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"Do you have any idea?" After pondered for a while, Shen Tianyun asked.

Lin Xueyue frowned, "We need more clues about it. There are too many possibilities at this moment but my instinct told me this is not the Black Dragon gang doing. They got no benefit from killing them."

Shen Tianyun nodded his head in agreement, "Actually, I have a speculation. Do you remember what I've told you before? Why would Lin Ming waiting for so long to make his move? I think he feared someone behind me." He calmly said.

"You mean that Lan Qingcheng?" Lin Xueyue asked. She had investigated Lan Qingcheng some times ago and found her circ.u.mstance was very strange but she couldn't figure it out.

Shen Tianyun nodded, "Yes, I think it should be her. Out of my acquaintance, she is the only one who could do it. Although I don't know what is her intention for doing this, I do believe she has arranged some people to monitor me and Grandma Su. The problem is, why her people let that accident happen to the previous Shen Tianyun and he died because of that, also, when Grandma Su had been attacked, where were these people go?"

"Furthermore, when I went out at the night recently. I always feel like someone was watching me in the dark but I couldn't find them. Maybe their cultivation is super high, I don't know. If she want to play a mother role, she shouldn't do something half-baked like this." He said with a frown on his face.

Lin Xueyue thought for a bit before she said, "Maybe someone has prevented her from doing this. Talking with a common logic, It's not that easy for her to protect you. We didn't know what else she did behind the scene and we also have no clue about her circ.u.mstance back then. I always have this feeling something was amiss when thinking about it. Anyway, this is only my speculation, you don't have to take it to your heart." She knew that Shen Tianyun despised Lan Qingcheng very much.

"I understand, Yue'er. There are so many reasons for her to abandoned her son, to protecting him, saving his life, or she thought it would be better for her son to live as a normal person. No matter what reason she has, I still hate her." Shen Tianyun's voice was very cold. Lin Xueyue understood him more than anyone else, as an orphan who has been abandoned, it was normal for him to hate these irresponsible parents.

Shen Tianyun took a deep breath, "let's put it aside from now, tomorrow I'll open another restaurant since they pulled off the suspend, I have to do it as soon as possible. We can't waste too much time on this." After confirming his plan and organized his thoughts, Shen Tianyun looked at his status window.

『 Host : Shen Tianyun

Age : 17

Cultivation base : 4th Stages of Qi Gathering Realm.

7 Maidens progress : [1/7]

Const.i.tution : 132 (A) Intelligence : 179 (S)Perception : 157 (S)Reflexes : 95 (C)

Fame Points : 120,754

Impression Function Shop Function Inventory (Locked) - need 500,000 Fame Points to unlock.

Ability : [Cooking (A)], [Piano Proficiency (S)], [Language Proficiency (A)], [Boxing (A)], [Firearm Proficiency (S)], [Driving (S)], [Basketball (A)], [Swimming (S)], [Photographic Memory (S)] 』

He had spent 100,000 Fame points back in a few days ago and still has around 120,000 left for emergency use. Recently, his subscriber's growth rate became stagnated, unless he came up with a new content his subscribers won't increase that much for the time being.

"Right, Yue'er, I have something for you." He turned to smiled at Lin Xueyue and slowly took off the 'Heart of Sword' necklace from his neck.

Lin Xueyue tilted her head slightly. Her gaze fell onto the exquisite blue jade necklace on his hand, her eyes became fascinated as if she has been charmed by its appearance.

"What is this?" She asked.

Seeing her fascinated eyes, Shen Tianyun smiled, "This is Shen family's heirloom, it's called 'Heart of Sword'. It is a love token between Grandpa Shen and Grandma Su. I know this is a bit clumsy, actually I want to give it to you in a romantic atmosphere but due to our urgency circ.u.mstance it's better to give it to you now."

