The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 28 Chapter 27 - The Adopted Daughter 3

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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We carried on the plan and went straight to the dress shop. We bought a few ready made dresses for her. She was so happy that she hugged me tightly and shed a few tears. It's good that we are wearing veils. No one will see or identify our faces and the drama of sorts.

"The crown prince has arrived"

I took a step back and bowed with the rest.

"Rise" in my peripheral vision the crown prince is a flamboyant ent.i.ty, but his character is strong.

It's good that Weishen did not look up to him and focused her attention to the dresses that we purchased.

"Oh beauties!" the prince stopped in front of us

I frowned

"The two of you will become my concubines. The palace needs beautiful ladies to serve this crown prince. Hehe"

I felt Weishen's hand tightening on my waist. And she is slightly trembling.

"Han Wan we will wait at the carriage, take care of the dresses Han Yuomei come on"

"Wait who told you to leave! In front of this prince no one can leave without my permission. What I say goes, what I want I get!" the prince shouted and everyone else kneeled except for me, my maidservants and Weishen.

The prince lifted her hand and was about to lay a slap on my face but I know with my current martial arts strength I will be able to dodge it. But something else happened.

"Lay a hand on my fiance and I will cut your fingers" everyone s.h.i.+fted their gazes to the men who appeared at the door."

Gasps and awe filled the air.

Three men who wore white showed up. Even I cannot deny that those men are really powerful. But the one who spoke is different, his charismatic appearance is also too enigmatic and otherworldly.

"I've heard the G.o.dly sect's prince Wu Moying, the antiquity palace prince Wu Zhengzhou and Northern Moon Kingdom Wu Minfeng is in the capital today to look for disciples."

"I've also heard that, and rumors say the three princes always wear white. Even his majesty the emperor created a banquet for their arrival."
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"I have also heard that this year the princes will choose someone from the imperial children to enter their sect"

"Such opportunity!"

"I think the crown prince lost his chance"

"Yeah I think so too"

"Who would have thought that the beauties in front of him are protected by the G.o.dly prince himself"

"No wonder all of them wore white"

"It's so sad we can only watch them from afar"

"You, you and you! Who are you? Why are you in my kingdom?" the infuriated prince shouted like a fool.

I silently stepped behind the large piles of clothing.

"Han Yuomei thank the three sincerely, you and Han Wan can take the carriage"

I and Weishen jumped at the window. I whistled and my father's horse came.

"Shen'er we need to get out of trouble first. Wear this cloak" then I wore the same cloak as hers.

I helped Weishen sat on my father's horse, then I sat next to her and escaped the scene.

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