The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 26 Chapter 25 - The Adopted Daughter 1

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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Everyone is busy unloading their stuff. My mother brought the empress and Rous.h.i.+ to her room and talk of random things. While I decided to look out for the three children. I have no problem with the twins because when my brother arrived home not an hour ago they already liked to be with him. They asked lots of questions and my brother enjoyed their company.

I eventually asked Rous.h.i.+ a favor and told her to guard her mom, something might happen so I told Rous.h.i.+ to be with her mom at all times. Her mom is heavily poisoned so she needed utmost care and I need to tell my mom about that later. I will also look for a cure or make them on my own ability. For the meantime Weishen was left with me.

I brought her to my courtyard and placed her next to my room. Her things weren't too many, so I let the maidservants take care of the arrangements. I led her to my room. I also told Han Yuomei to prepare a bath and let Han Wan choose little dresses from my closet that will fit Weishen.

"Shen'er, come close to me. Let me see your hands"

She obediently came close to me and her hands reached mine. I held them, but I wondered why she wore suck thick gloves. I pinch her hands lightly, but I saw the changes on her face expression. I immediately removed the gloves and saw her hands covered in blues. My eyes widened, I suddenly lifted her sleeves and saw bruises. They are even freshly made. In my uncle's absence who tried to bully her?
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"Tell big sister who bullied you?"

Her tears slowly poured out of her cute little eyes, and sadness enveloped them.

"Did the servants there bully you? Shen'er come here"

I hugged the child as she cried her sorrows silently.

"Han Wan can you retrieve some medicines for me, find someone bandages for the bruises and cold leaves."

"Han Yuomei, make sure that the water is warmer than how I want it to be when I take a bath and pour milk and honey"

I touched her hair and felt that it was too rough. Her hands were not only filled with bruises, it also have a thick layer of calluses. Such a poor child, my uncle never knew what happened to his daughter because he was far away, he only got home when I opened the restaurant and another one time event. The emperor immediately released oders so he rushed back to his post and never had the time to check on this child.

"Don't cry anymore, from now on you'll have big sister. Big sister will protect you. Don't worry okay. I will cure you, a month before the exams for the capital school starts. I will teach you everything that you want to learn. You're not alone anymore, in this battle you have me."

"Big sister wuwu"

I patted her head slowly. And examined her scalp, there are even dried blood from cuts. How many times have they injured her head?

I will investigate this!

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