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After Audrey left, Alexander was left alone in the room. At this moment he was planning, He had to do his best.

Usually, in martial professions, like an alchemist. One had to be in the Realm of Gathering qi to be considered an alchemist's apprentice.

The professions were owed in Apprentice or zero mortal stars, 1 to 9 mortal stars. Their respective guilds issued these.

Only when one enters the Elemental Realm would one be considered to take the test of a Mortal star within his profession.

This was because only those who have qi can form their spiritual flame.

The spiritual flame was the form in which an alchemist manifested his Mana.

When one cultivates, he takes the strength of the heavens and the earth, making it his own. Apart from it, two more forces coexist in one body, These are Mental Power and Soul qi.

Unlike cultivation, these forces were born of oneself and develop slowly.

These two forces have states like cultivation, which they are.

For the soul Soul: primary, mortal, earthly, embryonic, holy, quasi-immortal, immortal. All dividing into Initial, middle, Final and Perfect. At this point, Alexander after reincarnation could feel that his soul was in the middle stage of the primary soul.

For mental power, Alexander was not sure of the stages, I only knew that it was a power which is born, There were methods of cultivation, but they are useless if one did not go through the phase of "Awakening".

When the three are joined at a point of equilibrium, merged Mana is formed.

An alchemist forms a flame with him. With which I form pills.

Within this profession, there were branches, such as the two best known, Alquimista Burui and Alquimista Ibarra. These two terms can be resolved as Alchemists who have spiritual flame and those who do not. Alexander belonged to the second group.

An Array master manipulates different objects to form a formation with him.

Within this profession there are branches but the best known, which are:

Dial Master

Inscription Master

War Master

Master Dial was the one who could use manna to make his formations.

The master of inscriptions, to which Alexander belonged, used materials to perform their formations, The only drawback was that their formations sometimes used much more energy than Dial Masters, therefore always needed fuel, as people who give their qi for it or lose spiritually.

The master of war was the one who used people and geography for his formations.

A blacksmith manipulated him so that his Creations would cease to be conventional weapons and become treasures. This profession also had its branches that were, Celestial Crafting, Terrenal Crafting. That they were the ones who had mana and the ones who didn't have mana.

Although all professions were different they had something in common, all used mana as a base. Even if one could become a professional without having mana, one would still be at a disadvantage against them.

In his previous life, Alexander managed to be an alchemist and master of formation of 4 Mortal stars peak. Almost entering the five Mortal stars.

Now I was in trouble, At first I thought I'd just have to buy the herbs, After all, money wasn't a problem. But I never hope they couldn't be found in this area.

This left Alexander in a bind, so now only he could get out of it. I couldn't do complicated formations these days. I could only do them with the help of the blood of beasts. Therefore he began to simplify a formation he created in his past life.

This training should be so easy that with your current achievements, it can be used. So he closed his eyes, imagining in his mind. He was the creator of this formation so it was straightforward to modify it. but it would still take time.

After two hours, Alexander finally opened his eyes, it took him two hours but he finally succeeded. In his previous life he would have considered this formation as low and straightforward cla.s.s, but due to necessity, he had no choice.

So he asked for a chisel and a hammer from a servant in the mansion. After receiving them he began to carve thousands of patterns inside the room.

After three more hours Frey and Audrey had finished their homework by going to see Alexander. After asking a few questions, they arrived at the room in which he was.

Opening the doors they found an incredible scene, the whole room was full of patterns, there was no part which was free of patterns. and the worst thing was that there was a big hole in the shape of a perfect circle forming a mini pool, Frey wanted to cry after all this was his house.

Audrey had bright eyes, she was waiting for emotion.

But neither of us talked. They were afraid to break Alexander's concentration.

After a few minutes, Alexander finally finished and realized the pair that was watching him.

He saw Audrey and touched his belly: "Audrey, I'm hungry."

You weren't supposed to explain why the whole room, but you start saying you're hungry. We don't care if you're hungry.

Audrey put up with the urge to ask, and went to the kitchen to prepare something fast for Alexander, while Frey could only sadly see the room.

After a while Audrey came back with a big plate of food, Alexander took it and started devouring it non-stop.

While he was eating, he said, "Did you get everything I asked for?"

Both Frey and Audrey nodded, Seeing this Alexander continued: "Audrey, how much blood did you get?"

Audrey instead of talking taught him two barrels full of blood, This amount cost more than two million gold, but as Alexander did not tell him how much to buy, Choose to buy everything you could, Anyway thanks to the s.p.a.ce ring, would not be ruined.

Seeing the two barrels, he nodded, as he continued to eat, he said, "Mr. Frey, how old are the herbs I buy?"

Sadly, Frey replied: "They're all almost 15 years old."

Alexander nodded again and began to give orders: "Call a few people to fill those patterns with blood, then place the boiler days in those ten patterns, fill them to the edge with water, and finally bring the herbs you just bought into this room.

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