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Alexander pushed those ideas to the back of his head and decided to go into isolation in order to cultivate properly and increase his strength.

Normally, people spend most of their time understanding the universal laws and meditating on them.

But Alexander was different, His body was rich in talent so that like any genie while he had enough resources besides having a rich experience of a Cultivator Heaven, His strength increases by leaps and bounds.

Alexander at this time had Transcendent 4-Seals so his talent was nothing comparable to a genius with deadly 1-Seal, since even for these little geniuses if they want to move quickly in Elementary Realm they need a considerable amount of Elementary Pills.

Of course they could move forward without those pills but there was nothing wrong with adding more horses to a carriage.

For geniuses like Alexander the Elementary Realm was an ephemeral and unimportant Realm. The only thing that needed to carry a large amount of acc.u.mulation of Qi and absorb Qi from the Atmosphere was very slow for Alexander.

I could refine rare pills with large amounts of Qi but Alexander did not want to waste time looking for herbs. Common and rare herbs were not a problem.

But the unique and legendary medicinal herbs were very hard to find. It was luckier than anything else to find them.

Only a person desperate for that herb or for refining a pill will spend resources to look for such an herb.

So Alexander hoped to be able to supply his need for Spiritual Qi through spiritual stones.

It was true that the greater the grade of the stone, the harder it was to find and the more valuable it was, but Alexander knew as it penetrated far enough into the continent that such stones could appear.

They were much more common than medicinal herbs. Since you only needed a mine to be able to exploit it and get the spiritual stones.

Alexander sat in Lotus position and threw ten array flags configuring a small array called "8 Channels Array"

This was an Array that consists in dividing the Absorption charge into different spiritual stones at the same time.

That is, Alexander could absorb 8 8-Grade spiritual stones that would be equal to 80,000 spiritual stones 9-Grade.

This would allow Alexander to lengthen his isolation and have a more comfortable isolation, since he could concentrate on absorbing Qi and understanding the laws in a continuous way, omitting the fact of changing spiritual stone.

n.o.body wanted that in a moment of illumination was broken for lack of spiritual Qi or for having to change spiritual stone.

At the moment of breaking up to the minimum error it could cause a deviation of Qi or a violent backlash in the crop.

So bothering a person in Isolation was considered Taboo by all.

Even in the sects and Clans, if an idiot came and bothered your isolation you could kill him without consequences.

Even if it was your sworn enemy, if you were in a power you could only grit your teeth and wait for it to come out of isolation.

After removing the spiritual stones, these floated in the air began to form eight paths towards the body of Alexander.

He closed his eyes and began to absorb the Qi in the stones like crazy.

If a genius of the eight ruling powers saw this view of Alexander use 8 spiritual stones at the same time. They would be green with envy.

Since even the Golden Core Disciples only received 100 spiritual stones 9-Grade as a monthly payment.

If you want to win many spiritual stones you would have to perform many missions, Even if the Elders had a few tens of thousands of spiritual stones 9-Grade to their name, The 8-Grade stones they had could be counted on the fingers of both hands.

After all, their mines only produced a few tens of 8-Grade stones and those powers had hundreds of Elders. Getting them was very difficult even if they had the contribution points. They would have to line up in a long line of waiting.

So for Alexander to use 8 8-Grade stones at the same time it was like using the Fortune (in Spirit Stones) of an Elder just for a Cultivation session.

It was not that Alexander was rich but that the Uri Republic was too poor.

In this country I only had 8 9-Grade spiritual stone mines, while there were countries in which these mines would be treated as garbage and only the most humble peasants would mine it to raise beasts or grow medicinal herbs 1-Rank.

But for the frogs trapped in the Uri Republic, they did not have a vision as broad as Alexander.

Alexander could remember his reaction when he learned about the new horizons. He only hoped that in this life his horizons expanded even more.

The yearning for Kain's greatest longing in his life was to advance to King Realm and continue to advance in the Cultivation. See new frontiers and even go to holy land!

