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On hearing that, Alexander was a little confused and said, "What do you mean, these are common medicinal herbs, the only thing that is weird about them is that they have to be 100 years old."

Frey, who was drinking tea, couldn't help but spit it out: "a cough, third prince, you just said, what do you want 100-year-old herbs?"

Alexander nodded, "Yes, these are the ingredients for Elemental opening pills. Audrey the list to Mr. Frey."

When Audrey heard it, she went to Frey's and gave him the list.

After I finish reading it, I sigh: "Third prince, don't blame Audrey, In the current market of the kingdom you can find those herbs but at most, they will be 30 years old. It would be impossible to find 100 years."

Alexander couldn't help but frown, "Why, there should be some great organization selling them."

Frey replied: "65 years ago when the sail empire was still united, there was an organization called "Precious Hall", They sold many medicinal herbs, Including the ones the third prince wants, An example can be the 100-year-old ginseng. But one day out of nowhere they announced that they no longer carry out commercial operations within the territories that belonged to the Sail Empire, Kingdom Cesoria and Kingdom Snow, After that, they left."

When Frey finished speaking, Alexander meditated on what he had just heard. But this didn't make sense, Although he didn't know that power, he could say that it was at least the power of a deadly country of grade four even of grade three.

Because of this, he could not understand, why would a power leave its territory overnight? This was something that gave them billions in profits.

These powers would not usually interfere with the local powers, they even ignored them, the same thing happened with the royal families. They only did business.

After a.n.a.lyzing it for a few minutes, he realized that at this moment, even if he wants to know why he doesn't have enough data to make a deduction close to the truth. So I just sigh: "Mr. Frey, if it's not too much trouble I could commission you to get the herbs, no matter the age."

Frey nodded, "Just leave it to me, For when you want them?"

Alexander replied, "As soon as possible, by the way, Mr. Frey, do you have a large room that you don't use?"

Although Frey did not know what he would use the room for, he called one of his trusted servants and told them to take them to the most ma.s.sive empty room in the mansion.

Frey said goodbye to Audrey and Alexander, as the third prince wanted the herbs as soon as possible, He took care of that immediately. After separating, they followed a servant into a room in the mansion. After a few minutes they arrived, Alexander examined the room and gave his approval. Then this went the servant, leaving Alexander and Audrey alone.

Alexander continued to examine the room, while Audrey waited in silence.

After a few minutes, Alexander finally spoke: "Audrey, remember the cauldron I asked you, I do not want one, but eleven, Also get me blood of wild beast level 1 peak, Better if it is level 2.

"Yes" Audrey when she heard the order immediately left the room, a few years ago her young teacher had more or less explained to her the issues related to demonic beasts. if a beast had not formed its nucleus it was called the wild beast, These beasts are divided into two levels. These are the same as the humans in the functional realms.

Just as humans form their Sea Qi to enter the Elemental Realm, wild beasts form their demonic nucleus and thus become true demonic beasts.

For many ignorant people like her, in the past, she called all beasts demonic. But now he understood more or less of the issues. So when his young master asked him for blood from a wild beast of level one peak, he was referring to a beast equivalent to a human at the peak of the ninth level of the Realm of body refinement.

Anna's shop was up and running a month ago. During this month many Hunters went to the shop for clothes. It doesn't matter if it was a female or male hunter, they all wore clothes from Anna's shop. This allowed the profession to lower its mortality rate, Although clothing did not help when it came to hurting the beast, it did help receive its blows. therefore hunters could attack more freely without fear of being injured by the beasts.

This helped hunters to have more and more catches per day. It can be said that the economy of the hunters had grown a lot.

What I take that in the Alba kingdom everything related to the beasts was cheaper, Before it was rare to see wild Beast blood level 1 peak sale, but now it was much easier to get.

Before, when a person wanted the blood of that level, he could only order it from an experienced group of hunters, but now he was in the shops. That was a big leap.

So Audrey left for the things Alexander asked her to do.

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