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Would fighting make the G.o.d of Fortune aura turn black? Did she want to prevent him from fighting for this?

He thought for a while and said, “It darkened. So I can't help you transfer it?”

She stomped her feet and touched the black halo above his head.

That moment …

Her heart shook, and it began to hurt, followed by the stomach … the lower abdomen …

As if something was stirring inside. She was trembling in pain.

She crouched slowly and uncomfortably, and her tears dripped. She regretted being too reckless. She could only sigh in pain and said, “It hurts … It hurts …”

For a moment, Min Jingfeng didn't know if it was true or not. Even if it was fake, looking at her like this, he was uncomfortable. He crouched beside her, helpless like a child, completely unlike the ferocious man just now. He panicked and said, “What should I do?”

Lin Cha felt that his voice came from another s.p.a.ce, which was a bit distorted. She gritted her teeth and said, “You try to be happy first.”

Because every time he was happy, the halo would lighten up.

Min Jingfeng froze for a moment, 'Happy?'

All of a sudden he remembered something.

–“He's so good! You can't fire him!” She said angrily.

–“The world is not fair to him!” She cried.

–“It must have been uncomfortable at that time … it would have been nice if I knew you then.”

She felt the pain gradually leaving. She looked up and saw the black halo turning into warm yellow, little by little.

Lin Cha could not help leaning forward and hugging, she said, “Touch my head, it hurts.”

Min Jingfeng was now sure, this person was acting coquettish, just to prevent him from fighting.

He still reached out and touched her head, “Should I say some spell to help?”

She asked, “How much do you know about your G.o.d of Fortune aura?”

His face did not change, “I know that I can transfer it, that's all.”

Her eyes went wide. She looked up at Min Jingfeng: “Aren't you a real G.o.d of Fortune? Your mana is boundless, and you can read minds!” In Lin Cha's view, it should be as boundless as in the novels.

He laughed, “What do you think I am? I have no magic power. I am like you. I am also a human.”

Min Jingfeng deliberately teased her, “It turned out that you like the G.o.d of Fortune, not me. What will you do now that you know I am not the G.o.d of Fortune?”

Lin Cha understood what the G.o.d truly meant. One day he learned that he was also a human being, but has an aura of fortune that can be transferred. She wors.h.i.+ped Min Jingfeng more.

She immediately refuted, “No, no, I really like you! It's not a status, but your soul!”

He was so brave. She even once saw him jump into a flowing water to save someone.

She thought he was the G.o.d of Fortune and had unlimited magic power. Now she knows that he was not a G.o.d, and may die like a human.

Even in the body of a mortal he was as spiritual as a G.o.d.

When Min Jingfeng saw her frightened expression from her thoughts that he misunderstood her, he was anxious to hold her in his arms and comfort her.

‘Don't be afraid, I know you like me.'

The author has something to say: Continue to be honest Lin Cha.

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