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Chapter 1050 Luna Was Never Punished

Royal Castle, Nightingale.

Lilith elegantly sat on a chair and was looking at the mist covered lake behind the castle.

Behind her was Qingyue who was ma.s.saging her shoulders.

Lilith wasn't staring at the lake's beauty, but something way beyond it.

She was watching Lith in the human continent's graveyard with her naked eyes. It was different than looking at him through a screen or artifact. Real eyes, real time vision, it was always the best!

Lith was working diligently there. As he had said, he was modifying the spell and simultaneously cultivating without wasting a single second.

Days were pa.s.sing well so far without any hitch. The halo hasn't bothered Lith in his adventures in Semohr. Even if it did, there were Mayzin, Sylvia, and Fei by his side.

While getting ma.s.saged and staring at Lith, Lilith felt a strange fluctuation nearby.

She turned to look behind and her amethyst eyes found themselves staring at the Dark Rose Forest.


Wolves were howling at the sky while being in a circle. Their bodies were so dark that they seemed to be blending in the darkness.

In the middle of this circle of wolves was a particular wolf that was trembling and growling in pain.

Watching the spectacle unfold, Lilith said, "Oh, that's an amusing sight."

Qingyue turned her gaze in the direction Lilith was looking at. She couldn't figure what her Madam was watching.

"Fufufu… it took just three centuries. Not bad, not bad at all." Lilith nodded in acknowledgment.

"Madam, if I may ask, what are you talking about?" Qingyue interjected.

"You can't figure out?" Lilith raised an eyebrow and asked.

Qingyue bowed slightly. "I apologize for my shortcomings and ignorance, I— ow, ow, ow, ow!"

Qingyue felt a sharp pain at her sides as Lilith pinched her, making her yell.

Lilith shook her head and said, "How many times do I have to tell you, Qingyue? Stop being so formal when it's just the two of us."

"I apologize! Ow! I truly, ow, ow, will, ow, remember!" Qingyue still couldn't hold back from speaking formally.

Lilith let her go and shook her head again.

"Silly la.s.s, you were totally naked while lying on top of me, getting your p.u.s.s.y pounded by my baby. Even after sharing such a close bond, you talk to me so formally. When will you change?"

Qingyue's face heated up and turned beet red. Hanging out with her Madam and her Prince was dangerous. They said quite a lot of things with a straight face, as if it was a trivial matter.

"I… am sorry…"

Qingyue's voice was mosquito-like as she looked down and spoke.

Lilith leaned back on her chair and fanned herself with her palm.

"Haah… you should learn something from Luna. When she was my maid, she would sometimes even sit beside me and drink tea straight out of my cup. Can you believe that audacity?"


Qingyue was speechless. The Head Maid was this audacious? The thought crossed her mind.

It disappeared as quickly as it appeared when she realized something.

Knitting her brows and clicking her tongue, she thought, 'She did those things to get punished. Of course she's audacious and so bold!'

As if reading her mind, Lilith smiled and replied, "I never punished Luna for her audacity though. She was a good girl throughout. Does her work properly, doesn't complain, is a once in a lifetime talent, and just overall very easygoing."

Qingyue blinked momentarily and stared at Lilith. Did she hear that correctly? Luna was never punished?

"Madam never punished Luna?"

"Nope. Not even once."


Qingyue was left at a loss of words once again as the gears in her mind ran at full speed and calculated what all things her Madam had just said.

Suddenly realizing something, she looked down at her Madam, and saw her smirking while calmly staring at her through her amethyst ones.

"…oh s.h.i.+t."


The ever beautiful face of her Madam now appeared really devilish to Qingyue. Her smile was nothing short of a warmth before the cold death.

"Did you figure it out? Fufufu…"

Lilith was very much pleased. She leaned back on the chair and chuckled heartily.

Qingyue had a drop of sweat fall down from her forehead as she understood just how cunning her Madam was.

Not punis.h.i.+ng Luna even once was her punishment!

She could now understand properly why Luna would sometimes groan and roll on her bed, as if she felt really uncomfortable about something.

's.h.i.+t, it must've been utter torture for her.'

"It was." Lilith chuckled again.


'Can Madam read minds too?'

"Yes. But I am not reading yours. Whatever you're thinking, it's so clearly visible on your face." Lilith smiled and shook her head.

Qingyue froze in her place. She touched her face and tried to a.n.a.lyze how she was so obvious about everything.

'Truly. I must never underestimate Madam and do what she says for everyone's safety.'

Qingyue cleared her throat and said, "So, about the scenery. What was Madam watching?"

"Hoh. Quite audacious to ask me such a question so directly."

Qingyue felt like crying. Madam, weren't you the one who asked me to be informal!?

Lilith laughed internally as she watched Qingyue's dropping emotions.

'Ah… I may have teased her too much today. I need to hold back.'

Smiling and shaking her head, Lilith said, "Those wolves in the Dark Rose Forest. I was looking at them. A nice phenomenon is going to happen soon. I think you should give a call to Lith and ask him to come home."

Qingyue nodded. "Understood. Anything else?"

"Yes. Ask Sylvia to bring Zen with her and tag along Lith. Get Ren back from the Demon Castle too. Bella is over there so you can ask her to bring him."

Qingyue bowed. "I'll get to it right away then."

Once Qingyue left, Lilith was left alone on the rooftop.

She went back to watching what Lith and Lucy were doing and busied herself.


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