He slowly raised the necklace up, Lin Xueyue quickly complied by turned her body around let her back facing him, and lifted her long hair up revealed her white-snow smooth neck. Shen Tianyun carefully put the necklace around her neck. Woman and jewelry is a counterpart of each other. This 'Heart of Sword' necklace was nothing on Shen Tianyun's neck but when put it on Lin Xueyue, it released a dazzling charm and very compatible with her white-snow neck.

A comfortable cool sensation spread to every corner of Lin Xueyue's body, she was so surprised and felt her Ice Qi became stronger. She quickly circulated her Ice Qi, the result made her usual cold eyes wide open. It so much faster to circulated her Ice Qi, usually it took her around 2 minutes for 1 round of Qi absorption. Now she only needed 1 minute, which means she could cultivate 2 times faster!

"Tianyun, with this I can cultivate 2 times faster." Lin Xueyue said in a rare excited voice, her dainty hand touched the necklace refused to let it go.

Shen Tianyun was surprised, "What?… I didn't feel anything at all when I wear it. Maybe it's related to your Ice Qi. Mhm! That should be the case because this necklace giving off a cool sensation. According to Xianxia novel, this should be Yin type of necklace. This is great!" He said with envious eyes. He himself needed to wait for his Spirit Root to recovered first before he could cultivate further and he didn't know if his speed will be fast as Lin Xueyue.

However, he felt rather happy in his heart, at least, Lin Xueyue could protect herself when she was in a dangerous situation. Unlike Liu Feiyan, Dongfang Mengrou, and Feng Yunxi, they are not a cultivator. This unease feeling made him want to find the next maiden as soon as possible, he wanted to unlock the Martial arts category in the Shop function.

After confirmed there are cultivation techniques selling on it, he was so excited and looking forward to it. In the future, his woman will become a cultivator and they could protect themselves since the more he walked further on this path, the more enemy he will meet along the road and with a potential big harem size, he couldn't possibly protecting them all the time.

Lin Xueyue suddenly patted Shen Tianyun's shoulder and said, "Don't worry, this Big Sis will protect you." She said jokingly which she never did before. Shen Tianyun almost vomit blood when he heard this.


On the next day, after finished his school matters, Shen Tianyun headed to the new restaurant in the outer city area. This morning, he had instructed Meng Xin to open the restaurant, he didn't know what was going on now.

Arrived at the restaurant, he was dumbfounded when he saw so many people queuing in a very long line outside the shop. It seemed the Green Jade Spicy Dry-Mixed noodle was. .h.i.t the market on the first day.

This Tianyun restaurant will solely sell this Dry-Mixed noodle and Heavenly Jade bun only, the price was lower than he sold at the Tianyun restaurant on Huafeng street. The portion of the noodle will also larger as many customers are working-cla.s.s and they needed more carbohydrates intake.

Shen Tianyun didn't fear the potential complaint that would come in the near future. Since he dared to sell the same product but a different price, he was confident in his understanding of the customer. People who could afford to walk around Huafeng street will rarely come to the outer city as they believed they are not the same cla.s.s as people around here.

Furthermore, they will never go to the restaurant that filled with working-cla.s.s customers as they thought it would mean lowering themselves if they were to mix with these people. Especially in a society that valued their faces than anything else like this.

It is a common thing since the ancient era. Humans have divided among themselves into many such as wealthy-cla.s.s, middle-cla.s.s, working-cla.s.s, servant-cla.s.s, and so on. There were a few people who won't discriminate against this, Shen Tianyun is also one.

After observing for a moment, Shen Tianyun walked up to the old man who queuing in the line and asked, "Uncle, is the line become this long since the morning?"

The old man who was wearing an old T-s.h.i.+rt turned to look at him, "I don't know but when I came here, the line already this long from the beginning." He said.

Shen Tianyun nodded, "Thank you, Uncle. Is this noodle really that delicious? I never tried it before." He asked further for a feedback.

Before the old man answered, a middle-aged man on the side chimed in, "Yes, Little brother. You need to try it by yourself, this is a second time for me to come here now. I have tasted it this morning and it's super delicious, I think this is the most delicious noodle I have ever eaten before." He said excitedly. The people around there also nodded their heads in agreement.

