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Upon seeing this, the salesman nodded to the butler. The butler walked behind the hooded figure, raised his hand and removed her hood.

When Anna and Audrey saw that, they were incredulous, covering their mouths with their hands, they could not believe what they saw.

According to the hooded girl's height, one could see that she was a four-year-old girl. The antagonizing thing was the right side of her face was disfigured and reddish; it was evident that she was burned. She was a beautiful, blonde girl with pure blue eyes, smooth and soft skin which could confuse people into thinking that she was a porcelain doll if it wasn't for her burned face.

After getting over her surprise, Audrey got up from the sofa and approached the girl to examine her closely. As she approached, one could notice that the liveliness often see in kids there age was gone and was replaced by a deadpan expression. Audrey squatted and came face to face with the girl but the girl did not show a response and just stood there without a trace of emotion.

Audrey didn't say much, she just gently put her hand into the girl. When she touched it she felt the rough and dry skin. Feeling the hand she realized that it was burned too having a reddish color to it. Audrey came to the conclusion that not only her face was burned but here whole right side was burned.

A few seconds later, Audrey released the girl's hand got up and turning around looking at the salesman threateningly and asked, "What happened to her?"

Seeing the look on Audrey's face made both the butler and the salesman anxious. 'This women is dangerous ' they thought at the same time. Knowing that the other party was not someone to be offended, the salesman began to nodded nervously and said " Don't get it wrong our store had nothing to do with it".

The salesman wanted to continue his explanation but Anna interrupted him: " Audrey calm down and sit".

Audrey calmed down a bit and returned to her seat beside Anna, and glared at the salesman demanding an explanation. Anna also kept looking at the salesman, while Alexander kept looking at the girl regardless of everything going around him. At the sight of the two women the salesman could only suck in cold air and explain: " The girl is from a small village within the territory of Count Peroche, As I understand it that territory recently had an outburst of a strange disease of which i don't know anything about".

Audrey interrupted him " What does it have to do with the child's condition?"

The salesman started to get anxious again, but continued talking: "Everything. To shorten the story a little, the kid's parents died from this disease which left the girl in her uncle's care. That guy was the one who sold the kid to me as a slave, I want to clarify that till then she was alright but during the journey our convoy was attacked by a group of famous bandits and so in order to avoid being raped the girl spilled boiling oil on herself which left her in the current state". Finis.h.i.+ng the explanation the salesman remained silent.

Hearing this, Audrey could not help but get angry, " Perhaps you security was so bad that it urged the girl to do that".

The seller could only smile bitterly and said "Our security is not bad, but they had not even arrived to that part of the convoy. Everyone other than the girl arrived safe and sound. According to the witness the girl panicked when the bandits arrived and did that."

Upon hearing this, Anna began to reflect on it and it made sense as the girl was young and felt betrayed due to her uncle selling her which made her feel insecure.

Thinking about it now Anna didn't find it strange anymore. The truth was that both Anna and Audrey didn't care for the girl's appearance but the problem was that it was not their decision to make it was Alexander's, if he didn't agree then they couldn't take the girl. While Anna was thinking that the boy sitting next to her got up and walked to the girl and with curious eyes he examined the girl from head to toe. After that the boy inched his face closer to her's and whispered "I am impressed by your illusion, I almost fell in love with her."

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