Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself Chapter 1445 - 1445 I'll Avenge You

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself -

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Chapter 1445 - 1445 I'll Avenge You

1445 I’ll Avenge You

Now that Kang Ru had already agreed, if Kang Jichuan objected, not only would he anger Kang Ru, but he would also offend Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng. He could only watch helplessly as Kang Qingzhi’s face was filled with disappointment and she weakly forced a smile.

Kang Jichuan’s heart ached. Why did Xi Xi have to target Qingzhi? She was his father’s biological daughter and the daughter of the Kang family. Why couldn’t she tolerate an adopted daughter who was weak and sick?

She was indeed as mean as before!

Qiao Xi picked up a tissue and wiped the corners of her mouth. She took a sip of fruit juice and looked at the Kang family with a meaningful smile.


Kang Jichuan helped Kang Qingzhi up. Kang Ru’s eyes were filled with excitement. “Xi Xi, I’ll get the servants to prepare your room. Qingzhi will also be recuperating in Li City for a period of time, so Jichuan and I will both be here. If you have time, go home and stay there.”

“Alright,” Qiao Xi agreed with a smile.

The Kang family bought a villa in Li City not because of her but to let Kang Qingzhi recuperate. She would wait for Kang Qingzhi to stay for a period of time before going over to recreate the scene from back then. She wondered what Kang Qingzhi’s and Kang Jichuan’s expressions would be when they found out that she had recovered her memory.

When the three people from the Kang family were leaving, Kang Ru looked satisfied, while Kang Jichuan had a complicated expression on his face. As for Kang Qingzhi, she looked sick from the beginning to the end. She covered her mouth and coughed twice.

After all, she was the daughter the Kang family raised. Kang Ru’s heart naturally ached for Kang Qingzhi. He asked with a worried expression, “Qingzhi, let’s go home first. We’ll get a doctor to treat you later.”

Kang Qingzhi shook her head weakly. “It’s alright, Dad. It’s just an old problem. I’ll be fine in a while. If Sister finds out that you’re so good to an adopted daughter, she’ll definitely be sad.”

“You grew up by my side. Although you’re an adopted daughter, Jichuan and I treat you as family. How can I not care about you?” Kang Ru’s eyes were filled with heartache.

Kang Qingzhi stood at the door and looked back at Qiao Xi with a smile.

Yes! So what if she was an adopted daughter? She had lived with the Kang father and son for more than 10 years and had a deep relations.h.i.+p with them. Qiao Xi could not compare to her status in the hearts of the Kang father and son at all.

Just as Kang Qingzhi was feeling proud of herself, she heard Kang Ru say earnestly, “Qingzhi, you saw it just now. Xi Xi is so understanding. It’s just that she has suffered too much all these years when she was wandering outside and was bullied by that adopted daughter of the Xu family, so she’s a little wary of you. However, she won’t make things difficult for you. Don’t misunderstand Xi Xi.”

The smile on Kang Qingzhi’s face froze as intense anger surged in her heart.

She misunderstood Qiao Xi? Was Qiao Xi still the most important person in Kang Ru’s heart?

“Don’t think too much. Xi Xi is a child who looks cold on the surface but has a warm heart. You’ll know after interacting with her for a long time,” Kang Ru said, then his gaze suddenly froze. “This child is like her mother. Yunqiu had the same character. Unfortunately, she…”

Kang Qingzhi clenched her fists tightly, her sharp nails leaving deep marks on her palms.

It was Xia Yunqiu again! It was because of this woman that Kang Ru insisted on finding his biological daughter. That woman had already been dead for so many years. What right did the n.o.ble earl have to keep thinking about her?

Why wasn’t Qiao Xi dead? She fell into the sea and fell into a coma, but she still didn’t die. However, she wouldn’t always be so lucky. She wasn’t able to kill Qiao Xi previously, but she could make another attempt in the future.

At this moment, Qiao Xi was standing in the living room and watching the three people from the Kang family leave. She instructed, “Close the door.”

Uncle Sheng immediately closed the door of the villa, cutting off all lines of sight.

Qiao Xi glanced sideways. “Ah Zheng, you know very well that even though Kang Ru agreed to that matter, it’s impossible for them to do it. They’re just saying it.”

“Then why do you think I said it at the dining table, Xi Xi?” Gu Zheng’s voice was gentle.

Qiao Xi looked at his eyes that were as deep as obsidian as if she had been struck by love. She looked away unnaturally and hesitated for a few seconds before replying, “Is it to anger Kang Qingzhi?”

Gu Zheng suddenly approached her and pinched her slightly red earlobe. His magnetic voice sounded in her ear. “More or less. They made my Xi Xi suffer, so I won’t let them have an easy time. However, Xi Xi still has to maintain her weak image, so I’ll take revenge for you.”

At this instant, Qiao Xi felt that her heart was about to melt. It really felt good to be cared for. Moreover, the man in front of her could easily see through her thoughts. She didn’t have to be direct with her words.

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