"I see, thank you, Big brother. I will come back again later." Shen Tianyun bid farewell to the people and went to the back of the restaurant. It was the only way for him to get into a restaurant.

Walked along a small alley in the back of the restaurant, a tall st.u.r.dy man came into Shen Tianyun's sight. He was calmly smoking his cigarette and occasionally blew a cloud of white smoke out of his mouth. When he noticed Shen Tianyun, his face became solemn and his eyes turned into a daggers glaring at Shen Tianyun.

"Who are you? Why did you come here?" said the man.

Shen Tianyun curled his lips up, "I am here to collect a protection fee." He said casually and slowly approached him.

The man frowned, "Are you from the Black Dragon gang?" He asked with vigilance.

"Oh? you know the Black Dragon gang? Then it would be easier to talk, call your manager here. Tell her I need 5,000 for a protection fee." Shen Tianyun replied with a playful smile on his face.

"I think you should go back, I don't want to hit a pretty boy like you." The man exerted his dominance aura, his body seems to emit a killing intent.

Shen Tianyun narrowed his eyes, "You want to become the enemy of my gang?"

The man slowly approached Shen Tianyun, his eyes grew cold, "I don't care who you are and what s.h.i.+tty gang you came from. Right now you only have 2 choices, obediently go back or become a corpse here."

Shen Tianyun chuckled, "Then I choose the second choice." He quickly revolted Spiritual Qi around his leg and immediately kicked towards the man's thigh.

Surprised with Shen Tianyun's sudden attack, the man stepped to the side trying to avoid Shen Tianyun's kick. However, Shen Tianyun's kick was too fast, he couldn't completely avoid it and quickly lifted his leg to block it.


Received Shen Tianyun's kick head-on, The man only stagnated and has been forced back for 3 steps. He raised his head to glare at Shen Tianyun, "You are the inner-force fighter?" He asked.

Shen Tianyun was surprised slightly, that was his 30% of strength and this man could receive it without injury. He secretly approved this man in his heart.

"Yes, you are also the inner-force fighter as well?" He asked back interestingly. From what he knows, there are 2 categories, the inner-force fighter, and the cultivator. This so-called inner-force fighter is a martial artist that focused on body strengthening and they could only use a tiny strand of Spiritual Qi due to their limited knowledge and lacking cultivation technique.

This is one of the reasons why the great 9 martial families are different than others. They are a real cultivator and has a real cultivation technique inheritance. Thus, the cultivation technique could be regarded as a priceless treasure, it was no wonder Shen Tianyun couldn't find it in his previous life despite how rich he was.

The man's face became frosty, he let out a long breath, his muscles tense up. Suddenly, his body shot like an arrow towards Shen Tianyun and punched straight into his face.

Shen Tianyun's eyes grew focused as he saw the incoming attack clearly, he wanted to test the limit of this man and quickly revolted his Qi around his fist, this time he used 50%. He punched out precisely at the man's fist.

Both of their fists collided fiercely and the man was the one who let out a low groan. His fist filled with a numb sensation, a sharp pain resonated throughout entire his body. He immediately realized that he was not Shen Tianyun's opponent.

However, he is a man of duty, since he has been hired to protect someone. He won't back down easily. He roared out loudly and rushed towards Shen Tianyun again. The latter smiled in satisfaction and activate 'Mirage Shadow' to avoid the man's attack.

"Relax, Mr.Han Sheng. I am the one who hired you." Shen Tianyun reappeared on the side, he said with a smile. When he saw this man for the first time, he immediately recognized him. He is Han Sheng who has been recommended by Cai Ning back in the day. He was hired to protect Meng Xin by him.

Han Sheng was dumbfounded, he couldn't comprehend the situation. Why did this young man became his employer?

Seeing his confused expression, Shen Tianyun said further, "You can call Meng Xin here and you will understand everything."

