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Chapter 348: Received the News

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Beck didn't care about Lugh's attempt to break free from his hook and said with a smile, “I've decided to recommend you to partic.i.p.ate in the Trial a.s.sembly in Milky Way City in a month's time.”

“Trial a.s.sembly? What's that?” Lugh asked in puzzlement.

“Lugh, hurry up and thank Lord Beck. The Trial a.s.sembly is a conference personally presided over by the Guardian.”

“It's specially designed to select young talents with outstanding talent. If you can get a good ranking in the Trial a.s.sembly, not only will there be generous rewards, but you will also receive the favor of countless sects. Even the Guardians will give you a lot of help.”

Village Chief Eddie could no longer hold back the smile on his face. He directly explained the meaning of the trial a.s.sembly to Lugh. Eddie's heart was filled with gratification at the appearance of such a genius in the village.

“Then why didn't I hear you mention it before?”

Lugh had originally planned to join the Beast G.o.d Sect after obtaining the qualifications.

However, without the backing of a person of status and power, it would be difficult for this matter to succeed.

In the end, he suddenly told himself to partic.i.p.ate in the trial in the city, and the village chief had never mentioned it before.

This made Lugh somewhat puzzled.

The Village Chief smiled at Lugh and said, “Hehehe, it's not that the Village Chief doesn't want to tell you, but this trial qualification requires the recommendation of the person who is qualified to be the champion to partic.i.p.ate.”

“This was all fought for by Lord Beck for you.”

After Lugh heard it, he knew that he owed Beck a big favor, even though it was with some benefits.

But Lugh was still grateful in his heart. He solemnly cupped his fists and said, “Thank you, Big Brother Beck, for your guidance. I will remember this favor in my heart. I will definitely repay it in the future.”

Lugh's words were sincere. Lugh's principle in getting into trouble was to repay a favor with a drop of water.

Of course, revenge for the smallest grievance was also suitable for Lugh.

After receiving Lugh's promise, Beck nodded in satisfaction and patted Lugh's shoulder “I will come to the village to look for you in a month's time. In this month, you should properly improve your ability. Otherwise, even if you have my recommendation, you are not qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the Trial a.s.sembly.”


Lugh nodded, indicating that he would remember it.

Since he had already given his instructions, there was no need for Beck to stay in the Iron Cloud Village anymore. He was prepared to set off.

Before Beck left, he looked at Village Chief Eddie, who had an expectant look on his face, and said, “Village Chief Eddie, a genius like Brother Lugh has appeared in your village. If he obtains outstanding results in the Trial a.s.sembly, I'll report it to the Guardian. At that time, your position as Village Chief can probably be moved up.”

Village Chief Eddie's voice trembled as he said, “Then, thank you for your guidance, Sir.”

“Alright, then I won't stay any longer. Brother Lugh, I will come and pick you up in a month.”

“Alright.” Lugh bowed to Beck.

“Respectfully send off Sir Beck.” The three village chiefs respectfully sent off Beck.

After Beck left, Eddie's face revealed a happy expression.

He hadn't expected to get a promotion this time.

If he could succeed in his haul, he would have more resources and privileges.

At that time, he would be able to continue improving his cultivation. After all, advancing to a higher realm was the ambition and goal of all Beast Masters, and the Village Chief was no exception.

Beside him, Anderson and Carter also revealed knowing smiles.

After the Village Chief's promotion, their status would also rise.

Seeing the three's happy expressions, Lugh was also happy for them in his heart. After all, the three of them had given him a lot of help in the village, and at the same time, they had decided to amaze the world at the Trial a.s.sembly in a month's time.

They responded to their expectations.

After settling the matters after the grand ceremony, Lugh was ready to leave.

“…Lugh, you're really not bad. Not only did you escape death in the Forest of Despair, you even formed a contract with a dragon-level source beast. As the saying goes, if you survive a great disaster, you'll definitely have good fortune in the future.”

When Village Chief Eddie learned from Beck that Lugh's source beast that resembled a Scavenger Fly was actually a Gold-level source beast, he was so shocked that he couldn't close his mouth.

Right now, his future depended on how far Lugh could go before he could rise.

