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Kitsume's PoV:

So we arrived at the school, Klein and Allie told me "You will return home immediately after the cla.s.s is finish ok?"

I replied "Kay." in a cute voice

Then they replied "Okay then, we will go now. Oh and remember be good. and befriend someone that is good"

"Ok." Kitsume

Then they returned to their work. around 5 minutes later the teacher came, and we introduced ourselves. Heck I didn't even bother to remember their names except for the Teacher. And he is the village chief Zack Geirsson, and I checked his stats.

Zack Geirsson

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Human

t.i.tle: Ex-Adventurer, Village Chief,

Job: Teacher

Cla.s.s: Battlemage

Level: 20

Hp: 21,000

Hp regen: 40/sec

Stamina: 10,000

Stamina Regen: 26/sec

Mp: 1,700

Mp regen: 10/sec

Rank: B

Luck: 9

Str: 95

Agi: 40

Wis: 56

Int: 60

End: 57

Dex: 59

Character Description:

The strongest person in the village of Berlau.

A village chief, A teacher, And a Loving Father.

After our introductions, we started the cla.s.s. the topic was Language, Writing/Calligraphy, and Math.

I didn't listen because Allie already teach me those. and I upgraded this skills to max already. But still Zack noticed that I wasn't listening. Then he asked me "Astrom what is 35+70"

I replied "It's 105 teacher"....."Oh your good then, I didn't know that you we're listening. Now let's go back to our topic."

So after school was finished, I returned home as promised. Then I and Dad trained again at the forest while Mom was cooking, after the training we returned home, ate, after I finished eating I slept, and when it was already Midnight I change my clothes, and used body transformation again and made a clone who will be sleeping. And I started hunting at Amethyn, Again.

After that I returned home, and deactivated my clone and reverted back my body to that of my child form. And when Klein and Allie woke up they prepared breakfast. And woke me up. And I got back to school again. I did this for 5 years, and I learned many information in School, such as you can't go to a magic school if you are 12 years old and below. That you can register as an adventurer in the age of 7. and many other information about this world. and I learned some useful magics.

and gained 30 levels while hunting monsters at Amethyn.


5 Years Time Skip, Berlau, Kitsume's POV:

The sun was rising, and I woke up Klein and Allie. When we finished eating breakfast. I said.

"Mom, Dad, I'm leaving the village."

"Why?" Klein

"I want to become an adventurer. and I want to enter a Magic Academy when I'm 13." I replied

"Ok, then which magic academy, will you join to? Drasonia, Academy, Which boasts their combat effectiveness of their magic? , Zaemmarth, Academy, who is boasting how good they are at Crafting magical items? Stroxwyce, Academy, which boasts about it's curriculum about battlemages? or the last one Ashmoor, Academy, Which is the most balance.?" Klein

"I think I'll pick ashmoor, cause it has the most balance curriculum in this 4 academies" I replied

"ok then there will be a caravan coming next month in the village, it's destination will be the town of Didenhilt. and we will have a match if you can't beat me, Don't even think about leaving the village." Klein

Then I Helped Klein in his hunting, Then returned home and slept.


Lavarune, Before Kitsume was even born, Near The Village of Coragan, Wilhelms POV:

I woke up in a forest alone, and I have this strange thing which I can see. It calls itself a system. I don't know why but, I don't have any memories, but then I just opened up my inventory and saw 5 books which are Magic Manipulation for Dummies, World of Azeroth Introduction, A Book on explaining every races on Azeroth, Math Caligraphy and Language of Azeroth, and the final book EVERY KINDS OF FIRE MAGIC Tier 1-10. and my inventory has a Strange Looking Fruit. I pressed the fruit and it came out in my inventory, I read the description and known the name of this fruit it was an Angel Fruit, it was called Honei Honei no Mi (Bone Bone Fruit), the appearance was a Rotten Apple with swirls and a skull. The system says.

It's a Logia type, and has the power to Allow the user to control fossils and the dead, when struck the user shatters into bones and can reconstruct themselves, can use bones as armor, a s.h.i.+eld, or a weapon as well as reanimate the dead. Similar to a necromancer. Note: With great concentration can control the living. and its has no weaknesses.

So I just ate the fruit, and after that a window popped up

Congratulations You Gained 5 levels, And Gained the power of the Bone Bone Fruit.

As a gift to your new found power the system gifts to you the 'BOOK OF NECROMANCY'

then I closed the window and continue checking my inventory, And there was 4 items left which was a long black trouser, a black s.h.i.+rt, a black combat boots, and a black Long trench coat.

they have this self-cleaning, and self repairing features and I notice a paper in the pocket of my trench coat saying.

'h.e.l.lo, after equipping all this items please check your character stats, and if you want to know who you are find me at RAVENFALL'

So after reading it, I curiously opened my character stats.


Gender: Male

Race: Human

t.i.tle: Wanderer

Age: 24

Job: None


Level: 6

Hp: 70,000

Hp regen: 1,000/sec

Mp: 70,000

Mp regen: 1,000/sec

Stamina: 70,000

Stamina regen: 1,000/sec

Rank: G

Luck: 99

Str: 500

Agi: 500

Wis: 500

Int: 500

End: 500

Dex: 500

Character Description:

A pitiful human.

'What is this description, Pitiful? Why?' why do I need to be pitied?' I thought

And then I just ignore my character description, and looked at my map and my current location was the cursed woods. so I rest for a bit and tried to master my Fruit gained abilities.

After Using my Fruit gained ability, I finally Mastered it, and I managed to create a bone sword, and it costs around 1,500 stamina to make one. and it is stronger than a Rare weapon that is tier 2. and read the book about this world.

I learned from the book that the stat. of an average creature is 100 below.

meaning I'll be an A rank adventurer if I wan't to be one of them.

'nice' it was what I thought. then I just started reading the other book's from a high tree, but then I heard a loud scream.

"HELP!!!!!!!!!!!" ???

I thought 'nah not helping them they will just ruin my day'

Then I heard the scream again "PLEASE ANYONE HELP US!!!!" ???

Then I was struggling in my brain thinking if I should help or no.

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