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Chapter 148: A Poem That Shocked the World!

Yu Hongye looked back at Jianglu.

She only saw that man sitting lazily on the ground, and his cultivation was two small realms lower than hers.

Yu Hongye simply couldn't bear to watch.

That man's image was far inferior to Senior Liu's.

Moreover, Yu Hongye already had the shadow of Liu Changgong in her heart, and there was no room for any other man.

Yu Hongye only snorted coldly and turned her head to continue walking up the mountain.

Jianglu heard Yu Hongye's voice and was a little embarra.s.sed.

So it turned out that the person was a woman.

No wonder her figure was very pet.i.te.

It was normal for her to ignore him after making such a big mistake.

Thinking that the person was a woman, Jianglu became even more excited.

Jianglu took the initiative to chase after her and walked side by side with Yu Hongye.

Jianglu pretended to be very casual as he asked, “Miss, the way you went up the mountain is really quite unique, very thoughtful…”

Yu Hongye didn't say a word. It was time to change the magic treasures on her body again.

Yu Hongye took out another pile of magic treasures, discarded the magic treasures that had lost their spirituality, and replaced them with new magic treasures.

Then, she maintained the way she walked while eating pills.

As the most valued disciple of the Dao Constellations Palace, Jianglu had never seen anyone squander magic treasures like Yu Hongye.

Even those great clans would recycle the precious materials from the discarded magic treasures.

As for Yu Hongye, she directly threw the unused magic treasures onto the ground.

Jianglu looked at the long string of magic treasures that had lost their spirituality on the ground behind Yu Hongye, and his hands couldn't help but twitch.

If not for his pride, he would have collected those abandoned spiritual treasures right now.

At this time, Lou Hongzhi was already close to the two Soul Formation stage cultivators in front of him.

The two Soul Formation stage cultivators were only ten feet away from the top of the mountain.

They looked exhausted and were concentrating to recover their spiritual power.

Ling Hongzhi's aura attracted the attention of the two. They opened their eyes and looked in Lou Hongzhi's direction.

An early-stage Dharma Idol cultivator!

The two Soul Formation stage cultivators were extremely surprised.

“Even an early-stage Dharma Idol cultivator can reach here. He is really a young genius.”

The Sword Qi around Lou Hongzhi's body was rampant. It seemed that he only had eyes for the huge Sword Qi at the top of the mountain. He suddenly increased his speed.

Very soon, Lou Hongzhi was about to surpa.s.s the two Soul Formation stage cultivators and charge directly to the top of the mountain.

The two Soul Formation stage cultivators sneered and said, “I can't help but praise him. Rus.h.i.+ng up like this is simply reckless.”

Lou Hongzhi had just surpa.s.sed the two Soul Formation stage cultivators when something unexpected happened.

The huge Sword Qi at the top of the mountain split into countless small Sword Qi and flew toward Lou Hongzhi like a tide.

The Sword Qi was densely packed and sealed all the s.p.a.ce around Lou Hongzhi.

Lou Hongzhi's body was. .h.i.t by the huge wave of Sword Qi and he was pushed back.

A Soul Formation stage cultivator kindly reminded him:

“If you walk forward from our position, the intensity of the Sword Qi will suddenly increase. Young man, I advise you to give up as soon as possible. The intensity of the Sword Qi is not something even a Soul Formation stage cultivator like us can withstand, let alone a mere initial stage of the Dharma Idol Stage…”

The cultivators at the foot of the mountain also saw this scene.

“This Sword Qi is too terrifying. If it were me, I might have been torn to pieces long ago.”

“That person is also a ruthless person. He is only at the initial stage of the Dharma Idol stage, but he has already reached the limit of the Soul Formation stage.”

“Furthermore, he is a sword cultivator. Sword cultivators are much more difficult to cultivate than ordinary cultivators. He has already become a sword cultivator at the Dharma Idol stage at such a young age. I really don't know where he came from.”

Yu Hongye was also shocked by Lou Hongzhi's actions.

However, she was very happy in her heart.

With one less compet.i.tor, she would have less pressure and have a greater chance of obtaining the Sword Immortal cave's inheritance.

