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Kill That Man

Chapter 13 Pranking the Li Family

For example, when she competes in spells with others, she curses the other person to sneeze, the other person is doing their hand-seals and chanting their spell. When they sneeze, won't their spell be interrupted?

Isn't this a great advantage for her?

Small curses can also come in handy and even save lives.

Yu Qing Yao can't help but pay more attention to this curse spell.

She stares at the curse column and looks for a long time, and suddenly she feels like the numbers can be used.

She tries to move the number down to the White Crane Long Fist.

Suddenly, there is a wonderful change on the system screen.

After successfully cursing Li Shuanggen again, the number of the curse bar was originally 210.

The number of the curse bar is now 010.

And the words next to the White Crane Long Fist, have changed from Introductory to Master.

Suddenly she has ten times more internal force in her Dantian.

Yu Qing Yao is stunned for a moment, then immediately after shes ecstatic.

Originally the systems curse points can also be used like this. This way, I can cultivate quickly, as long as there are enough curse points, who can cultivate faster than me?

Give me a hundred million curse points, then watch me fly to the heavens in minutes!

Hmm, all I'm missing now is a cursing target and resting time.

That's right! Now that my internal strength has upgraded, I'm full of energy, I can curse again. Who's a good cursing target? Li Shuanggen was too miserable today, I'll let him go first.

The face of Li Huaide comes to mind. He did nothing wrong, but the original really did die because of him.

After yesterday's incident, Yu Qing Yao found that Li Huaide actually liked the original, but his Master and his parents both want him to withdraw from the marriage agreement. He didn't resist.

If he was dead he could be exonerated from this sin, however now he cannot escape from this living h.e.l.l. The original died because of you, you should suffer for this sin.

Yu Qing Yao smiles evilly and curses Li Huaide to trip and fall.

The Li family is eating breakfast at this time, his relatives haven't left yet, more than a dozen relatives are gathered around a table, there is a large dish of meat noodles on the table. There are still some leftovers on the side.

Li Huaide has just finished a bowl of noodles and is on his second bowl.

Seeing her younger brothers wife trying to get noodles, Mother Li says, "Son, you move aside, let Auntie Sheng get noodles first."

Li Huaide is a filial child, he hurriedly smiles and gives way.

His aunt feels apologetic and says, "It's okay, let the child eat first."

Li Huaide steps back and says: "Aunt Sheng, I have already eaten a bowl, don't worry!"

As soon as he steps back, he steps on a puppy's tail. The dog was gnawing on his bone under the table, and was suddenly stepped on, it cried out angrily and turned its head and took a bite out of Li Huaide's feet.

Li Huaide didn't step on solid ground. He felt that he had stepped on a soft object, and his center of gravity was lost. And then he was bitten, startled, he instinctively moved his foot back. Once again his center of gravity is completely gone.

He directly falls down, because he has a bowl in his hand he can't even grab onto a handrail.

With a loud sound, Li Huaide falls flat on his back.

The noodles are sprinkled all over.

Everyone is speechless.

This is the future Daoist Immortal, you will also trip and fall?

Yu Qing Yao is laughing awfully hard, seeing him out of luck she is pleased.

After a rest, her mind turns to the Li parents.

Although Li Huaide had a bit of pity for the original, his parents had no sympathy for Yu Qing Yao at all. When they saw the decline of the Yu family, they immediately wanted to withdraw from the marriage. The son refused to retreat, so whenever Mother Li saw Yu Qing Yao, she always had an unpleasant look on her face.

Mother Li often indirectly scolds Yu Qing Yao in front of her face. The old lady would scold her, then Yu Qing Yao would run home and secretly weep.

Yu Qing Yao's eyes turn around and she curses Mother Li to continuously sneeze ten times.

Mother Li lifts up her fallen son, feeling distressed for him, she brushes off the noodles on his body. He sprained his ankle, so she supports him to his room to change clothes.

Li Huaide lost his face in front of many people so he is in a bad mood.

