The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 373: Ye Jiu Joining The Lu Family – 2

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Chapter 373: Ye Jiu Joining The Lu Family – 2

“Do you think a lucky draw is a wis.h.i.+ng well? You will get whatever you wish for?” Lu Yumo interjected. Then, he looked at Lu Yushen and asked, “Don't you think so?”

Lu Yushen was sitting on the couch next to Fu Zhi, and he saw Ye Jiu try to steal his sister's money just now. As such, he nodded, “Yeah.”

Xu Wei could sense the hostility both her sons had towards Ye Jiu. Not wanting any crisis to happen to her family, she hastily added, “Xiao Jiu just wants to make me happy. Anyway, I don't like those things at all. It's late, why don't we all go to bed?”

Lu Yumo took a look at his watch. It was already 10:00 pm.

He harrumphed coldly, but before he left, he heard Ye Jiu talking in an indifferent voice, “It's started.”

'So? Do you really think you're going to get it?'

Lu Yumo rolled his eyes at Ye Jiu.

“Besides the villa, where do I fill in the address for these gifts?”

Xu Wei heard Ye Jiu's question and approached him out of curiosity. Then, when she saw a series of messages that said “Congratulations on winning the prize!” on Weibo's lucky draw platform, she was stunned.

“Is Weibo having a glitch?”

Lu Yumo took a glance as well. From a small gift such as a set of branded lipsticks to a grand prize such as a seview villa gifted, Ye Jiu had gotten it all.

Lu Yumo looked at Ye Jiu hesitantly, and cursed out loud, “This is not real, right?”

He was asking Fu Zhi.

Hearing the question, Fu Zhi then replied calmly, “He's been lucky since he was a kid.”

Well, Fu Zhi was telling the truth. Luck had been on Ye Jiu's side since he was a kid. He often could get a free meal when he was eating at a restaurant, and he was the only one who would win a prize every time he partic.i.p.ated in a lucky draw event, be it on Weibo or QQ Messenger.

Fu Zhi remembered that one particular day when an earthquake hit the laboratory. All of the people in the laboratory including herself sustained some minor injuries save for Ye Jiu. He sleepwalked out of his bed that night and luckily escaped the disaster.

If there was only a fine line between genius and madness, then the difference between unlucky and lucky was as big as heaven and earth.

Ye Jiu was so lucky that there were several occasions where Fu Zhi wanted to bring him to the operating table and dissect him to study his body.

Xu Wei felt it was really a good decision to bring Ye Jiu back!

As if he could read her mind, Lu Yumo sneered coldly, “Good decision? Do you think I don't know that you just want Ye s.h.i.+yun's autographed poster in his hands, huh?”

Xu Wei, “QAQ!”

Alright, it was she who coveted Ye s.h.i.+yun's good looks. She was downright cheap.

While Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu were walking in the front, Lu Yumo stopped Xu Wei and asked, “If he's your good son, then what am I?”

“You are...”

Xu Wei felt a little embarra.s.sed, as the question was too childish and r.e.t.a.r.ded.

Lu Yumo pressed on, “Say it! What am I to you?!”

Xu Wei's body trembled, her brain went blank, and her words slipped out of her lips before she could realize it, “My r.e.t.a.r.ded son...”

Lu Yumo, aka the r.e.t.a.r.ded son, was stunned.

'Very well, then. I'm leaving home now. Goodbye!'

Xu Wei settled Ye Jiu down in a room next to Fu Zhi's room. His room was decorated with pink and many plush toys.

Xu Wei decided not to think too much about it. Adopting one or two kids was the same for her. As long as Fu Zhi was happy, she was happy. Besides, it seemed to her that Ye Jiu liked Fu Zhi a lot as well.

At this moment, Ye Jiu, who liked Fu Zhi a lot, was having a fight with Fu Zhi. Both of them were pulling each other's hair.

“Fall in love at an early age, go to a bar, date with a young boy. It seems to me that you're enjoying your life to the fullest, huh?”

“What about you, then? Do you have the guts to say that you didn't steal your sister's bank card?!”

