Card Apprentice Daily Log Chapter 1247 Breaking Past Physical Limits

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Chapter 1247 Breaking Past Physical Limits

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 11:37

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Sky Blossom City, Guild a.s.sociation Mall, Warehouse No.234

Under the force of the explosion, Corey crash-landed into a bed of almost two dozen swords embedded in the floor that exploded simultaneously as soon as Corey's back touched the ground. This was the explosion of sword intent so there wasn't much smoke apart from the smithereens of the floor. So the crowd could see as the exploding sword intents cut Corey from every direction and left deep wounds on her body having breached her body's demonic defense.

The crowd went quiet seeing more than swords conjured from sword intent detonate, Sansa and Aba worried for Corey, if not for seeing Corey's chest move up and down indicating that she was still breathing and alive they would have rushed to the arena to check on her. They could not understand why Corey was being stubborn and not choosing to summon her grimoire or directly attack Joe to put an end to this match. However, they could only put their trust in Corey believing that she knew what she was doing.

Even Joe's goons were worried about Corey's well-being and sighed in relief seeing her chest move up and down indicating that she was still breathing and alive. Because over time they have subtly noticed that Aba Windsor, the target of their plan, was on much closer terms with Corey and her friends than they first a.s.sumed. This meant if they wanted to get on good terms with the Windsors they could absolutely not kill Corey. Otherwise, forget getting acquainted with the Windsors, it would be considered a blessing if they forget their offense and ignore their family's existence, not retaliating against them for killing one of Aba's friends.

While the crowd worried for Corey's life, there were two in it, who understood why Corey was stubbornly not summoning her grimoire to use her cards. Therefore they could not help but get amazed seeing how Corey could be so cruel and demanding of herself. They cannot imagine putting themselves through what Corey was putting herself through. But considering the stakes here, they felt that they would make a similar choice as Corey. Because breaking past one's physical limit at a higher realm of mastery was a very difficult thing to achieve. Though they would not be as merciless as Corey towards themselves, they would definitely be smarter than her. How could she forget that the Sword Spirit could detonate its sword after having fallen for the same trick the first time?

'Park, I had enough of getting my a.s.s whooped. Let me morph into my demon form, I will teach this uptight Sword Spirit and its limp d.i.c.k master what I am capable of,' Laying on the cracked floor covered in wounds, blood, and dust Corey mentally sicked permission from Corey Park to morph into her demon for which was more adjusted and suitable for her to show the complete threat of her Sage-level mastery of body arts.


'No, you have to defeat this Sword Spirit in your current form to train your body. Otherwise, your body will never be able to adjust and grow enough to fully display the prowess of Sage-level mastery of body arts in its current form. You are strong enough to defeat the Sword Spirit, you need to be just smart enough to use the strength you have properly that is all. How can you be foolish enough to forget and not be on guard against the sword spirit detonating its sword intent?

Corey, listen to me. Using the sage-level mastery of body arts should not put a burden on your body but it is. And when using it in your demon form it should be getting a huge boost enough for you to fight demons of a higher realm but it is not. If you don't train your body and push it past its limits you will never be able to display the true potential of my sage-level mastery,' Corey Park mentally persuaded Corey not to give up just as breaking past the limits of her current body will bring in huge gains beyond her imagination. She had purposefully not warned Corey to watch out for the sword spirit detonating its swords as for a battle of this magnitude Corey should not be requiring her a.s.sistance. If she keeps helping Corey at every turn then Corey will never learn and she will be stunting her growth.

Corey Park suggested Corey use her battle against Joe's sword spirit to train her body with combat and as it was one of the fasted ways to break past one's physical limits and also because with Corey's current unstable state of mind, she would spend most of the hours of her day training her body to break past its limit with hard work.

'...' Corey did not seem to be convinced by Corey Park's persuasion as n.o.body liked to get their a.s.s whooped when they could defeat their opponent with a single punch.

Understanding that Corey needed something more to motivate her to take her training seriously Corey Park mentally reminded, 'Corey, remember how Wyatt was able to subdue you with the sheer power of his physical body, and all you could do nothing but struggle as he stepped on you? If you continue to be as you are and put in no effort you will never be able to catch up to him and never save mama Susan from his evil clutches. Corey, are you willing to just stand by and helplessly watch as Wyatt warps his dirty paws around our mother or are you going to break through the limits of your body and break his dirty paws if he even dreams of getting near our mother?'

Listening to Corey Park's words, in Corey's eyes the image of her greedy boss overlapped with the face of the Sword Spirit, then she hurriedly got up from the floor and got into a fighting stance. Showing that she was serious about this battle. Unlike earlier when she was careless knowing that she was way stronger than her opponent despite limiting herself and thinking that this fight was going to be an easy win.

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