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Katimu: …… *Knocks Sydney out* Sorry guys, you can continue reading. ?

Liu Man continued to do live-streaming every single night for one week, and her amount of followers slowly increased to 40. When she wasn't advertising her second-handed shoes, she live-streamed Daylight eating and

Streaming Daylight was strongly requested by the audience. Liu Man was helpless.

Under normal conditions, Daylight only p.o.o.ped twice in a day. Once during the morning, and once during the evening. If Liu Man was at home, she would scoop up the p.o.o.p, and if she was at school that night, then Zhang Pei would help.

Liu Man kept the cat litter box in her bedroom so that Daylight could go use it during the evenings. Once, when Liu Man was live streaming, Daylight walked into the bathroom and started digging the litter. The audience heard it, and maybe because their lives were too tedious, they strongly requested Liu Man to livestream Daylight

Daylight was a very elegant and shy she-cat. When Liu Man live-streamed, she would act like a gentle lady, and sit upright in her arms. But when Daylight used the litter box, her facial expression would be very serious.

"Is the kitty having constipation?" — Peach is a fairy.

She was a very loyal fan of Daylight and always waited for Liu Man to get online every single day, at the exact time.

"Haha, she has the same expression as me when I have constipation." –Otaku Boy

Liu Man didn't know if it was because the old cat food was mixed up with some of the new cat food she bought from Tao Bao, but these few days, Daylight took a much longer time when she went to the bathroom. And even before she p.o.o.ped, she would walk around the cat litter box for a while, shovel the litter incessantly for a long while, before

"Girl, go see if Daylight's are in shape, and if the colors are normal. Nowadays, the climate is getting colder and colder, I'm so worried that she would get sick!" — Peach is fairy.

After seeing her comment, Liu Man was starting to get worried too. She bent down and shoveled the cat litter aside to see Daylight's p.o.o.p. It was in shape, the colors were normal, but there was a bob of blood on the p.o.o.p.

"G.o.d, why is there blood?" –Where there's a cat, there's me

This girl was Daylight's new fan and just followed Liu Man yesterday.

"It couldn't be because of a parasite, could it?" — Peach is a fairy.

"It's possible." –Where there's a cat, there's me.

"Sis, you should quickly bring Daylight to a pet clinic!" — Peach is a fairy.

"I suddenly feel that it's so annoying to keep a cat, it's like taking care of a child." –I'm here for the shoes.

"Of course, every single kitty is a baby." –Where there's a cat, there's me.

At this moment, a silver magic wand appeared on the screen. There were fireworks on the top of the magic wand, and a number 10 appeared in the fireworks.

Peach is a Fairy sent you 10 magic wands.

TL Note: 10 magic words is probably another one of those gifts you can give to live-streamers and exchange for real money.

"Sis, this is the out-patient expenditure. Tomorrow, it's the weekend, please bring Daylight to a vet." — Peach is a fairy

Knowing that Daylight might have a parasite in her, Liu Man had no thought of continuing her livestream, "Okay, I will bring her there first thing in the morning."

After exiting the livestream room, Liu Man hugged Daylight in her arms. Daylight was very goodly behaved, she licked her paws, and licked Liu Man's fingers as if trying to please her.

This wet and warm feeling didn't make Liu Man feel better, but made her feel even more anxious. 

She glanced at the time on the phone, 10:01.

Was there even a pet clinic open?

She logged onto Yelp and quickly searched for nearby pet clinics. She lived in the residential section of the city, and a lot of people had pets. There were five to six pet stores and pet clinics. Most of them opened from nine in the morning to nine-thirty in the evening, and there was only one where they closed at ten.

Although she knew that this store, most likely, closed too, Liu Man still felt like if she didn't go there, she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. After all, it was Daylight who kept her company ever since she came to this strange new world.

