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After Lunch, Alexander went to one of the four big chambers of commerce within the City.

Square Group

To buy a few medicinal herbs I needed.

What disappointed Alexander was that these cameras do not have herbs with the ages that Alexander needed.

The vast majority of these were only 100 years old and for a 1-Rank herb, that age was not enough.

If you want to get the necessary materials you might have to go to the Alchemists' Guild or accelerate your growth with your diluted Heaven's Creation Water.

What did make Alexander happy was that he could find a hundred-year-old Hummie tree for a good price.

The Chamber of Commerce, due to its young age, recommended using it as a decorative tree.

But Alexander alone with a hundred drops of his diluted liquid could help the hummie tree reach its adult time and not only that but every drop could become a drop of liquid hummie!

So Alexander knew a single drop of liquid hummie ten thousand years could help the body open its first seal and could be worth more than 100 thousand spiritual stones 8-Grade. These were 10 billion Gold!

According to the rumors that Alexander had heard.

If it were a drop of liquid hummie of 50 thousand years could open two mortal seals.

If it were a drop of liquid hummie of 100 thousand years could open three mortal seals.

If it were a drop of liquid hummie of 500 thousand years could open four mortal seals.

If it were a drop of liquid hummie of 1 million years could open Five mortal seals.

Alexander did not know if a hummie tree over a million years old could open more seals, since in his previous life he had never come into contact with a liquid of ten thousand years much less than a liquid of more than a million years.

Alexander was tempted to mature the tree but he knew it would attract a lot of attention from people.

Alexander could only grit his teeth and said: "I can not be submissive all the time, the risks bring great opportunities and if I do this I could save myself from many problems and time. The only thing I do not have to do is sell it inside the Republic, in two months I will acc.u.mulate a few drops of liquid hummie and sell five, the others I will keep for my brothers "

Formulating his plan, Alexander returned to his hotel with a few herbs that he had bought.

These were rare herbs to refine the Elementary Pills.

Only Alexander, I did not want to use it for that, but to refine a new kind of potion.
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Alexander in his previous life had wondered why he had never heard of the potions but now Alexander knew it.

Its previous continent was much more developed so even the weakest countries were 5-Grade mortal countries.

While all professions were more developed so that the alchemists could be found more easily.

The potions were used by Alchemists without education and without recipes of pills.

These potions were underestimated by everyone and alchemy was centered on the pills.

No one took the time to develop potions of equal value as pills.

Alexander would not take his time to develop this kind of thing but the potions have a particular charm.

They could be ma.s.s produced.

An average cauldron could produce 500 potions at the same time.

Whereas if one refines pills it could only refine 10 pills.

The big difference was that if you produced 500 Supreme grade potions you could dilute them ten times and produce 5000 Higher-Grade potions. If you do it again you could produce 50 thousand High Grade potions. While a pill has a crack its medicinal effectiveness will escape.

If Alexander could extrapolate and adapt the Elementary pill recipe, that would mean that with a single round of refinement he could produce 50 thousand potions.

And even if they sell for 200 thousand gold coins each.

With an initial investment of 15 thousand gold coins, due to the change of ingredients and the addition of a spiritual fruit as the basis of the potion.

This would produce sales for 10 billion Gold!

To produce 50 thousand Elementary Pills you would have to refine for more than 5 thousand rounds and if for each round it lasted 2 hours.

These were 10 thousand hours! Even if you refined several runs at the same time, you could only shorten that time by a tenth.

I could use those hours to grow!

That was the main reason for wanting to refine potions instead of pills.

This was an undeveloped road with great opportunities.

The only bad thing is that to develop those potions I would have to spend a lot of resources first.

So much that only a sect with great acc.u.mulation of resources could resist the expense of herbs.

Alexander had a way to accelerate the growth of the herbs but the use of his liquid was limited and he could not afford to use Heaven Creation Water.

The five elements of Creation were his most precious a.s.set and he could not waste it with all his herbs.

So there was only one way left.

Play with time and s.p.a.ce.

Only then could you get the resources you need.

Fortunately, I already had a plan for when I got home but I would have to go home first.

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