Yu Hongye increased her speed.

There were still two Soul Formation stage cultivators. She could not relax.

Lou Hongzhi did not give up. Instead, he became even more excited.

“As expected of Sword Qi from Sword Immortal Cheng He.”

Lou Hongzhi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

This time, he pulled out the long sword on his back and took a few steps forward, as if he wanted to challenge the shocking Sword Qi again.

The two Soul Formation stage cultivators shook their heads.

They seemed to be very disdainful of his overconfident behavior.

The cultivators at the foot of the mountain also despised his behavior.

Sometimes, overconfidence was not a good thing.

Lou Hongzhi stood at the dividing line, held his sword tightly, and closed his eyes to acc.u.mulate power.

In an instant, a shocking Sword Intent appeared around Lou Hongzhi.

Driven by the Sword Intent, the long sword in his hand hummed.

Then, countless Sword Qi hung around him.

Lou Hongzhi suddenly opened his eyes and rushed to the top of the mountain with the Sword Qi.

This time, the Sword Qi at the top of the mountain could not force Lou Hongzhi back.

The two Sword Qi were evenly matched.

Then, like a boat against the current, Hongzhi stubbornly advanced step by step under the Sword Qi at the top of the mountain.

At this time, the two Soul Formation cultivators and the surrounding cultivators who were watching the heat at the foot of the mountain were all dumbfounded. Some of them even cried out in surprise.

Lou Hongzhi became more and more courageous as he fought. He simply flew on his sword, breaking through the Sword Qi blocking the way and flying in the air.

He used all his strength and summoned countless Sword Qi, forcing the Sword Qi coming from the top of the mountain.

In just a moment, the Sword Qi at the top of the mountain took the initiative to open a path for Lou Hong Zhi.

Lou Hongzhi advanced with great speed. He flew on his sword and slowly flew towards the top of the mountain.


Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Soul Formation stage cultivator who had looked down on Lou Hongzhi earlier was also extremely shocked.

The cultivators at the bottom of the mountain soon started discussing again.

“This person's future is limitless. Even the Sword Qi left behind by the Ancient Sword Immortal gave way to him. He has obtained the recognition of the cave abode.”

“This is a person with true strength. He can easily reach the top without using any magic treasures.”

Jianglu was not surprised. He said to Yu Hongye,

“Miss, I advise you to give up. Don't waste any more magic treasures.”

“If you want to obtain the inheritance of the Ancient Sword Immortal's cave abode, you must obtain the recognition of that Sword Qi.”

“That friend of mine is a born swordsman. In the entire Southern Territory, other than him, no one else has the qualifications to obtain the inheritance of Sword Immortal Cheng He.”

Yu Hongye was initially a little fl.u.s.tered when she saw Lou Hongzhi's speed and was worried that the inheritance would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by him.

After hearing Jianglu's words, Yu Hongye came to a realization.

So obtaining the recognition of the Sword Qi was enough.

d.a.m.n it, she was misled by the person in front, wasting so many magic treasures for nothing.

It was not that Yu Hongye did not feel sorry for those magic treasures.

It was just that when she came to the Startling Rainbow Valley, Yu Mingzhi told her to work for Senior Liu at all costs.

That was why she was able to use the magic treasure with ease.

To gain the recognition of the Sword Qi…

Thinking of this, Yu Hongye first thanked Jiangliu, then she carefully took out a storage bracelet.

This time, what Yu Hongye took out was not a magic treasure, but an ordinary painting.

Yu Hongye slowly unfolded the painting and raised it above her head.

In an instant, the Sword Qi of Startling Rainbow Valley erupted.

In just a moment, the huge Sword Qi in the valley dissipated.

Two lines of poetry appeared in the sky.

It was the poem that Liu Changgong had written before:

Ten years of sharpening a sword, but the frost blade has not yet been used.

Today, who has wronged the king?

The Sword Intent hidden in the painting was now revealed.

Replacing the huge Sword Qi, it enveloped the entire valley.

It shocked everyone.

Even Yu Hongye didn't expect that Senior Liu's calligraphy would have such great power

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