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Hearing the question, Anna replied "I am looking for slaves to buy around 51"

When the merchant heard this, he smiled and questioned, "Are there any requirements? Our store will try to adjust to your needs"

Anna said "I have no specific need, I am in need around 50 people workable age and a girl close to my son's age"

The merchant nodded and asked "what's the preferred s.e.x"

Anna fell into deep thought and said "half man and a half woman", Anna thought that women can interact with the customer and men will take care of heavy labor when the business start.

The merchant sorted his thought, while the butler on the side lay down a book on the table for his boss. The merchant took the book and skim-through the book while marking some pages along.

On the other hand, while waiting for Anna and the two were enjoying their tea and snacks.

After finish a.s.sessing the task, the merchant suddenly spoke: "we can a.s.sess to your need within five days, and according to the law the families of slaves shall not be separate, so we kindly sell you 25 couples and I do not know if you also want their children as well."

Hearing that, Anna, Alexander, and Audrey were at loss for words, at the same time they all agree that the merchant is shameless. It is illogical for the kingdom to establish that law, even if they did no one would take it seriously. The merchant just ignores their shocked expression.

The reality is cruel, as no man-made law that should help weak preyed by the strong. There is only one law strength is power, in the world of law of the jungle. If a kingdom made such law they would be mocked and become a laughing-stock of the people around the world.

This sly son of a b.i.t.c.h just wanted to sell more. Anna didn't show any unwillingness, she just shows a nonchalant smile and said, "all right."

Hearing the feedback, the merchant could not help to grin slyly. Seeing the grin, she was having thought of beating the merchant until half-dead state. But Anna stopped her by staring at her.

Anna prompted "And the girl that I want?"

The merchant who was day-dream of his profit changed his expression let out a sigh. "At the moment, we only have one girl that fits the requirement, but I don't you would be interested in her."

Upon hearing that Anna was confused and said: "why?"

The merchant replied "As I said our shop will not separate families, so will not just take someone off their family. Although there are some orphan children, unfortunately, they are in a reserved list, but there is one girl that no one wants."

Instantaneously, Anna, Audrey, and Alexander had an annoyed expression while thinking. (Sly son of a b.i.t.c.h, not only he is giving excuses saying it's the law, now you state it as if it was store policy not to separate family members, why don't he just says that we should buy the girl's parents too)

At this moment, Anna impression on the merchant went down, but at the same time she was aroused to have him as an employee, her thought was conflicted as just thinking about having the merchant of this caliber manage her store she felt excited. This merchant is an ideal merchant to have, she could not help slightly envious of the store owner.

Anna contemplate a moment, after a few breaths she asked: "is it possible to know the reason why people do not want her?"

The merchant only said, "it would if you see her yourself, do you want me to get her? ".

Anna turned her head facing Audrey, and Audrey nodded.

Anna replied, "Ok, sure"

Upon hearing Anna answer, the merchant signaled the butler, and the butler bowed slightly and retired politely.

While waiting, the merchant started conversing about the deal with the two women, Alexander was totally ignored. This had put him in bad mood but he got over it as he recalled that he was just a five-year-old boy, and started eating snacks while listening to his mother and the merchant conversation.

A few minutes later, the butler return with a small hooded figure.

This had caught all their attention even Alexander stopped eating his snacks and put his attention on the small hooded figure.

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