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At that moment Nathaniel didn't know what to do. I never expected the strength of his grandparents to be so high, even after thousands of turns he couldn't explain it.

But he couldn't help but ask: "and my parents couldn't avoid exile?"

"Your father tried but your grandfather struck him that he left him in bed for six months and it wasn't until a month ago that he was able to stand up".

When Nathaniel heard that his father had defended him, he could not prevent his heart from warming up and he decided: "Master, I will bring my parents and my grandfather to settle in the Cesoria Kingdom!

At the idea of his disciple, the old woman sighed and said: "Little Nat, the situation is not as easy as you think".

"What's up, Master?"

"Several months ago, the mother of your third brother placed a reward for everyone's head in the Sea Palace, except for you. Thanks to that, our losses have not been small, we have lost thousands of external disciples, hundreds of internal disciples and dozens of Elders."

"What?" This shocked Nathaniel, he could not believe that his junk brother dared to do it, but when his master told him the rewards he was more than mute, Those rewards were too scandalous no one in this world.

Remembering everything, The old woman knew that it was her fault all that was happening, She proposed marriage and it was not the first time that moved against the brother of her disciple, but this time she sentenced them to death, only so could not avoid showing a sullen smile.

Recovering his senses, Nathaniel said: "But master, why she didn't send a few Great Elders to deal with her, I don't think she can deal with them".

The old woman sighed: "I have already done it, More than four months ago I sent ten Great Elders with more than a hundred common Elders but only one returned and only repeated the words "Little monster, Get away from me, spare my life", His mind totally collapsed as if tortured before returning".

"I thought they'd finished their homework but it turned out they hadn't touched a single hair of Anna's."

Finis.h.i.+ng speaking, This pair of the disciple, master remained silent, no longer dared to underestimate their enemies but even so decided to go to the Kingdom Alba to take their parents, could not leave them alone there.

Meanwhile, in a luxurious house in the capital of the Snow Kingdom, a beautiful middle-aged woman was carrying a baby born two months ago.

Soon, a door opened and a girl entered the room and without waiting for the answer from the other side said: "Mother, why did you abandon my father?".

So Helewise said: "That's no way to talk to your mother".

Only then did she realize what happened and Sybilla said, "I'm sorry."

Helewise said: "All right, but if you come to try to get me back to your father, don't waste your time. I won't."

Sybilla said: "But why if you love each other!"

Helewise only mocked: "To love me? If he loved me, he wouldn't have lied to me for a decade, especially with such a delicate matter with my sister's".

Sybilla couldn't help but exclaim, "Will you leave him alone for my aunt?!"

But when she finished an angry voice was heard: "What did you say?, Come on repeat it, if it wasn't for the stupid decision of a girl to marry a person who can't marry do you think she would be here?"

"It was all your fault, I don't know how you angered my sister but if you dare to say something more about my family, don't call me mother again, Just because you are my blood doesn't mean I have to recognize you" So she saw her daughter with penetrating eyes.

and Sybilla couldn't help swallowing saliva, she had never seen her mother so angry.

So Helewise continued: "Now little brat, what did you do to p.i.s.s off my sister?"

Before such a look, Sybilla quickly shook her head and said, "I don't know her, I don't even know her. Apart from the marriage to the big brother I don't know what can make her angry".

and just as she finished his mother said coldly: "How come you don't know her if you've been to the Alba kingdom more times than I have! Now you're telling me that you never went to visit your aunt once!"

Hearing that, little Sybilla could not help but tremble and deny with fear.

"You're just like your father, you don't respect me or my family."

Helewise saw her daughter with contempt and said: "Go away and don't call me mother again, I don't want a daughter like you".

Only then did Sybilla fall to her knees with tears in her eyes, she could not believe what her mother had told her, These were the worst words a mother could say to a child.

"Mother, how can you be so cruel!"

Only this way Helewise said with contempt: "I cruel?, I want to ask you a question, When I told you to go to visit your aunt, what did you do?"

"You ignored me"

"When I told you not to get attached to your cousin's brother, what did you do?"

"You ignored me"

"You chose to betray your aunt by a stranger, do you know what your aunt's end would be? The day your precious husband came to the throne I would execute her along with your cousin! Now I'll ask you who he cruel?"

She saw the baby in her hands and said, "Now you're a big sister if someone did the same thing to your brother, how would you feel?"

When he heard the last, her body trembled, All that her mother said was true.But she continued in silence and said "But now look how you ended up, I imagine you know King Alba but you don't know your aunt, all because of a child. You pity me and show how little respect you have for me, I imagine it was Donald who told you not to meet your cousin. Since you love your father so much, stay with him, forget about me and my son. He doesn't have a sister." So he prepared to leave the room without looking back.

But right outside the door, she heard her daughter say, "It's not too dangerous, I just have to repair my relations.h.i.+p with my aunt."

That's why Helewise just laughed: "Haha, do you think what you did can be repaired? How about we list what you did?"

"First, you ignored her and her son."

