarter of her attack to her as damage. Soon other swords followed suit but this time Corey hurriedly freed herself from the entanglement of the swords and evaded the other swords. However, since it was a close call most of the swords managed to leave swallow cuts on Corey while few managed to leave a few deep cuts. Having fulfilled their orders, the two dozen swords circled back to the Sword Spirit and hovered behind it.

Corey's clothes were tattered and soaked in blood from her wounds. Seeing this Joe regained confidence that he will win the duel, so he decided to get their plan back on track as this win was not cheap, it cost him a sword intent card. So he might as well get the most out of it. Therefore he calmed himself, paced his breath, and advised Corey using a deep voice, "Girl, I am warning you if you continue to be stubborn and not summon your grimoire to use your cards to defend you will be cut into pieces by my Sword Spirit."

Joe's goons gave him a mental thumbs up from the sidelines of the arena as he not only managed to turn the losing duel in his favor but also continued to follow their plan. Just when they thought that all hope was lost, Joe rekindled their dying hope. They started to feel that the youngest of their patriarch's children was not as bad as the rumors made it sound, then considering their trip with him down here, they felt he was worse. Permanently sacrificing a sword intent card to defeat someone of the lower realm, they strongly felt that only Joe would be capable of this feat.

"Shut the f.u.c.k up," Corey yelled as she dashed forward aiming at the Sword Spirit. Seeing incoming Corey, the Sword Spirit pointed its right-hand index finger at her, ordering her swords to attack Corey.

The two dozen swords hovering behind the Sword Spirit turned feather-light in weight and launched themselves aiming at Corey. Just as they were about to land on Corey they increased their weight to that of a mountain, however, Corey managed to dodge the first few by a hair's breadth, and missing their target the swords pierced into the floor of the arena and were stuck. Corey continued to evade other swords by hair's breadth and advance towards the dual sword-wielding Sword Spirit.

Witnessing Corey get closer to it while closely dodging its swords, the Sword Spirit did not panic rather it calmly waited, soon it saw what it waited for, a confident grin forming on Corey's face as she had almost dodged all other swords heading towards her and was down to one last sword, but before her grin could fully from as she was about to evade the last sword of the two dozen flying swords aimed at her by a hair's breadth, it exploded right next to her.

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