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His mother, Audrey, and Helena do not know yet about the deal he made with Ashley. There were still five and a half months left for the compet.i.tion, Alexander knew that they were using him and that the collaboration between him and Ashley's clan was not as strong because that the Clan itself refused to pay Alexander's fees on spiritual stones even if they were ninth-grade stones.

This could only be solved by not wanting Alexander to become stronger in the next six months, at least not at his expense, since a weaker person was easier to control.

Supposedly the Clan Cordner would pay ten million for each token that Alexander wins but the att.i.tude of the Cordner family towards him could change at any time after winning the tokens so he was not very encouraged by this deal.

If the Cordner family respected the deal he had made with Ashley, Alexander would have no problem selling the tokens since he did not have much intention of going to the Tree Fire Academy.

Alexander could only sigh and accept the deal because it was also in his best interest to use the Cordner Family after all in these six months he would have his protection and they would block the other powers from trying to establish relations with him.

Now the only thing he had to do was improve his strength in the next five months. Now in the last days Alexander ordered more than a hundred sets of herbs for Qi Spirit Pills, Alexander had no intention of selling them to the guild, so he paid 15% extra by set for commissions to the Guild.

Every day Alexander refined 10 sets of Herbal Elemental Opening pills while refining 2 herbal sets of Qi Spirit Pills

In these fortnight already had more than 150 sets of Elemental Opening Pills, Making 1500 other Elemental Opening Pills of High Grade, Making more than 6 million gold coins

In addition to 240 Qi spirit Pills of transcendent degree, Alexander took twenty Qi spirit Pills while the rest gave it to his mother, Audrey, Helena and Karen.

Karen was just in the fourth level of Gathering Qi so Alexander gave her a 36-point acupuncture technique and gave her four Qi spirit Pills.

This should be enough for her to reach the elementary half-step peak. Karen was very efficient with her work and as Alexander was happy she had to pay off properly.

Alexander turned his 33 million into futures contracts of spiritual stones of eighth and ninth grade to two years, After all if he needed money he only needed money just refined a few rare pills, In his mind there were innumerable recipes of 1-Rank pills to 5-Rank while there were some pills developed by himself but he did not know his own rank.

Anna decided to buy an apartment of about four rooms for more than 275 thousand gold coins in a common neighborhood within Pale City.

Anna wanted to buy a bigger house in the City but was stopped by Alexander, arguing that the Pale City was just a pa.s.sing city and that they may never come back after leaving it.

So Anna was happy with her new apartment. Besides this Anna was also seeing if she opened a new store in the City, Her son made a lot of money despite her young age so Anna would not have to worry about money or that eating what made her business just a hobby for her and she could take it easy but seeing the pills her son had given her, Anna decided to enter the prison to enter the Elemental Realm.

At this time the strongest of them was Audrey who was in the second Elemental level and very close to the third level, now with all the pills that Alexander gave him he could raise his strength by leaps and bounds.

Alexander had already prepared a cultivation technique for his mother, which was the same as the one he gave his grandmother before coming to Pale City.

Alexander called it "Three forces of life"

This was a technique based on the wooden element that allowed the user to heal from their wounds even if their wounds were deadly, while the person has a breath of life can be healed in three breaths to a more stable situation.

Of course, if you have less than three breaths of life you will still die. Besides that, in a battle, you could only use this ability three times and if you used it a fourth time the body would not have enough vitality to support it.

Alexander loved his mother and did not want to lose her. He knew he could not be with her all the time. So Anna would need to have enough power to defend herself, and this technique would cover the great weakness of her mother and grandmother.

They were good at counterattack but not to throw the first stone and if they did not know who was the person who attacked them they would do nothing but defend themselves until they know who attacked them.

This would be good if his enemies attacked directly without hiding anything but Alexander knew that in this world there also existed sly enemies who only attacked in the shadows treating people like chess pieces.

Alexander would have no problem killing all the chess pieces one by one but his mother was not that kind of person so his mother would be innocent or just puppets so she would not bother with them.

Alexander could only shake his head at the mentality of his mother for what he gave this technique, Normally the wood-type cultivators did not have a good fighting force but Alexander did not worry because his mother was always with Audrey as a nail and dirt.

Audrey could be the fighting force while Ana could be the defense and the healing factor of Audrey with this combination could certainly survive unless they meet an expert far superior to them.

