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Alexander estimated that it would take three months for his mother to refine all the pills he had given him after all his mother did not have the innate monstrous talent like him that could refine those pills as if they were candies.

All the cultivators had the limitations of the meat, Alexander at this time had iron meridians so they were ten times stronger and wider than those of an ordinary person like Anna, If we add to this the terrifying innate talent of Alexander could do what ordinary people do not. Making your refill speed of low Ranks pills very fast. so much that it could be absurd for ordinary people.

Only when you have a 3-Rank pill or herb will your refinement speed go down. Since the medicinal effect of a 3-Rank element is much more powerful than the effects of a 2-Rank pill.

So Alexander left Pale City at full speed towards Plain Covert.

Plain Covert could be considered as a small forest compared to other forests and the main mountain ranges of the continent but it was big enough to be exploited by the nine nearest cities. It could be said that the economy of the cities depends mainly on this forest.

Every day innumerable people entered this forest, many of which did not return, while others returned with great wealth, either in the hunt for specific beasts or in the collection of herbs.

Every day the guild of adventurers and hunters published countless hunting missions and collection of materials so that this forest at least in the outer circle there were always people.

The hunters, or rather those who killed wild beasts did not have many rules to follow, their duty was to keep the populations of beasts stable to prevent them from attacking human cities in hordes. It had happened before. When the number of beasts rises undoubtedly under their leaders they try to expand their territory so that the indiscriminate slaughter of beasts was well seen all over the world. A human female gave birth to only one child each time she became pregnant but the low-level beasts gave birth to litters of 6 to 12 offspring per pregnant.

The stronger the beast the more difficult it will be to have offspring as well as the number of offspring decreases until equating to the number of human offspring, that is, one per pregnancy.

Regardless of whether it was a mammal or a reptile, the same rule was applied to all races except for rare cases such as twins and triplets. That is to say that the b.e.s.t.i.a.l race increasingly resembled the human race the stronger it was. For the common people there were legends that said that the superior beasts could take even humanoid forms in addition to their b.e.s.t.i.a.l forms.

As for the herbal gatherers they had a rule. If there were 5 identical herbs together you could only take two, If there were three you could only take 1 and if the number was less than 3 herbs you could not take any.

This rule helped to maintain and regenerate natural resources as well as possible, helping to ensure that the resources of the forest are not over. If a collector was found to be in violation of this norm, they could kill it or take it to the guild to receive its punishment.

After all, Plain Covert was the livelihood of many people and if the forest ran out of natural resources many people will not have ways to sustain their basic expenses or crop so they all took these rules seriously.

From what Alexander had investigated, Once a group of bandits along with their leader tried almost to collect all the herbs from the forest to make a fortune but once the guild of adventurers and hunters learned of this without hesitation they issued an emergency mission to kill all those bandits.

An emergency mission meant that all the active members of the guild partic.i.p.ated in this mission, Even the smallest branches of the guilds will have about 100 thousand members each so that even if they counted the people who were in both guilds would be about 150 thousand people hunted down a few hundred bandits. Not to mention that all branches of the nine cities issued the same emergency mission.

In the end a horde of angry people ma.s.sacred this group of bandits in cold blood. After all they were messing with their future money. If there were no spiritual herbs also the number of beasts would have gone down so everything was related to each other.

In this life there was no worse offense than getting into someone else's income base and if you do it, you'd better survive your anger.

These rules were applied by everyone in all the forests and were taught in brochures for newcomers in the guilds of adventurers and hunters.

How did Alexander know?

Because before being an alchemist he was a hunter and adventurer, In his long life he had a great variety of jobs, He was a servant for a great family whose name was not remembered, he was a bodyguard for a maiden who forgot his appearance, was a messenger among n.o.bles from a country that would never return and the list went on and on.

Anything with a large pay to incur the expenses of learning alchemy, Alexander would take the job without hesitation.

Alexander knew that most people entering the forest were fake cultivators in Qi Gathering Realm and Body Refining Realm.

This was due to the fact that most experts in Elemental Realm had respected positions within the nine cities, they were faction leaders or the backbone of their powers. So unless it was a great treasure or a beast that wanted to attack their powers they will not leave their bases or cities. Each power has enemies and an enemy always takes advantage of the weakest moment.

Alexander quickly pa.s.sed the weaker outer area where the wild beasts of 1-Level and 2-Level were to reach the area of ​​demonic beasts of 1-level, Alexander could only deal with beasts of low rank so he did not go in much more and I'm looking for a cave.

At this time he was not looking to hunt demonic beasts so he dodged all the direct confrontations with beasts but if a beast bothered him and it continued bothering him without a doubt that he would kill her.

After all the corpse of a demonic beast was worth a lot and would give you a small wealth.

Half a day pa.s.sed until he finally found a cave suitable for him but it was not empty, Inside it lived a huge purple snake, Not to mention that this was a demon beast 1-Level High, with the strength of Alexander could not beat him with his strong carnal body so Alexander always had a saying.

"If it is very strong, poison it to death"

Alexander was an alchemist so he was an expert in medicinal herbs and knew how to make deadly poisons that would even kill an expert King Realm, much less a mere demon beast 1-Level , The only bad thing is that he did not have the necessary herbs, but where he was, In a medicinal forest full of the necessary herbs.

The only bad thing is that they would be deeper in the forest than they are now.

So I had three options, Find another cave, Go deep into the forest for the herbs needed to make poison or fight the snake right now.

But soon an idea flashed through Alexander's mind and he touched his forehead thinking: "And because it not only sealed the cave and extracted the air inside it, the beast will have to die of suffocation, right?"

The greater your minor cultivation it will be your bodily needs such as sleeping, eating or breathing but for an elemental cultivator you can not breathe 20 minutes without problems but a demonic beast will need twice as much air as a human being so it would need to breathe at least once every ten minutes.

but if he sealed the cave by creating a vacuum then his lungs had to collapse, which would lead to certain death.

Alexander thought it since he had never done it before he did not know if it would work but he decided to do it, so he decided to take the Qi flow of the Area and create three small Arrays with 72 1-Rank flags.

The first will absorb the damage in case the beast attacked or rammed against the exit of the cave.

The second would seal the cave would not block the access of Qi but of the Air, The demonic beasts were very sensitive to the atmospheric change of the Qi so if Alexander pointed to this, the beast would realize that something is wrong.

And the last one will absorb the air that is already in the cave expelling it from it, Alexander could only pray that this was the only exit from the cave otherwise this plan does not work.

Alexander quickly set the Arrays silently without trying to annoy the beast while he hoped that the flags will store enough energy to start running, Alexander to accelerate the progress threw them into the water full of Qi with which he accelerates the growth of the

Taking more than 3 hours to configure the Arrays, Alexander had no spiritual stones so the procedure was quite slow.

When Alexander finished configuring the Arrays he immediately began to remove the air from the Cave little by little to prevent the snake from realizing it and when he realizes it will be too late.

Alexander could only think, Will I be too s.a.d.i.s.tic?

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