Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself Chapter 1446 - 1446 Found A Scapegoat

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself -

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Chapter 1446 - 1446 Found A Scapegoat

1446 Found A Scapegoat


At this moment, Song s.h.i.+yu suddenly rushed over and reported, “President, our people found out that He Weinian went to Y Nation many times five years ago, but He Tingchen and He Wenxian never went. He only brought Madam He along.”

Qiao Xi lazily leaned against the sofa and looked at Gu Zheng. “Does the He family have business in Y Nation? Why did they go to Y Nation?”

Gu Zheng stopped picking up the cup and gestured for Song s.h.i.+jing and Song s.h.i.+yu to turn around and leave. He said slowly, “Xi Xi, five years ago, I cut off all contact with the He family.”

Qiao Xi’s gaze was slightly cold.

“I’ve always thought that my memory loss was related to the He family. After all, how can there be so many coincidences in the world? I lost my memory five years ago and happened to cut off all ties with the He family.”


Qiao Xi also felt that Gu Zheng’s words made sense. There must be something wrong with this abnormality. Why did everything happen five years ago?

Five years ago, she met Kang Jichuan in Y Nation and had her blood drawn. She had no choice but to jump into the sea. Gu Zheng had cut off all contact with the He family and lost his memory. He was also in Y Nation. Coupled with the fact that He Weinian knew the secret of her blood, she had always thought that He Weinian and Kang Jichuan knew each other. In that case, could it be that the He family and Kang Jichuan had joined forces?

However, it seemed that Kang Jichuan and Kang Qingzhi did not know Gu Zheng well. Otherwise, they would not have been so calm and composed when they saw Gu Zheng again.

If Kang Jichuan did not know that Gu Zheng had lost his memory, then his collaboration with the He family might be about something else. What deal did they make?

Qiao Xi supported her chin and tapped her fair cheek with her fingertip. She said thoughtfully, “Kang Jichuan is a meticulous person. Even if he knows He Weinian, it’s impossible for him to easily tell He Weinian this secret, but it’s possible if it’s someone else.”

“Kang Qingzhi.” Gu Zheng met Qiao Xi’s eyes, and the two of them said this name in unison.

“He Weinian knows the secret of my blood, but he doesn’t seem to know Kang Ru and Kang Jichuan. That’s too strange. Moreover, the sudden recovery of a person who’s already incurable will naturally attract people’s attention.”

Five years ago, Kang Qingzhi knew that she was seriously ill and clung to the Kang father and son. From time to time, she would say that she was about to die to gain sympathy. However, five years had pa.s.sed and she was still alive and well. She could even go overseas to play. Was she really seriously ill?

Kang Qingzhi knew that it was very difficult for an adopted daughter like her to cause such a big commotion. Moreover, Kang Jichuan would not tell her the secret of Qiao Xi’s blood. How did she know and how did she tell He Weinian?

Even though Kang Qingzhi was scheming, she was just a 16-year-old girl at that time. She could pretend to be pitiful and fight for favor, but why would she use He Weinian to set up a trap?

Qiao Xi suddenly asked, “Has He Wenxian come out?”

“Yes, the He family found a scapegoat and quickly bailed her out.”

Qiao Xi was not surprised. The He family should be very familiar with doing such things.

Gu Zheng’s eyes were filled with coldness. “The chauffeur who hit you took the initiative to confess and take on all the blame. He said that he chose his target indiscriminately. From the branded clothes you were wearing, he could tell that you were a rich person, so he drove over on impulse.

“As for why he exposed He Wenxian after he was arrested, he said that he heard that there was an exchange meeting going on upstairs and that there was a very famous cultural relic restorer called He Wenxian. In order to get away with the crime, he said He Wenxian’s name.

“The only witness has already changed his mind. The police don’t have any other evidence, and He Wenxian pretending to be you doesn’t const.i.tute a crime. The police could only release He Wenxian.”

Qiao Xi knew that He Weinian would definitely try his best to protect his beloved daughter, but she did not expect He Wenxian to be released so quickly.

“The entire exchange was live-streamed, and the He family has also been questioned. I’m really curious about how He Weinian is going to salvage the He family’s image.”

Qiao Xi looked at Gu Zheng and asked meaningfully, “Say, He Weinian has been wearing the mask of a kind person for so many years, yet such a scandal suddenly broke out. It’s an undeniable fact that He Wenxian was pretending to be me. How are they going to explain themselves?”

A trace of mockery appeared in Gu Zheng’s light brown eyes. He said bluntly, “Donation.”

Qiao Xi came to a sudden understanding. That was right! Wasn’t this He Weinian’s usual method?

“He Weinian has always relied on donations to offset negative effects. He Wenxian pretended to be you because of her vanity, but she has also donated a lot of money and helped many people. In that case, such a small matter like pretending to be someone else will naturally be soon forgotten.”

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