Han Sheng hesitated for a moment before walked into the restaurant through the back door. A short moment later, he came out with a seductive figure along with him.

Meng Xin was wearing a professional black suit, her short skirt strapped around her seductive thighs and was releasing her mature charms.

Her eyes lit up when she saw Shen Tianyun, she smiled warmly, "Boss Shen you've come. Why don't you go through the front door?" She said while slowly walked towards him. Her hips swayed in a charming manner reminded Shen Tianyun of that wild night.

Shen Tianyun smiled, "There are too many customers at the front door, It will be hard to explain if I were to walk in without queuing." He said in a languid voice.

Meng Xin nodded her head and turned to look at Han Sheng, "Mr.Han, this is my boss. Boss Shen Tianyun. He is the one who hired you."

Han Sheng nodded solemnly and took a step forward, "h.e.l.lo, Boss Shen. Please accept my apologies for being rude to you." He said in a strict manner. Maybe it was his habits as a former soldier.

Shen Tianyun laughed slightly, "No No, you don't have to apologize to me. I am the one who should apologize to you. I wanted to test your strength and your att.i.tude, that's why I try to provoke you." He waved his hand dismissively.

Han Sheng smiled as a hint of admiration appeared on his eyes. This Shen Tianyun is so young yet he has the strength on par with him. As a battle maniac, he always admired a talented fighter.

Shen Tianyun said further, "I know you will do your job well but I need you to pay more attention in this period. We are on the battlefield with Zhou family and the Black Dragon gang right now. I don't want anything to happen to her. If you can't solve anything by yourself or fell into a dire situation. You have to call me as soon as possible." He then proceeded to give Han Sheng his contact number. The latter nodded solemnly.

"Rest a.s.sured Boss Shen, I won't let anything happen to Miss Meng." He said respectfully. Shen Tianyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

Meng Xin listened to Shen Tianyun's words, a hint of sweetness bloomed in her heart. She always know with how filthy she was, she didn't deserve him at all. To received his kindness was already a blessing for her. Any man in this world would regard her as a disgusting woman but this man in front of her is different. She had vowed in her heart, she will do anything for him even it cost her life, she won't hesitate to do it.

Seeing her watery eyes staring at him in a daze, Shen Tianyun was puzzled, he reached out his hand to pinched her nose lightly, "Hey, what are you thinking?" He asked.

Meng Xin came back to her sense, she coquettish pouted, "I am already this old yet you still pinched me like I was a little girl." Her voice was very sweet.

Noticed the abnormal relations.h.i.+p between them, Han Sheng quietly retreated back into the restaurant leaving them a private s.p.a.ce.

Since they were alone now, Shen Tianyun drew himself closer to her and reached out his claws to grab her round b.u.t.t and squeeze it lightly. His actions made Meng Xin moaned seductively.

"You did a good job today, tell me what reward do you want?" He whispered near her ears.

Meng Xin's lips curled up, "You know what I want the most." She blew hot air on his face and her soft hand rubbed his crotch gently.

Received such a stimulation, his dragon rod roared loudly and solidified itself in his pant. Shen Tianyun took a deep breath trying to calm himself down, he shouldn't have played with this witch in the first place. He lifted his hand to place on her waist and said.

"Xin'er, you have to be more careful from now on, okay? There is a high chance for them to make a move on you. Your mother has protection from Miss Cai, so you don't have to worry about her much. As for you, you have to bring Han Sheng with you whenever you go." His face was dead serious.

Meng Xin reverted back to a serious expression, she nodded her head and said, "I understand, Boss Shen. I will try my best to protect myself." But in her heart, she added 'I will try my best to protect you too.'

Shen Tianyun smiled in satisfaction, "Well, how is the restaurant going?"

Meng Xin smiled, "It's brilliant, we have to use all our reserved ingredients and I think it's still not enough. Tomorrow I plan to stock more ingredients and I already ordered it." She replied. The feedback on today was exceeded her expectation.

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