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A month later.

In the morning of one day, a child who was not even ten years old was making the final touches to his last creation.

This was a black cauldron full of Arrays emitting a magical aura that would make people think it is indeed not an ordinary object.

Seeing his creation, The Child laughed and looked at him with satisfaction.

"Hahaha, I finally made it, I created a quasi-magical cauldron!"

His laughter and exclamation were so loud that after a few minutes, a sleepy blonde girl entered the room.

"Young master, why does it make noise so early?"

The boy gestured to the girl saying, "Oh, Helena. Come, come look at the first creation of your young master".

So the girl saw the cauldron and said, "A cauldron? Didn't you have one? Why did you make another?"

Listening to the girl, Alexander's expression changed and became heavy, "Girl, are you really from a big clan?"

Watching Alexander doubt her origins, the girl showed dissatisfaction "hmph, My Clan is much bigger than you can imagine!"

Only so Alexander mocked, "Seriously? Then what is the difference with this cauldron with previous?, A young lady of a large clan should be able to see it at a glance!"

Only then did Helena's face become ugly. For her the two cauldrons were the same, Seriously they had differences?

At this moment, Helena regretted not paying attention to her in her clan, She usually fell asleep in her and since she was the daughter of the clan leader no one told her anything but she did not learn anything in those years.

She was a divine beast, Therefore, Cultivating to some extent was very easy, So she never showed interest in learning about professions.

If she wanted a weapon, she would ask her father.

If she wanted medicinal pills, she asked her mother.

But now this will make him look ridiculous in front of her master. If I were a normal girl I would be fine but She is from the great Clan Prik.

If the Elders of her clan find out about this or if the public finds out about this it would be losing the face of the clan and she would be punished.

Even knowing all this, the girl said: "Of course I know but it is not the duty of the creator to point out the differences, I did not make the new cauldron!"

Alexander only rolled his eyes at her response and said: "This is a quasi-magical cauldron! "

Helena saw the cauldron confused and said, "Quasi-magical?"

For her, it was a standard cauldron.

Ignoring it, Alexander began to explain: "My previous cauldron, Speaking honestly. Even after what I did to her, she was still a piece of garbage. After all, I didn't do much to it besides reinforcing its structure in case it failed."

"But with this cauldron, the time to refine a potion or pill is reduced by half, Makes the success rate of an average alchemist rise by 50%, also decreases the stress on the alchemist by 50%, Besides that, I can create many more potions or pills at the same time! Well, that's in the 0 Rank pills but it's still much better than the cauldrons that sell in this misery country."

After hearing the explanation, Helena exclaimed incredulously: "That's possible?!"

Seeing her reaction, Alexander shook his head: "If you react like this with a Quasi Magic Cauldron, Maybe it will give you a heart attack with a magic cauldron Elemental Cloud".

Helena looked curiously and said, "Elemental Cloud? What's that?"

Listening to the girl's question, Alexander saw her earnestly and thought, "Who was her master? How come she doesn't know something so common? With her great background, she boasts of, She should know!"

In the end he just sighed and said: "Artifacts and weapons have various cla.s.sifications which they are: Elementary Cloud, Spirit Cloud, Profound Cloud, Earth Cloud, Heaven Cloud, King Cloud, Emperor Cloud, Overlord Cloud, Ancestor Cloud, Each can only be used by someone from the corresponding Realm or will not be able to take full advantage of its power".

Listening to the explanation, Helena showed an "Ohh" and thought: "This is interesting, Maybe I shouldn't fall asleep during my" Then she said: "Young master, Why didn't you produce an Elemental Cauldron Cloud?"

Alexander wanted to spit blood but he didn't when he heard that question, yet he only shook his head in denial "My strength is insufficient, For now, a Quasi Magic Cauldron is the best thing I can do, Blacksmithing is not easy".

What he said was true, In his mind, he might have a lot of knowledge about blacksmithing but putting it into practice and doing the manual task was different from the theory, plus he was new to blacksmithing, but he was confident that he could advance by leaps and bounds.

Helena approached the Cauldron and said, "Young master, you said you could make many more pills in the same period, but I see you the same size!"

Alexander explained, "Helena, alchemists are scarce compared to martial artists if they refine in batches of ten like I do, do you think they would have time to practice?"

"The great powers have innumerable members but very few of these are alchemists, So to meet the demand for their powers, alchemists need a good cauldron, The secret in the cauldron is in the Arrays. These allow him to have a more precise control when refining and dividing the cauldron into mult.i.tasks."

"What you have in front of you is an individual cauldron made for the use of a single person. This type of cauldron can refine a maximum of five simultaneous batches."

"But there are also other types of cauldrons. These are the group cauldron. These are a colossal cauldron that is at least the size of a house but can be much larger. These cauldrons are used by ten or more alchemists at the same time to refine pills on a ma.s.sive scale. In one so many can refine a few thousand or tens thousands of pills of the same kind, Besides that the alchemists can take turns to refine and have a constant production, Well if they have enough raw material, Besides trained alchemists, Since they all have to be on the same level!"

When she heard that, Helena was stunned and finally knew what her clan's big pot was for!

In her clan, there is a pot of several gigantic that is buried under a mountain, with hundreds of chambers to access it, Before she did not know what it was, and every time she asked she was told: "They had to teach you that in school!

Making her only answer: "I already knew it, I was only joking! Haha!"

Alexander seeing that Helena did not know much about some topics just laughed and said: "It seems that I will have to give him a few, if not in the future you will make me lose face with your obvious questions ".

This caused Helena's face to become distorted and she will begin to beg, "Young master, please don't be so cruel..."

At the same time, In front of the palace of the Alba Kingdom, a twelve-year-old boy saw him and said: "Father, Mother, I hope you are fine".

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