He enters his room, forcing a smile, he says, "I'm fine, Mom, you go and eat noodles."

Mother Li walks out of the room and goes to the table to eat her noodles. As the hostess, she has just started eating her first bowl of noodles now.

Picking up her chopsticks, Yu Qing Yao's curse has finally arrived.

Mother Li's hand is holding her bowl, her other hand is holding the chopsticks, she sneezes ten times.

When people sneeze, they usually cover their nose with their hand or turn their head to the side.

There are people on both sides of Mother Li, unable to turn away, her hands are holding things, also unable to cover her nose.

She bows her head and sneezes ten times, saliva and snot, all fall into the big noodle pot.

Everyone at the table looks at her, stunned.

Some people think, d.a.m.n, I just ate a bowl, how can I eat the second bowl now, ah?

Li Mother sneezed, embarra.s.sed to death, she hurriedly says: "I'll cook another pot of noodles."

She brings the pot of noodles into the kitchen, and while cooking the second pot of noodles, she feels heartache. She is heartbroken about the half-pot of shredded chicken noodle soup that n.o.body ate.

Father Li follows her into the kitchen, complaining that his wife and son don't know how to conduct themselves, so that the guests didn't eat well and lost his face.

Mother Li is speechless.

Yu Qing Yao takes a break and then decides to handle Father Li.

She curses Father Li to sprain his ankle.

Father Li finished eating noodles and is instructing people to return the table and chairs borrowed yesterday.

Carrying a big wooden table, unable to see the path ahead, he accidentally sprains his ankle.

Later on, he and his son made a pair of iron crutches. Yu Qing Yao completed three consecutive kills against the Li family. She feels refreshed, her goal has been accomplished.

Staring at the newly obtained 3 curse points, Yu Qing Yao thinks about it and decides not to add it to anything for the time being. She has a Master, and if Master checks her progress, isn't that bad? There's no way to explain it!

She decides to save first, and when the time is right, use it again.

After a good rest, she thinks of the Old Patriarch again. Well, the old man doesn't understand anything, but he pretends to be an expert. Took her as a possessed corpse and almost burned her alive. This girl was scared to death, if she doesn't fulfill him well, sister cannot swallow this breath.

Originally she wanted to curse the Li Patriarch now, but Yu Qing Yao thinks about it and decides to postpone it for later.

She can only play small curses now, the timing of the curse is important.

At noon, Master Daoist w.a.n.g didn't come back, a young daoist child delivers food.

Yu Qing Yao ate in the courtyard, the young daoist child takes the bowl and chopsticks and leaves.

After eating, Yu Qing Yao ponders, at this time the Li family should still be entertaining guests. When country folk celebrate happy events, they don't treat their guests to one meal, its usually a two day event.

When villagers entertain guests, the Old Patriarch will certainly be invited.

The Old Patriarch likes to have a few drinks, and right now he should still be at the table.

Yu Qing Yao's evil spell comes out.

She curses the Old Patriarch to have an accident in his pants.

At the Li family, a guest gets up to toast the Old Patriarch. The Old Patriarch gets up to drink. Just about to drink, there is a sound like thunder rolling coming from his stomach. The Old Patriarch feels a warm heat in his crotch, and then that warm current flows straight down.

At this table, the guests are all distinguished and n.o.ble. When they hear strange noises, they all turn to look at the Old Patriarch.

Then they smell a strange smell.

Everyone is puzzled.

The Old Patriarch has an extremely strange look on his face, feeling three points incredibly astonished, three points ashamed, face red, and four points extremely distressed, want to knock his head to death.

G.o.d! Why is this happening? Why at this time?

He doesn't even want to drink anymore, saying: "My stomach is feeling a little unwell, disrespectful!"

Not waiting for anyone to urge him to stay, he turns around and runs out.

Li Huaide is bewildered, at the door entrance he pulls the Old Patriarch, smiling he says: "Grandpa, why are you leaving? Have another drink!"

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