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Han Bo looked at his ax on the stone and then looked at Nero. He was surprised by this stranger could dodge his ridiculous ax throw.

But then he noticed something even more unbelievable. The stranger not only had bright white hair at such a young age but also he was the most handsome man he had ever seen.

Nero noticed a strange sparkle in Han Bo's eyes as he stared at him. Sarah can't help but comment for him to be careful with that muscular man.

Xiong Zhelan stared at the group's captain while he wondered if there was any chance of negotiating.

"What do you want from us?"

The captain knew that Xiong Zhelan had already understood the situation but was still trying to negotiate. But he didn't want to waste time allowing to appear others from the Black Sword Sect.

He took out a long sword from his magic backpack and pointed it at Xiong Zhelan.

"Han Bo, take care of the white-haired boy. I kill the Black Sword Elder. If you do it fast... I will reward you tonight..."

The other mercenaries understood that they did not need to interfere in the fight and settled on rocks or on the floor to watch the show.

Xiong Zhelan was frustrated that the captain ignored him, but that was how the people in the Guam Family acted. They didn't care anyone except the Royal Family and killed everyone in their path.

The captain did not wait for a second and ran towards Xiong Zhelan, preparing his sword stroke. It was as fast as Xiong Zhelan feared. He took the xiphos sword from the magic backpack and prepared himself for combat.

Han Bo ran towards Nero to kill him with empty hands, ignoring the ax across the street. Nero knew that Han Bo was in the third layer of the Martial Warrior Realm and would be a powerful opponent like Tao Jian or even stronger.

Xiong Zhelan never feared to die in combat, but he can't help but look sadly at Nero before crossing swords with the captain.

"Don't die, boy."

Nero did not think about dying. At least not before killing Sarah's enemies. But he was grateful for Xiong Zhelan's care.

"Don't die, old man."

Everything was swift as cultivators of the Martial Warrior Realm had incredible speed. The captain struck his sword vertically, and Xiong Zhelan blocked it horizontally.


The sound of metal hitting metal was so loud that even animals in the forest could hear it. Xiong Zhelan's hand vibrated uncontrollably, clearly showing who had the advantage.

Xiong Zhelan already expected the captain to be much stronger than him, but coming so hard on the first blow showed that he didn't want to waste time.

When the captain's sword was blocked, he raised his knee, hitting Xiong Zhelan in the belly, throwing him into the forest.

The move was much faster than the sword attack catching Xiong Zhelan off guard. He felt a lot of pain in his belly and spit out some blood when he hit a tree.

He got up quickly, making a defensive position with his sword prepared. When he focused his senses to find out the captain's location, it didn't take him a second to try to turn around and find a kick coming from above.

Xiong Zhelan was thrown once again, hitting other trees in the forest. More blood came out of his mouth, but that was far from over.

"I'll have to use it..."

While on the floor, Xiong Zhelan took a black pill from his pocket and consumed quickly. The captain went towards Xiong Zhelan right after throwing him but was not quick enough to prevent him from using the pill.

"Do you think you have a chance with that kind of cheap trick?"

The pill was a gift from his sister. It is a drug that improves the body, very similar to a Body Improvement Technique, but without side effects.

As it is a very rare and valuable pill that only people of great importance in the Black Sword Sect have access to it. Xiong Ling gave one to her brother, but the pill has a percentage effect, so the better the base power, the better the increase will be.

In the case of Xiong Zhelan, the increase was enough to give him the power of a third layer's Martial Warrior for some time. After consuming the pill, he had a better perception of the captain's speed, who was running towards him.

Xiong Zhelan rolled on the ground to dodge the sword stroke that sank into the ground. The captain did not stop and tried to kick him, who got up and jumped backward, dodging other strokes until he managed to stay ten meters away from him.

Although the captain's sword was not a magic weapon like Xiong Zhelan's one, it's still a high-quality sword, but the captain used more kicks and punches than the sword.

Xiong Zhelan thought he had a chance of winning because he is a better swordsman and couldn't help but provoke the captain, hoping to decrease his concentration.

"Why do you use a sword if you don't know how to use it?"

The captain saw a smile of hope on Xiong Zhelan's face, but he didn't care about swords. Then he threw his sword at Xiong Zhelan, who deflected quickly.

"I was trying to improve my sword's skills, but it seems like I will never be a swordsman. Whatever... I honestly don't like swords."

Xiong Zhelan thought that the captain was strong but not skilled with the sword. That would be an advantage for him, but then the captain discarded his sword and took two clubs out of his magic backpack, making Xiong Zhelan rethink his strategy.

"So, the sword was not his main weapon..."

The captain never abandoned his severe att.i.tude and attacked with strength and speed. Xiong Zhelan still had some advantage as he could handle the clubs well using his sword.

For almost ten minutes, the captain attacked without stopping, but Xiong Zhelan managed to defend all the hits. The captain was impressed with that sword skill.

But he couldn't waste any more time, so he moved back and put away the clubs. He was stronger and faster than Xiong Zhelam, so there was no reason for him to insist on fighting in a way that these advantages were not helping him.