Kain always said: "Move without looking back, Otherwise your past will become chains in your heart"

So it quickly happened 20 days until Alexander finally absorbed all the Qi in the Spirit Stones!

This was really Quick, for a common Cultivator at Elementary Realm, the amount of 80,000 Spirit Stones 9-Grade was a colossal amount that could last for 2 years of isolation!

But Alexander thanks to the bronze Meridians, it only took him to absorb that amount of Qi many times faster than ordinary people.

While Alexander's cultivation grew by leaps and bounds until it stabilized at 5-Level Elementary.

Advanced 4 Levels in 20 days!

This type of culture speed was stupidly fast.

1-Level every 5 days!

Many of the geniuses would take a month or two to advance only a 1-Level in the Elementary Realm.

And on the continent there were many people who spent decades at the same level of cultivation.

Including him in his previous life.

After his cultivation session Alexander sighed and said: "Geniuses are not envied without reason, advancing a thousand miles per hour is certainly tempting"

In his previous life he only achieved a body with deadly 2-Seals open so the higher he is Realm of cultivation, slower and harder will advance.

The dream of any cultivator was not to have bottlenecks, something that was only possible to have talent.

In his previous life he had many bottlenecks and to break them he had to go through a lot of problems.

I would not lie when I said that Kain thought more than once of killing a few geniuses and drinking his blood hoping to get his talent.

But after thinking about how disgusting it would be to drink blood, I dismiss that idea.

In this life it could be many things but it was not a crazy killer, as a person person had a bottom line that would only cross if it were his mortal enemy and an unforgettable hatred.

Alexander after that left the bed to take a shower and half an hour later left his room.

To find a group of women with dark faces, only Helena was fresh as spring. Seeing this Alexander got confused and asked: "What happened?"

n.o.body was in the mood to explain so Helena said: "In the last days, Miss Anna is cla.s.sified as a criminal Wanted inside the republic. There are many officers waiting outside the hotel. Apparently these cowards do not dare to enter the hotel to arrest her, because they already said that if Miss Anna left the hotel she would be arrested in a Immediately "

Upon hearing that, Alexander calmly saw through the hotel window only to see a large number of people waiting at the entrance of the hotel, for a few moments Alexander stared at them and said:" Who issued the arrest warrant? , And what were the alleged crimes? "

Helena only replied:" The one that issued the Order was the Sun Sect and the "Crimes" were that castrated a disciple Golden Core of the Sun Sect hehe, the miss she lost his face "

Alexander said calmly:" Bring me the hotel manager "

Helena made some calls and as a distinguished guest in a suite of the most expensive in the hotel, the manager arrived quickly.

A middle-aged man came quickly and at first thought that he was only called to ask if they delivered the woman, to which his response would be: "As long as it was our client, he would not deliver it"

That is, as long as you have money to live in your suite, We will continue to protect you. But when you run out of money, they will be the first to say goodbye.

But Alexander gave them a few words: "Pa.s.s on my words, I want the head of ten elders, The right arm of your Sect Master and Dead to all the politicians related to the Sun Sect in 24 hours otherwise I will annihilate your Sect, That is the price for offending someone you should not offend, you can withdraw "

The man upon hearing that, His back was soaked with sweat, It was not that Alexander will emit a murderous Aura but his words were as calm as they were without the slightest hint of anger, as if this was a trivial matter for this person.

The man knew that the Uri Republic was a small and poor country, where a power like the Sun Sect was an insignificant power within the county.

What kind of background did this child have?

The man could not help saying: "Sir, that is impossible to obtain, The Sect Master and several Elders are exploring the new lands, Currently the Eighth Elder is in charge of the Sect"

Alexander did not flinch and said: "I do not care , It's your fault anyway "

The man was surprised and finally understood what Alexander meant" I do not care about the life of people related to Sun Sect, I just want you to know why they died "

The man nodded and left I could only transmit the words to the Eighth Elder and wait to see a great play.

The question was,

The Sun Sect will be saved or Will it be annihilated?

It's been a while since such an entertaining thing happened in the Republic.


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