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As arthur wakes up to a sound of crying he gets up and heads towards Hugo but as he opens his eyes to comfort him he saw the crying wasn't coming from Hugo then Arthur went towards the gold like walls and heard were the crying was coming from he quickly left and came back for some guards and ordered them to break the wall down and as they tried tried to break the wall it didn't break instead a trapped door opened and as Arthur lit a torch he was about to go in there until a guard stopped him "sir this might be dangerous we can't allow you to go in there" "no I'm going in " Arthur said then two guards put there hands on Arthur "sorry no can do" "let me go or else" "or else what I don't even know why we listen to you your weak and your not our boss she is" the guard said as he points to kat "this is your last warning" Arthur said angrily "no" the guard said laughingly then Arthur pulled out a hidden blade and stabbed both the guards in the head then almost stabs the third guard until he said "stop please!" The guard said then Arthur smiled wickedly then he stabbed the guard in the throat "I'm the king and you listen to me she is your queen you listen to her got that now die" Arthur said while smiling wickedly then thrusting the blade another time into his neck then after he saw no sign of life he dragged the bodies into the secret room and went towards the crying as he continues to walk he saw everything looked Weird and old then he realized "this must be the old castle as a child I was told never to go down here as when the human and fairy, dragon war happened one of the dragons that can control time had attacked the castle and made it unstable during that attack 15 people died because of falling debris and another 40 people either got injured or aged by the attack the old kings great great great grandpa was one of the injured at that time there were also a lot of kids who got aged when they came out of the medic there parents were saddened as there children were nearly 20 because of the dragon and because of that most of the mage parents joined the war and more than 50 percent used forbidden time magic on the dragons that's most of the reason we won the war but still a lot of great people died but after a lot of parents tried fixing there sons and daughter but the magical high council heard and banned it anyone who continued had been killed, arrested or sometimes even rapped it was a horrible time the king must not have known about this entrance as there were thought to be only 3 entrance though the cave, sewer or bas.e.m.e.nt I'm guessing he didn't know about a wall entrance" Arthur said as he kept on walking then he hears the crying getting louder he runs in that direction then he see a almost half decayed moving body as he approaches it walks back then Arthur stops moving "c-can you talk" "yes" "o-ok you can understand me look I'm not going to hurt you I'm just wondering did you make those crying sounds" "no it was my son" the decay said then he pulled out a child under a blanket he had over him "ok so why do you look like a skeleton" Arthur said pointing at the person "I was cursed" "ok but what about your baby he doesn't look cursed " "he cursed he lives as a baby for all eternity but I'm cursed to live as a skeleton for all of eternity we'll not all of eternity more like a few years" "oh those curses" "you know our curse" "we'll not your curses but I know something a little like it and I may know a cure but it may not work as it's only for that Pacific curse but it's sorta like it by the look of it I'll try but I'll need a few ingredients" "sure anything" "just to make sure you do understand the risk for you right" "what's the risk" "for you since you only have a little time left you'll possibly die immediately after your uncursed" Arthur said with a sad face "what about my son he doesn't deserve this he's just a small child!" Decay said worried "that's different his curse is more fixable as it's not yours his curse like you said will make him a baby for all eternity once I cure him he'll live but you had a time limit and that time limit is almost up" "t-thank you I know this may seem much but can you also take care of him as people won't understand one thing about him and they'll hurt him or worse so please" decay said beginningly "of course what's his name anyway" "his name is Thomas well anyway do you want to hear my story" "sure tell me why your cursed" "ok here you a very very long time ago there was a war humans against fairys, and dragons-" decay said then Arthur then interuped "I already know a lot of children aged some parents tried to reverse the effects there were only 10000 out of 50000 actually caught doing it" "dam boy you know your stuff but next time don't interrupt it's rude well anyway did you know they didn't actually kill the parents they only said they cursed them but really they experimented with black magic on them curses people call them" Decay said then Arthur looked surprised "I was the first one to get caught but it was sort worth it as it worked for a while but after they re cursed him for me it was worse like in one experiment they had sent him to a orphanage and a few of the older kids after a year noticed he didn't grow or needed to eat they called him a freak and beat him until the counter curse reacted and made the bully's themselves babies and he got sent back but there are two other incident that I dear not speak of anyway what do you need "I already have 2 of the three ingredients the last one is dust from grinded bones of a deceased spirit " Arthur said then decay pulled out one of its own bones "will fairy bones work" "yes but who's the- your a fairy"arthur said then decayed nodded her head then it pulled out a journal and gave it to Arthur "it contains my life story " "thanks" Arthur said then he chanted and made the bone into dust and made 2 potions and gave it both to Thomas and decay and as decay drank it she fed it to Thomas then decays body started to generate and there it was decays true body revealed to be a middle aged woman with dark blonde hair and blue eyes with pointed ears and then two black sparkling wings appeared then she started to grip her chest "my chest it hurts I must be dying wait before I go do my son a favor when he grows his wings please cut them off "I don't want him being hunted" decay said then Arthur looked anger "h.e.l.l NO! You can't just erase somebody's race it's there choice to be what they want!" Arthur said angrily "y-your right sorry I just don't want him to get hurt" "it's ok I understand but don't you remember that wings can be hidden " "really" "you didn't know every race except humans got a magic type of course it's rare to get unless if your a fairy,demon,angel,or any of the wing race but because of I'm a elf plus my dad got wing I have rings to just there hidden as elf's can be confused for fairy's if the wings are always out " really ok then can you teach him to control them please" decay said begingly "sure"

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