With these measures, Alexander could be calm even if he was away from home for a long time.

At this moment the only thing that worried him was where to make his breakthrough towards Elemental Realm!

I already had the right pills I just needed a suitable place, Alexander could say that it was not a good idea to make his breakthrough in Pale City so Alexander decided to leave about two hundred miles west of the City.

In that direction, there was a forest, in which innumerable wild beasts and even some demonic beasts lived. This forest was called by the native people as "Plain Covert" due to its density of vegetation and trees more than ten meters high.

Alexander did not have his mother's permission for this adventure so he would have to return before she leaves prison, as for the experts of the alchemist's guild they would only protect Alexander inside the City and not outside so they would not They will continue to Plain Covert.

Plain Covert could easily extend for twenty thousand square miles and was not only monopolized by Palet City, but all the powers of the eight cities closest to the forest entered this forest in order to collect herbs and hunt wild and demonic beasts.

Plain Covert had a dense spiritual Qi and was extremely rich in natural resources, the more one went deeper into treasures and found more value there.

The only bad thing is that he would also find more powerful beasts would be found, According to what Alexander read at its center there could even be demonic beasts of 2-Level mid-range, Almost like an expert Spirit Realm of the human race.

Alexander at this moment if he made a full effort and attacked without fear of dying he calculated that he could exchange some blows with a half step Spirit and maybe flee but not win, let alone kill him.

The demonstration that he did to Ashley was only a performance that occurs when the Qi is turned on the meridians to the extreme, causing his aura to expand. Alexander's Qi was robust and dense, so emitting the aura of a half step Spirit was simple.

Now Alexander had the strength of a common elementary middle stage expert (Levels 4-6) which means that Alexander could now fight with people four levels above his own crop.

This was somewhat surprising for Alexander since in his previous life he knew that geniuses who could fight over their own crop were very rare even if it was only one level above but now he could fight above four.

Alexander was almost like a demonic beast that only an expert of the human race three levels above him could be his partner and all this was due to his rare bloodline.

This rare bloodline had given him an innate const.i.tution unparalleled within this continent and maybe only the geniuses of the holy land could be his partner. The fighting force had a lot to do with the innate ability and the higher the innate capacity the greater the combat strength in the Higher Realms.

That is, if your innate ability is only a seal, you will undoubtedly have greater strength of two levels in the Elemental Realm but when you enter the Spirit Realm you will lose that advantage and have a common strength in that Realm.

Because of this, the geniuses of 1-Seal could not fight with the geniuses of 2-Seal but the same thing would happen to the geniuses of 2-Seals with the geniuses of 3-Seals.

When you finish all your potential you will only end up as a common expert and you would no longer be considered a genius. That's why the Seals themselves were so important and the powers will value you more the more seals you have open.

Without saying that moving forward would be very difficult after exhausting your innate talent Unless you find a way to promote your innate talent, moving forward in cultivation was extremely difficult.

An example can be he in his previous life, In his previous life he could only find treasures that promoted his innate 2-Seals talent but finding objects that promoted 3-Seals was very difficult and even if he found them without a doubt the great powers would they tarnished to hunt him for that treasure to use on his disciples or descendants.

On the continent the greatest talents were those who had open 5-Seals being the innate cream of the crop, making these young people while they have enough resources and a good cultivation environment do not have bottlenecks until the Realm King but after this move forward It will be extremely slow and full of bottlenecks.

For example, in the continent there could be young people in their thirties within him Peak Heaven Realm but even the best geniuses of the continent would be in their 60's when they enter the middle step Emperor Realm, that is, they would spend 30 years in only one Realm and it could be that they do not even advance to the emperor realm in all his life.

For the geniuses, that speed was very slow and there were worse cases of people where each advance would take them tens or hundreds of years and endless bottlenecks like Alexander in his past life.

Unless you will find rare treasures or rare pills difficult to refine so much for ingredients as there are few alchemists capable of refining that pill and even if they could refine it they would do it for their descendants or disciples. If he wanted to sell it, they will auction it to get the maximum possible benefit. Making people like the Rogue Cultivators with their limited wealth unable to buy it.

This world was difficult and hard, only being able to depend on your own hands to advance in the way, Alexander in his previous life had tired of relying on other alchemists so he studied alchemy, He got tired of relying on Array masters to improve his environment of cultivation so I study Arrays.

This is the only thing someone without background could do if they wanted to move forward in life.

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