His gaze swept over Lugh and he became more and more satisfied.

“Without Village Chief's nurturing, I'm afraid that even whether this kid can come back alive would be a problem.” Lugh's words were actually not the least bit fake. It was precisely the Village Chief's help that allowed him to have this life and this opportunity.

“Hahaha, you two don't have to be so polite. Come, Lugh, let's see what gift your Uncle Anderson brought for you from the Berkeley family.” Anderson's originally long and narrow eyes narrowed into slits.

From his sleeve, he took out a book that was suffused with source energy light patterns.

“Cultivation secret technique? Uncle Anderson, this can't be…” Lugh saw a few large words that were s.h.i.+ning with source energy light patterns on the book and looked at the smiling Anderson with a strange expression.

Anderson smiled without saying a word and placed the somewhat thick book in Lugh's hands.

He didn't say anything else.

This book was the Berkeley family's secret technique. It recorded their family's experience in cultivating source beasts and some secret techniques that few people knew. It was the acc.u.mulated knowledge and wealth of their family.

Needless to say, this book was specially brought by Anderson when he confiscated their family's a.s.sets.

Lugh, who understood Anderson, roughly understood it from the brilliant smile on Anderson's face.

This wave of shakedowns had allowed Anderson to gain quite a lot. For a moment, he sighed in his heart. As expected of a gentleman who loved money.

“Thank you, Uncle Anderson.” Lugh did not decline. After accepting the book, he thanked Anderson.

After Anderson knew that the origin beast was of the insect's attribute, he directly handed over the precious secret technique. This friends.h.i.+p was really touching.

“Anderson, you are greedy for public property. As expected, I can't get along with you.” Carter looked at Anderson with disdain and snorted.

“You brute, I have not been greedy for a single cent of the wealth of the good people. If I don't want dirty money like the Berkeley's, I will give it up for free. As the saying goes, a gentleman loves money, so it is reasonable to take it,” Anderson said with a bitter smile.

“Don't say such nonsense. I look down on you.”

“I'll split the profits between you and the Village Chief.”

“Get lost. Don't think that I and the Village Chief are as dirty as you.” Carter glared at Anderson righteously.

“Then I'll split the profits this time. You, me, and the Village Chief will split it equally, okay?”

“Oh, actually, I've thought about it. The Berkeley family is indeed rich and heartless. Your crocodile behavior can be considered as doing justice for the heavens. I'll forgive you. But remember what you said. Don't lose a single cent from me and the Village Chief.”

Anderson: “…”.

Village Chief Eddie looked at the two clown subordinates and shook his head helplessly. He said to Lugh who was standing at the side, “Lugh, what are your plans for the month before the trial starts?”

“I'm going to buy some things to specially nurture my Big Mouth. At the same time, I'm going to improve myself and go to the Forest of Despair to temper myself.” Lugh did not think too much and directly said the plans that he had in his heart long ago.

“That's good too. If you need any help, just say it. Come to the village chief's house and look for me. I'll try my best to help you.”

“Thank you, Village Chief. I'm going to go to the Forest of Despair to gain some experience and look for someone at the same time.”

“Who are you looking for?” Village Chief Eddie asked curiously.

Just like that, Lugh directly told them about some of the special symptoms of Lucy and Gary.

“I see. There was a person in the village who was similar to what you said, but I don't know if it was the person you mentioned.”

“He was saved from the Forest of Despair. The last young man in the village who went out to train found this person in the Forest of Despair and saved him on purpose.”

“How is he now?” Hearing that he was unconscious, Lugh's heart tightened.

“Although he was injured, fortunately, he didn't hurt any vital parts. I've already sent someone to take care of him, and he's currently recuperating.”

“Village Chief, Uncle Anderson, Uncle Carter, I have something important to do, so I don't have the heart to stay, so I'll take my leave first.” After saying that, he hurriedly turned around and was about to push open the door and leave.

“Wait, Lugh, your home is far away. Let my Savage Fang Hound send you there.”

Iron Cloud Village was relatively large. The village head's house was located in the northernmost part of the village, while Lugh's house was located in the southernmost part of the village. If one were to walk, it would take half a day's journey to get home.

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