Xiong Zhelan, even being able to handle the captain's strikes, was not in good condition. He was fighting at his limit and could only block, so when the captain moved away, he tried to end the fight by attacking one time with all his remained strength.

"I have to win! I can't just lose here and abandon the boy..."

He used all the strength he could and even evoked his Water Qi around the sword. The attack looked a strong and precise wave going horizontally towards the captain with the intention of splitting his body.

But the captain still showed no fear while putting away the clubs and taking a huge mace from his magic backpack. He wasted no time and attacked the wave with his big mace, causing a huge explosion of water.

Xiong Zhelan was confident that this attack would break any weapon other than magic. But to his shock, the captain's mace did not move when it came in contact with his sword. His hands vibrated more than before, and he understood that the mace is also a magic weapon.

When the water fell on them, the captain was holding his mace still looking serious while Xiong Zhelan was having trouble breathing after using so much effort in a single attack.

"It seems that it is your limit."

"Don't hold on."

Even being at a great disadvantage now, Xiong Zhelan would not give up so easily. He tried to attack the captain again as he could not be defensive against the big mace.

As it was a weaker attack than the previous one, the captain had no problems blocking, but this time, he did not stop and kicked Xiong Zhelan, throwing him against the trees.

When Xiong Zhelan got up, he realized that they were inside the forest and far away from the road where Nero was fighting Han Bo. He had been fighting for about fifteen minutes, but he didn't notice anything around him and was completely focused on the captain.

Before he could organize his thoughts, the great mace comes not giving him time to dodge. He tried to block with his sword, but the strike was too strong, and he was thrown again.

"If nothing changes, I won't be able to take much more..."

Xiong Zhelan stood up again. He was severely wounded, bleeding from various parts of his ripped tunic. Still, he couldn't give up. Then he raised his sword and prepared for the great mace that was coming destroying everything in its path.

The captain had no mercy and hit again harder and harder, throwing Xiong Zhelan again and again, who looked like a kite loose in the wind while painting the ground with blood. So he stopped in front of Xiong Zhelan, who couldn't get up this time.

"Even being pretty weak for a Black Sword Sect's elder, you fight well."

Xiong Zhelan, still on the ground, gave the captain a smile.

"You have a good mace there... It was a good gift from those pigs."

Almost everyone at Xu Dynasty hated the Guan Family, and the Black Sword Sect is one of their biggest enemies. But since no one would go against the second prince, he saw nothing at insults like that.

"It wasn't the Guan Family that gave it to me. It is an inheritance from my father."

The captain was not like most people who worked for the Guan Family, and Xiong Zhelan was beginning to realize that. Since the start, he had fought seriously, not an idiot like the others that Xiong Zhelan meets.

"Why work for people like them?"

"Work is work no matter what. If they pay me well, so I don't mind killing anyone."

d.a.m.n mercenaries. Xiong Zhelan could only think like that because there was no way to negotiate with the captain even if he was not like others in the Guan Family.

The captain had already given Xiong Zhelan time to say a few last words, so he raised the great mace to kill him.

"You seem to care a lot for the boy, so I can only promise that I will give him a quick death if he is still alive."

Many thoughts came to Xiong Zhelan's mind while he watched in slow motion the great mace falling to take his life.

He remembered his father. He was like a high mountain that would defend everyone from any evil. But then he died, leaving his family alone.

So his mother took care of his family with all the love and protection he could ask for. She was the most amazing woman in the world, but then she abandoned him and his sister.

So his sister... She always took care of him. But he would leave her now...

Not only her... But he would also abandon a boy who needs his help in a land where everyone would hate him.

If only he could be as strong as his sister...
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"I can not give up!"

Xiong Zhelan started thinking about the people he cared about, and then he realized that he would miss them a lot. He couldn't give up and abandon them. So he focused all the Qi he still had for one last move.

The captain saw Xiong Zhelan raise his sword, and he thought it was a defensive move that would be useless. But then Xiong Zhelan threw his sword that ignored the mace and went towards his back.

Xiong Zhelan threw the sword, and when it had pa.s.sed through the captain, he had already prepared the teleportation technique. Before the mace arrived, he teleported to the sword still in the air and caught it with his hand, already starting an attack aiming at the captain's head.

The captain cannot help but find that movement incredible. It would be fatal for any cultivator on the same level as Xiong Zhelan and even stronger ones, but he did not fear this attack.

He didn't have enough speed to dodge, but he managed to turn his head at least so that the sword hit his shoulder, and it wasn't a fatal blow.

The pain of having a deep cut on his shoulder made the captain angry. He reacted quickly by hitting Xiong Zhelan with his big mace this time with all the strength he could.

Xiong Zhelan no longer had the strength to resist. He used all the remaining Qi for this movement, and he couldn't help but be sad when it failed. He was already frail when he received the attack from the captain, but he still put the sword in front of his belly.

He had no strength to make the sword absorb part of the impact, so he was thrown as far as possible. He pa.s.sed out while he was still flying through the forest, breaking the trees with his body.

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