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Qu looked down at the rabbit she killed and something that she somehow didn't notice before was that the rabbit had one long curling horn come out of the left side of its head. So she chose to inspect it.


name: rabbit (i would have called him a jeffrey...)

race: horned rabbit

state: really dead (RIP)
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rank: common

energy: 0/30 (its kinda dead so no energy)

characteristics: well if you couldn't guess yet its kinda dead... anyway the species is a mutated form of a regular rabbit, through minor mana infusion over the years a horn has developed on its head to allow itself to charge at prey and predator alike, it has a also developed slightly blue tinted fur due to the absorption of mana.


Qu ignored all of the comments her system made seeing that this probably wasn't the last time her system was going to make.

After reading through all the information, she pressed the rabbit against her chest until her chest turned to ooze and allowed the rabbit to enter in.


"new form gained- jeffrey"


Despite how annoying the system was turning to be Qu couldn't help but laugh.

she chose to become the horned rabbit and watched as her point of view slowly s.h.i.+fted lower and lower. once this one done the normal 20 hour stabilization period message shot up and Qu went on with her day, although it was slightly hard to hop around with her foot constantly turning to ooze.


keno continued to walk through the forest, keeping on the trail of footprints and deer tracks, his heart sped up when the tracks of of the deer started to leave smoldering imprints in the ground where slightly charred earth now stood. To pa.s.s the time Keno chose to practice his magic as he walked, he scooped up a bit of earth and proceeded to slowly manipulate it until it became a smooth ball, then once he did that he pulled any small pebbles and bits of dust that may be in the ball causing it to become an even smaller ball. Then he slowly started to infuse his mana into it, he continued to feed his mana into it for about an hour before his energy went down to half value, in which then he stopped. The result of this was a dense smooth piece of dirt that was able to be manipulated by Keno very easily without much input of mana to do so. So as he walked he started to morph the ball into different shapes, from triangles all the way up a tiny little chicken.

But he soon had to pocket it, when he came across a hollow tree with a groove in the ground, it was a weird sight as well as there was a lot of deer tracks, and footprints in this area. So what it seemed was that after his brother found the deer he killed it and chose to rest in the tree the deer was resting in, but what didn't make sense was that the footprints were not from boots or shoes but rather bare feet, which could only make Keno wonder why his brother would ever walk barefoot in a forest. But nonetheless he still followed the foot prints so that he may meet up with his brother.


Qu found that when she went to generate fire in this form it gathered at the tip of her horn rather then her feet or hands, but on the plus side it did look cool. She then chose to start heading back to the tree she had been resting in for the last 2 days, she slowly started to hop her way back.

But to her surprise about half way to reaching her tree she found a boy walking through the forest. He seemed to also be a pract.i.tioner of earth magic, much like the mage she fought before, but sadly at her current state she wasn't able to fight him, as she would have to wait for the stabilisation period to end before she could consume his body and she also wasn't in a optimal form to fight him in as well. So she just continued to hop past him and continued to trekk back to the tree so that she can sleep off the stabilization period so that she can return to her elemental human form.


As Keno continued to follow the trial his brother left he saw the most peculiar thing, he saw a rabbit hop right past him, but the weird thing was, was that it had a ma.s.sive horn protruding from its head with the tip of it lightly burning away. It almost looked like someone strapped a sparkler to its head. But something he couldn't quite shake was that the feet of it almost seemed liquid like and drained of colour, but he shook it off and put it down to hunger seeing that he had only eaten a piece of jerky in the morning. So he sat down and pulled out a small container holding a few nuts and berries that he took from home and snacked down on them.

once he was done eating he noticed that it had hit just past mid-day and as such he would have to start moving a bit quicker if he wanted to meet up with his brother, so he packed up his stuff and started to follow the trial again but this time he moved a bit quicker so that he could meet up with his brother as soon as possible.


It was time, time for Qu to figure out what was going on. She just had to know now, it was bugging her too much... why on earth would a rabbit get a horn.

Because it seemed to her that if rabbits lived in burrows then why would they need a horn, if anything a horn would be a negative as it would mean they would need bigger tunnels.


"it's not a bad thing it, didn't you hear me the last time, they use it to hunt and protect themselves. I think living from a predator is better than having a small hole to sleep in"


"yeah, but wouldn't more predators be able to get them if its a larger hole so really it's a double edged sword"

This argument had been going on for the last 20 minutes between Qu and the system and so far not a single one of them was able to convince the other. But on the plus side it pa.s.sed the time while Qu waited for her stabilisation period to be completed.

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