"Second, you'd rather know the man who hates her than her, treating her like air."

"Third, you committed yourself to the brother of his son, even though you knew what would happen in the future, and it is no secret that my sister and the mother of your beloved Nathaniel hate each other. "

"By doing this, you not only insulted her but also insulted me. You think she doesn't want to kill you? She threatened to burn your face and because of my brother's face she didn't threaten the James Clan, otherwise, the Clan would be in the same situation as the Sea Palace, I think you know that by now, right?"

So Helewise ended with a sentence and left: "In this life, there is only one chance to make a good impression".

and murmured: "Apparently you never treated me like your mother, How about you turn your beloved master into your mother, Maybe her if you obey her, Now get the h.e.l.l out of my house."

So he left a little girl crying on her knees in the room, he never thought things would end like this.

Only after a few minutes did the girl wobble out of the room and leave the house, not without seeing the mansion with sad eyes.

Meanwhile, a young man on the second floor was looking at the little girl with tearful eyes and said: "Helewise, don't you think you exaggerated a little bit, after all, she's still your daughter".

Thus a woman entered the room: "Do not exaggerate, just teach her that everything you do someday comes back to you, Joseph, In this life we were born in a n.o.ble cradle. Full of betrayal and disgust neither our parents support us, we only have the three of us, This is something that both I and Anna knows."

"I cannot tolerate a daughter of mine ignoring me and seeing me as air, but I have her respect and Authority, I'm still her mother?"

"This girl deserves an even worse lesson, don't you think Anna could give a reward to a major for my daughter?"

So Helewise sighed: "However, she doesn't do it because she is my daughter!"

She knew her sister very well and knew that she valued relations.h.i.+ps very much.

At that moment Joseph said: "But he didn't do it with the Sea Palace brat either".

Helewise had a little laugh and said: "I imagine you gave the face to your ex-in-laws, so they are very kind to the concubines and their grandchildren."

Joseph Nodded: "Anyway, I think Sybilla may not talk to you the rest of your life."

Helewise just shrugged her shoulders and said, "If she behaves like a stupid child for the rest of her life, I'd rather she didn't talk to me. You will regret not choosing my nephew, however, in the future."

"Oh, you seem to know something, what happened"

"Since Anna and I have exchanged letters." So she took out a letter and gave it to her brother.

Joseph took it and proceeded to read it.

As he read it, he showed various expressions, from bewilderment to disbelief.

After all, the content was quite disconcerting.

According to the letter his sister was in the ninth level Gathering qi.

His nephew was in the fifth level Gathering qi despite being nine years old.

Most impressive, His nephew was an alchemist, According to his sister a "high-level apprentice".

Joseph didn't know what she meant by that and the letter didn't explain it, so he left the doubt in his mind. He could only hope to talk to his sister to find out what he meant.

Just as he was meditating on the content of the letter, he heard his sister's voice saying, "With the letter came to these pills, do you know what they are?"

So her sister showed a jar of white b.a.l.l.s.

When he saw the bottle Joseph's eyes grew bigger, without hesitation he opened the bottle and examined the pill and exclaimed in a low voice: "Qi pure Pill, supreme Grade."

He saw Helewise and said, "Do you know where Anna got this?"

Helewise nodded, "Apparently her son refined them."

"What?!" If that was true, it would be unbelievable!

But there was something in Joseph's mind.

"High-level apprentice" Those words resonated in his mind.

Could it be that his sister knows something he ignores?

In the end, he could only sigh: "Helewise, You have to visit our sister, Luck seems to be smiling on her"

So Helewise smiled and nodded.

Joseph continued to see Helewise and said, "If you already knew our nephew was so outstanding, why didn't you tell your daughter? Cousin marriage is common on the continent."

Helewise only said: "That daughter of mine already ruined her chance with him, If she finds out maybe she'll kill herself or the James Clan to improve her relations.h.i.+ps with Anna, I'm cruel but she's still my daughter, I know that a girl's mind can't stand so much, What I did to her today is something that can still be lifted in the long run".

"When she finds out about Alexander's ability she will be older, She must live her life and make her mistakes, otherwise because you think I didn't tell her to break up the marriage with the Sea Palace brat? If you want him so much to marry him, After all, it is her life, Cause, and Effect, It's something this girl doesn't know. Today it was only the beginning of the effect that her decision had."

Listening to his sister, Joseph sighed and said no more: "How many pills did Anna send us?"


"Then take twenty and I'll take the other twenty. Also take this book." So Joseph pa.s.sed a book called: "Soaring Star technique."

Joseph vaguely explained while taking the pure Qi pills: "It's a high-level cultivation technique Anna sent me years ago, Remember to burn it after memorizing it, From today I will go into seclusion, With these pills my cultivation increases by leaps and bounds".

So she left the room, Letting Helewise examines the technique and could not help but get excited, She was only at the first level Gathering qi, This technique came at the perfect time and was much better than the techniques of the Royal family.

Now she could finally understand why her brother was so strong.

"Thank you sister"

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