The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 54 Chapter 51 - The Meal 4

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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February 10, 2020

(Qin Zetian's POV)

"Do you believe me now?" the dragon transformed into his Human form, and pulled me from the daze. I looked around and found out that he brought me in another dimension. The place turned into a void of endless violets. Violet herbs in vine forms are scattered around the area and they have small white flowers.

"Where did you brought me?"

"In the battlefield"

"You want me to fight with you?"

"You're an intelligent human after all, that's good. Now choose your weapon"

Shelves of weapons appeared beside me. Each of them is engulfed with a different light. I feel the strength variations of the energy fluctuations of each weapon.

"Choose the best for you" the dragon reminded me

I closed my eyes and walk towards the pile of weapons. I felt their vibrations, like each of them wants me to pick them.

I pick a double edged sword from the pile of weapons.

"You picked the demon's soul bounded swords. I wonder how possible that is, I knew you came from the Heavenly Dao royalty bloodline. But seeing you able to wield that sword is beyond my imagination"

I opened my eyes and the weapons vanished. His hair turned white and a scar appeared on his face. The hammer he was holding is large and heavy. It does not match his skinny appearance at all.

But there must be a good reason why he chose that type of weapon. Or maybe he can manage to s.h.i.+ft it into different weapons as long as he likes it. But that needs a higher level of cultivation and much qi energy consumption.

How did my life in this era became much complicated?

I only wanted to fulfill my dream and be a businesswoman. I only wanted to be a businesswoman, but look I am always facing trouble.

He smashed his hammer and the ground im standing broke in half. I jumped on the flying debris, he instantly landed a good hit. Luckily I have a last minute to avoid it. Is this guy going to kill me? With due respect, I don't even know how old he is. I just knew that if a heavenly beast covets a human form it is likely to be very powerful and very old.

His hammer turned into a whip.

His whip looks like a rose vine whip, but it was covered in rich red light. It has thorns that contains a toxic fluid on the very tip. It's likely flying all over the area.

My dress tore open on the shoulder part.

"Can you aim for something far from the private parts?"

"Oh I am not aiming to kill you little girl, I am here to practice and exercise my strength. For so many years I never had the time to play. I was always too busy cultivating in this dimension."

"Do you plan to kill me?"

"A little"
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Then his whip slashed on my arm and it bleed badly.

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