A Love Beyond The Nations -1 A Universe!

A Love Beyond The Nations -

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We live in a world where us humans consider ourselves as 'the advanced species'.

But would you consider yourself as advanced?

Let me just start off with a simple question.


"Hmm...Mankind? - No, that is what the languages termed us...

....h.o.m.o sapiens? - No, that is what Science termed us.....

...Humans?- No, it's something that we called ourselves."
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"Then who are we?"

Some of us might say "We are the beings of the earth"

But is that true? Are we really the earth beings?

We don't even know our past and origins!

All we know is that there is a birth and death in the journey of life.

A journey to which it's before and after is unknown!


The story begins...

"Mydhili I said get out !" - The teacher shouted.

"But, I... I didn't do anything!"

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