“How dare you talk back to me? People always said that you should treat your elder brother like your father. Is this how you should talk and behave in front of your father? Let the f*ck go of me!”

“Then, why don't you let go first?”

Ye Jiu reverted to his former self and shed his pretense as a caring elder brother since Xu Wei was not around. Right now, he was grabbing Fu Zhi's hair with one hand, while holding his own hair that was being gripped tightly in Fu Zhi's clutches with another hand.

“I beat up a pervert and I even had a fight with that pervert's mother, all because of you! And now you're mad at me because of a bank card? You even kicked me?”

Pulling a long face, Fu Zhi replied, “Why can't I be mad at you? Do you remember you still owe me a dozen pink-colored villas?”

Both of them stared at each other, but none of them were willing to back away.

“Didn't I already make it up by giving you a pink-colored brush? How can you be so ungrateful?”

Seeing that Fu Zhi was going to say something again, Ye Jiu hastily interrupted, “On the count of three, we let go together!”

“Do you think I'm stupid? You let go first. Hurry up.”

Ye Jiu was in a lot of pain. Seeing that Fu Zhi was not going to let go of him unless he let go of her first, he took a deep breath and released his hand first, followed by Fu Zhi.

When Fu Zhi saw the several strands of hair in Ye Jiu's hand, her heart crumbled into a thousand pieces.

In the next second, Fu Zhao's video call came through.

Fu Zhi answered the call, her jaw tightly set.

Ye Jiu was not a good brother. She did not use her full strength as she did not want to hurt him, but he went all out and ripped a few strands of hair off her head.

He did not come to her because he missed her. He came to her because Ye Qi refused to have a fight with him. Not only that, but he also wanted to take her money away. He was not a good brother at all!

The moment the call was connected, Fu Zhi let one sob escape from her lips.

Ye Jiu, who was sitting by her bed shaking her legs, suddenly stopped as he looked anxiously at her. “Don't tell me...”

Fu Zhao shot daggers at Ye Jiu through the camera. “What happened?”

Ye Jiu reacted quickly and covered up Fu Zhi's mouth before she could say anything, “She accidentally tripped herself just now.”

Fu Zhi smacked his hand away and said, “Dad, he hit me just now and he said he wants to be my father!”

Ye Jiu became speechless.

Fu Zhao was the kind of person who would believe everything his daughter said. After he had comforted her, he stared at Ye Jiu furiously as if he was telling him that he was dead.

Ye Jiu was reprimanded by Fu Zhao. His physical condition had been deteriorating for several years, and it was the government that asked him to come to the Lu Family so that Fu Zhi could figure out a way to inhibit the failure of his internal organs.

Even if he did not get into a fight with Wu Zhiheng, he would be sent to the Lu Family as well.

After Fu Zhao had finished reprimanding Ye Jiu, he chased him away.

Ye Jiu was afraid to upset Fu Zhi again. Before he left, he coiled his finger around Fu Zhi's finger and said, “You're my little angel.”

Fu Zhi did not say anything in return, but Ye Jiu knew that she wanted him to continue praising her.

As such, he said, “So promise me, don't get married and die alone, okay?”

Fu Zhi was stunned. She picked up her phone and sent a voice message to Fu Zhao, “Dad, he's beating me again!”

Ye Jiu stared at Fu Zhi, his eyes filled with disbelief.

'You d*mn tattletale! Goodbye!'

Then, he stormed out of her room and slammed her bedroom door shut.

It was considered a big matter to let Ye Jiu stay in the Lu Mansion. Xu Wei sent a message to Lu Jingqing that night and told him that she wanted to adopt Ye JIu as well.

Lu Jingqing had no idea why but he had a feeling that his house was going to become an orphanage soon.

He did not care to feed another mouth. It was just that he was curious about something, “Why didn't Zhi Zhi mention this brother before? Also, does she only have a long-lost brother?”

“Zhizhi misunderstood Xiao Jiu. She thought he had left her for a better life. Of course, she only has one brother. Do you think her biological parents are pigs? In any case, I'm adopting Xiao Jiu...

“Besides, it seems to me that Xiao Jiu has never attended school before. After he has settled down in our house, I plan to send him to No.1 High School.”

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