The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 53 Chapter 50 - The Meal 3

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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February 10, 2020

(Qin Zetian's POV)

Scales as dark as the night, and as the fire illuminated the room his scales also turned b.l.o.o.d.y red in shade. Eyes as big as crystals on the ceiling of my room, golden red and strikingly attractive. Teeth as sharp as a soldier's sword, ready to tear someone that goes against him. The dragon I might add is a magical heavenly beast, and from the history thousands has perished underneath its overwhelming power.

Why is it here?

Is this a dungeon?

Has my father imprisoned it?

"Human, ah you are the destined offspring of the Heavenly Dao Empire. Who sent you in my humble domain?"

"What are you talking about? I am Qin Zetian, the third miss of Qin Clan's household. Are you imprisoned here?"

"Qin clan? I don't think it is so. Your grandfather Qin Wuzheng has help me in recovering my powers for a century now. And as far as I know this clan cannot produce female heirs. How come you are the third miss? Who broke the curse of the empress?"



What is Heavenly Dao Empire?
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What empress was he talking about?

How come our clan has been cursed not to give birth to a female heir?

Where did I and my sisters came from?

My knees shakily stood as I was cornered on one of the shelves.

The dragon should be lying!

"I am not lying to you"

I trembled and reached for the first book of the seven continents. I opened the book and flipped through the pages. But what's odd is the the pages were full of sketches, or images, and they are moving. They are showing me the happenings of the past.



I thought...

Once there was a whole continent, it was ruled by two great leaders. Imperial empress Wei Shenxui and Imperial emperor Fang Changming.

They wedded and became a couple. But the emperor's love was stolen by a thief, a princess from another kingdom pretended to be his slave. She became pregnant with the son of internal might, strongest amongst the offspring the empress has birth into. So strong that the empress punished him to be imprisoned in the dungeons of h.e.l.l. She cursed him and the generations he'll build through. A family of royals without an heir and then the empress killed his beloved. The princess exact her revenge but the empress was too powerful.

She sacrificed the life of the princess in an altar and finished the spell. Then she married the cursed son of the emperor. She bore him the strongest army, and lack the females. But it was a tragedy, the rise of the clans pet.i.tioned to dethrone her.

The empress lost her everything and she was banished in the land of the devil.

The clans rose.

And earthquake occur in one of the gathering nights. The ma.s.sive continent was divided into seven parts.

The tribes experienced a whole new evolution, and they no longer desired unity.

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