Knowing that this could not be delayed, Liu Man quickly put on a puffer jacket and opened the front door with Daylight in her arms. Zhang Pei was already in bed and did not notice Liu Man going out.

The temperature was very low tonight. A gust of cold wind blew at her face the moment she walked out of the building and made Liu Man s.h.i.+ver. At this time of the evening, everyone was already in bed, so there were very few pedestrians outside. The yellow light from the street lights made the shadows of the bare-leafed sycamore trees long.

Liu Man walked and walked with the instructions from Baidu Maps. The kitten in her arms stayed very still, with her two paws tightly hung onto her pajamas. Daylight was afraid of new environments.

TL's Note: Baidu is China's search engine. Chinese Google. Baidu Maps is equivalent to Chinese Google Maps :)). 

The pet clinic was a bit more than nine hundred meters away from her apartment. Liu Man's footsteps were very quick, but it still took her more than ten minutes to arrive. The name of this pet clinic was very unique, with only one word, "Zhan", and it seemed like a name for pubs.

The light was still on behind the gla.s.s doors, and the doors were still open. Liu Man sighed in relief.

She pulled open the gla.s.s doors, and the first thing that appeared in her sight was a reception desk. There was no one in the room, but the air conditioner was still on, and it was very warm. She reached her head into the room and looked around,

"h.e.l.lo, is there anyone in here?"

After a couple of rustling sounds, a young man walked out of one of the rooms inside.

Liu Man was stunned when she saw him.

Before, she thought that in real life, men who were as handsome as Tang Tu were already the extreme. But this person in front of him made her realize what it meant that there was nothing that's called "the best".

Four eyes staring at each other. She saw that this man had a pair of eyes the color of amber. It was the color of autumn, like the fallen leaves of the sycamore tree outside. Liu Man's eyes could do nothing but look downward, and she realized that the shape of his lips were very good looking, too. They were light red, like the color of Zhu Sha.

TL's Note: A kind of red mineral. Search on Google for images if you wanna see what it looks like.

Daylight, as if feeling the comfortableness and the warmness of the environment, struggled as she jumped out of Liu Man's arms. She landed on the floor and proudly shook her tail. When her huge eyes saw the man, she meowed, and ran towards him with her short legs, forgetting all about her owner.

The man picked Daylight up and asked Liu Man,

"A very pretty cat, what's her name?"

Daylight was completely disloyal to her owner at this moment, and obediently leaned her small head onto the man.

"Her name is Daylight," Liu Man guessed that he was the vet at this shop, and continued to say, "There was blood in her p.o.o.p, and I was worried that there might be parasites inside her body. I can't wait until tomorrow, and I saw that your shop was the only one nearby that was open until ten, so I decided to come over here and see if I'm lucky. Can you please check on her? Very sorry for the disruptions."

"It's fine, come with me. The man said.

There were two doors inside. He pushed open one of them and turned on the lights inside. It was obvious that he was getting ready to leave, and Liu Man made him unable to go home.

There was a line of cupboards leaning against the wall in the room. On the other side of the room were shelves made from stainless steel. In the center of the room was a platform, it was stainless and was obviously just cleaned.

The man spread a disposable blue medical cloth onto the platform and put Daylight on it. He put on medical gloves, turned on the special lighting used for operations, and closely examined the kitten's fur. He also checked inside her mouth, his moves were patient and proficient.

While he was doing all of this, he asked Liu Man, "How's the cat's appet.i.te these past few days?"
"Pretty good, there isn't really a difference between these past few days and the normal ones. There aren't any other problems that she has." Liu Man described Daylight's again.

The man nodded and took out a swab from the paper box. He half kneeled down so he could be on the same level with Daylight, then incessantly patted Daylight's back and chin, "Daylight, sweet obedient Daylight," His tone was extremely soft.

Right at this time, he, as sudden as a lightning, stuck the swab into Daylight's b.u.t.t.

Credits: Sydney and Katimu

What a great first impression, male lead.

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